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I'm born and raised in Philly and Philly is still a little segregated. I'm biracial as you can see in my profile pictures (irish, black, & asian) and the men here are not as open to dating outside their race. Ratio maybe 2 out of every 10. Philly Interracial Dating Scene, Philadelphia, 10 replies Abandoned farms, Third World living conditions, pervasive public assistance -- welcome to the once-thriving Central Vall, Politics and Other Controversies, 6 replies More than X and less than X - the most pervasive lying adspeak, Writing, 2 replies Interracial Dating Central is determined to unite those seeking Asian Women in Philadelphia. The most trusted Interracial Dating singles community on the web. When it comes to Interracial dating Women online, finding Asian singles that are genuine is the key. That is why it is crucial to utilize a interracial dating service that is trusted FREE to Join & Browse - 1000's of Black women in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Interracial Dating, Relationships & Marriage with ladies & females Online Interracial dating singles in Philadelphia. If you are looking for sexy single men and women in Philly you are lucky that you landed here! Our databes are full of single men and single women who are interested in interracial dating or meeting their real LOVE as you! Join us on our journey to our BEST SELF. Not just a meetup, this is a MOVEMENT. A movement towards a new generation of 'whole black women who are EMPOWERED in every area of their lives. Whole women ma Philly.M. 23, Maseru Black Women in Maseru, Lesotho. Looking for a: Man aged 22 to 30. I always take life with a grain of salt...a slice I am a free-spirited, book loving soul. I love music that speaks to me and im a food lover.i love animals especially dogs Message me to know more more. 1. ... Powered by Interracial Dating ... Find Women Seeking Men listings in Philadelphia on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find great personal ads. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. 100% free Polyamorous dating, Polyamory dating, and open relationship dating and social networking community. Whether you are in an open marriage, looking for articles and research, Poly or interested in a new type of relationship we are a dating and social network community site that has tons of free features.

Black Male (21) dating American-born Punjabi Female (19)

2019.07.19 20:49 47th_nobody Black Male (21) dating American-born Punjabi Female (19)

Photo of My Girlfriend & I (Black / Indian Couple)
So my girlfriend & I need some advice from anyone willing to offer some, but it’d be great if there’s another generally interracial or black & Indian couple who has some for us too.
My girlfriend & I have been together for just over 7 months now, and our only recurrent issue in the relationship is the hurdle of getting past her traditional parents. I am black and, while I work at Apple, still low-income, compared to my girlfriend who is an American-Born Punjabi woman and her parents are wealthy. We’ve been dating in secret for the past 7 months. She is from another state, but goes to school here in Philly so it allows us to date in secret, as I am from the Philadelphia area too.
So before we began dating, my girlfriend sat me down & talked to me about the severity of the situation. She asked if I still wanted to get myself into it, and wholeheartedly, I took the chance. And I don’t regret at all, nor have I for a single second.
But sometimes, I think my girlfriend allows her fears of the future to influence our relationship. Now I’m putting this out there for the comment section, I KNOW MY GIRLFRIEND LOVES ME. Love is nuanced, so I don’t expect everyone to understand. But with that being said, she has tried to break up with me twice before, and yesterday was the second time. Both times (for the most part) were because of the stress that her parents’ pending reaction created. Her mom has even told her explicitly that she’s allowed to date, as long as it isn’t a black man. And her father definitely feels the same way.
Now I’ve told my girlfriend that 2 years of being in this relationship in secret is my limit. So I guess ultimately, we are looking for advice as to how to not let this intricate and delicate situation affect our own relationship. We both very much love each other, but it’s a really difficult situation and we just have so many questions. Has anyone successful done this? Has anyone experienced something similar? How do we not let it come between us? How does she handle, not only her parents’ reaction, but their disapproval as well. She a out-of-State college student who’s dependent on her parents for the most part, so how does she keep them from cutting her off possibly? She loves her family, so how does she keep that relationship in tact? So many questions and if you can answer any, we sincerely thank you!!
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2019.04.30 21:32 Moisture_ What’s a good place in the US for people “like me”

I turned 31 this year and figure its time to start over. I’ve been checking out all of these different places online but want some reddit recommendations. I live in a college town of about 30k people and am about an hour away from Philly and I’m just sick of the area.
Here’s the thing, I’m a lightskin black guy exiled out of the black race for “cooning” as they call it. I got older, I grew up. I think anyone perpetuating the negative stereotypes for our race are a disgrace. Really has led me to prefer interracial dating. I’m probably voting for Trump next election (even though I’m not heavy into politics). I like “white people” things, like hiking, museums, wearing my pants at the waist, etc. So they don’t like me. And I’m fine with that. On the other side, I’m most definitely not your token black guy, either. So I’m in that “too white for black and too black for whites” category.
Can I get some recommendations for places that I’d fit in? I think places like Portland/Seattle would be dope for my outdoorsy side but I almost feel like they’re “too liberal”. I feel I’d be accepted by everyone but at the same time it’s fucking anarchy over there. It’s just too much going on. Is there somewhere that’s not chaotic but also accepting of black people?
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2016.03.24 02:06 kaz0427 FSU/dating scene for Black guys.

