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Portugal - I could use some advice on what to do after destroying the English fleet.

2015.10.13 22:53 LordByronReddit Portugal - I could use some advice on what to do after destroying the English fleet.

The stage:
I'm playing as Portugal and I started out allied with Aragon and France. I immediately attacked Castile as soon as I had claims. I was able to get Sevilla and Cadiz. I then eventually took Granada and have since freshly annexed it. I also own the three Afican provinces that are part of the Sevilla trade node. I should note that all three of these are currently occupied by Morrocan separatists and will need to be dealt with soon. Castile is now the lesser partner of a PU with France.
The year is around 1560. Army Force limit is around 30, Navy force limit is close to 60. Tech is in line with everyone else except for diplo which I'm ahead on. Ideas are Exporation, Expansion and Quantity.
I have colonial nations in both Brazil and the Caribbean and trade companies in the Ivory Coast and Cape. I just picked up my free province Gao in India.
I've been focusing mainly on colonizing although I no longer have the monopoly I had previously. Castile has a couple of colonies, England has two in my Caribbean stronghold(bastards) and one in Brazil. France has one in Africa.
So I had been building up my navy to about the point it matched England's composition and it turns out France would join in if I attacked over one of the Caribbean colonies. Long story short a pretty good sized war sprung up with myself(Portugal), Castile and France vs England, Austria and someone else. It got a bit crazy, England kept running from my fleet but I finally caught up with them and took them out completely with almost no loses on my side, England currently has 0 fleet.
Took my army(only 21 stack, rest is in the new world fighting natives) and sieged London. So here I am at around 55% warscore... do I grab all their colonies and give a mainland province to France to keep them happy? Try to siege out the rest of England to take more, maybe take the colonies and one province in England proper to start cutting into them?
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