Hi! Im a straight Black male 21, not too long ago I moved down here from Philadelphia. I like Tallahassee and Florida in general because of the weather, I like the college town atmosphere here and I feel really at home. I want to start dating and I don't discriminate, I date black, white e.t.c. Im kinda taken back a little, in Philly people are very opened minded. I've seen interracial couples of all races all my life but here in Tallahassee I don't see as much. I want to know if people here are open minded to dating outside their race. I go to FSU which is predominantly white I see black and white/spanish/asian couples here and there but it doesn't seems as open as it is in philly. I want to actively go out and date but I don't want to be limited. I get the assumption that the more south you go the more closed minded people are in terms of race. I don't want to believe that. Responses from everyone are welcomed!
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2015.04.14 14:22 Kittytalia My mom is trying to get my boyfriend to start hitting me. This is crazy even for her

I have been with my boyfriend for four months now. In the beginning my parents thought that he was alright. Mostly because they thought he had money and thought that he abused me. The reason they thought he hit me was because we play around a lot. He will grab my hands, toss me lightly on things, carry me, or hold me upside down. If he ever does hurt me he will immediately let me go and the one time he almost dropped me he hit his head falling first so I could land on him instead of the floor. He will also playfully order me around. For example if I'm sick, "order" me to get my ass in bed right away. But he's only doing it because I'm sick and he wants me to get rest. But all my nparents heard from my brothers was that "boyfriend tosses me around a lot and tells me what to do". My brothers are sweet as honey and don't like seeing me get hurt (even pretend) so my nmom probably saw how distressed they were and took it to mean that my boyfriend really does beat me. She even went as far as to commend him on "not putting up with any of kittytalia's bullshit" the first time she met him.
But now my brothers are telling them distressing things.. such as how he takes care of me. I have irritable bowel disease and was in the middle of a flare up on top of strep throat awhile ago. He took care of me all the way. Bringing me hot tea, making me take medicine, checking on me at night to make sure I had enough blankets. In fact In the middle of a bad flare last winter he went as far as to carry me upstairs when I was too weak to walk, go and buy me IBD safe foods with his own money, make me dinner, and clean my entire lower floor as I napped. When Nmom heard she was STEAMING. She says that she can't believe I'm manipulating him like that and If he is normal he will break up with me. She thinks that I'm a manipulative harpy and thinks less of him as a man because "no man should have to clean up after a woman". She calls me being sick "kittytalia starting her shit" and says that now I've started my shit and he's seen my true colors he'll be disgusted by me soon enough. She also says that the reason I'm sick is because he's filthy and low class and I probably caught diseases from him.
He once told her that when we watch Netflix it's usually as background noise and because he's doesn't care he lets me pick the show. She told him to put his foot down or I would keep dominating him. He buys me a backpack and matching wallet with my favorite studio ghibli character? Domination. He opens the door for me when we enter places? Domination. He opens something that I cannot? Super domination. He is totally spineless and disgusting.
Another reason that she hates him (and the dumbest) is because he's white and Jewish where as I am native American, African American, and Irish. She herself and my father are an interracial couple so this once makes no sense. But my father claims that a white man can't love a black woman and all he wants to do is have sex with me (consensual or not). When we took a trip to Philly they claimed that he took me there so he could drag me in an ally and beat and rape me. My mother says Jewish men people are money grubbing, selfish, dirty, and mama's boys. She claims that no real Jewish person would want to date a person like me and he's probably just messing around with me until he can get an arranged marriage with a nice Jewish girl. They claim that we wouldn't walk down the street together or we will get assaulted, have rocks thrown at us, heckled, or I'll get raped. Meanwhile we only get what a cute couple we are when we go out. It's mainly because we coordinate clothes without realizing. I'll be wearing a batman dress and him a superman shirt. Him an ocarina necklace from legend if Zelda and me a heart container necklace. We have been called the "nerd couple" in a joking manner, but beyond that nobody cares.
Finally they want to know what we do in my bedroom. Have we had sex? Yeah. I mean he was my best friend for five months and we've been dating four. We cuddle and kiss and sleep in the same bed when he comes over. But none of that is any of their business. They've gone as far and forcibly making me doctors appointments to get the shot and see if I'm pregnant. And they have my sister who I live with pop in and spy on us. Opening the door in the middle of the night and just staring.
All in all their main bitch is that he's too nice to me, walks all over me, and better show me discipline soon or they "won't let him come over". To my house. She even drives past sometimes creepily to intimidate me. They told my brothers not to trust him or anything he says because he's probably a filthy liar who just wants in my pants.
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2013.10.04 23:08 usernamename1 Moving to Cleveland or Columbus. need some advice

I'm going for a job in either their cleveland office or their ohio office. I've never been to either city. I was wondering if reddit has any input on which is better for a recent grad. Some basics to help:
EDIT: Wow ! Thanks for all of the advice. I appreciate it! I'm totally overwhelmed by the helpfulness of everyone. I'll be going through each and every response as I get time. Thanks again!
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