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The British Olduwan

2020.09.05 03:29 StevenStevens43 The British Olduwan

The British Olduwan
Olduvai gorge:
One of the most important archaeological and anthropological sites in the world, in understanding the earliest known origins of Human-being, comes from a location known as Olduvai gorge in Tanzania, were Oldowan is thought to have first began evolving in to modern human, 1.9 million years ago.
Olduvai gorge
The Olduvai Gorge it has proven invaluable in furthering understanding of early human evolution.

Homo habilis, approximately 1.9 million years ago
Link for photo
However, it is likely that Olduwan was born from inter-racial breeding
It appears one of the first things Oldowan man done, was go seeking for lands, perhaps a little cooler in temperature, as Olduwan, 1.8 million years ago first appeared in Georgia, Europe.
In fact, by 1 million years ago, Olduwan man had even turned up in the area that would be considered modern day London.
Pre-history of Europe
Homo erectus georgicus, which lived roughly 1.8 million years ago in Georgia), is the earliest hominid to have been discovered in Europe.
Link for photo
Olduwan expansion
Other Oldowans headed for Indonesia.
Homo erectus in Indonesia by 1.8 million years
Link for photo_without_national_boundaries.svg)
1.5 million years ago, Oldowan man entered Russia, by the Caucasus, which leads in to Scandanavia from the Northern land bridge, which still exists today.
In 2006, 1.5-million-year-old Oldowan flint tools were discovered in the Dagestan Akusha region of the north Caucasus,
Link for photo.svg)
China 1.35m years ago
Recent study shows that the stone tools found at Xiaochangliang site are magnetostratigraphically dated to 1.36 million years ago.[9]
Link for photo
Return of Oldowan:
It would appear one of Olduwans descendants, likely returned to Africa around, 300,000 BC, via europe. Crossing the Gibraltar straits.
the Acheulean. Possibly the first hunters, H. erectus mastered the art of making fire and was the first hominid to leave Africa, colonizing most of Afro-Eurasia and perhaps later giving rise to Homo floresiensis.

The earliest known Homo sapiens fossils include the Jebel Irhoud remains from Morocco (ca. 315,000 years ago),[12]

Don't take offence:
Ok, now, it is likely that the first modern humans, are still around today, in the exact same form they were then. And today, they are classed as "intelligent modern humans".
They were likely, "the pygmy peoples".
The reason they were likely the same people, as todays pygmy peoples, comes from the knowledge that the Jebel Irhoud, were extremely small in size.
The Jebel Irhoud individuals also had very thick brow ridges and lacked prognathism.[18]
Link for photo
Now, anthropoligical studies pretty much prove, that the Magdalenians that inhabited mainland europe between 17,000 BC and the onset of the younger dryas, were the same people as Jebel Irhoud.
Period biology
The fauna of the Magdalenian epoch seems to have included tigers .
Magdalenian humans appear to have been of short stature, dolichocephalic, with a low retreating forehead and prominent brow ridges.
Link for photo
Magdalenian expansion
Cheddar man:
The map above does not attribute Southern parts of Britain, to have been colonialised by the Magdalenians, however Britains oldest known skeleton is Cheddar man, believed to be from around 9,100 BC, and also thought by anthropologists, to be black in skin colour.
Cheddar man
Cheddar Man is a human male fossil found in Gough's Cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England. The skeletal remains date to the Mesolithic (ca. 9100 BP, 7100 BC) and dark or dark to black skin.[2]
Link for photo
The reason it would have been so easy for the Magdalene to colonise Thames valley, would be due to the fact that, not only would they have the brain capacity to cross the Gibraltar straits, they would also have the advantage of being able to cross the Doggerland land bridge, which had not sunk yet, until 6,500 BC.
Doggerland was an area of land, now submerged beneath the southern North Sea, that connected Britain to continental Europe. It was flooded by rising sea levels around 6500–6200 BC.
Link for photo
Pygmy peoples:
Pygmy peoples of today, can be found mostly in the Congo region of Africa.
They are a peoples which typically average a height of less than 4 ft 11.
Pygmy peoples
In anthropology, pygmy peoples are ethnic groups whose average height is unusually short. The term pygmyism is used to describe the phenotype of endemic short stature (as opposed to disproportionate dwarfism occurring in isolated cases in a population) for populations in which adult men are on average less than 150 cm (4 ft 11 in) tall.[1]
The term is primarily associated with the African Pygmies, the hunter-gatherers of the Congo basin (comprising the Bambenga, Bambuti and Batwa).[2]
Link for photo
Pygmy peoples
Effacer le Tableau:
Whilst the only noticable difference between you, and a Pygmy person, is their small stature, and the fact that even today, they are hunter gatherers, despite some politically correct Scientists insisting that Pygmy peoples are not descended from Hunter gatherers, the Pygmy peoples have been the victims of repeated attempted genocides and extermination campaigns.
Most recently, January 2003.
Violence against pygmy peoples
From the end of 2002 through January 2003 around 60,000 pygmy civilians and 10,000 combatants were killed in an extermination campaign known as "Effacer le Tableau" during the Second Congo War.[27][28] Human rights activists have made demands for the massacre to be recognized as genocide.[29]
Link for photo
Baka dancers
Bantu master:
Even "today" the Bantu make no bones about the fact that they are the pygmy peoples "masters".
Perhaps it makes them feel big.
However even "you" have joined in, on Pygmy genocidal bullying, without even knowing it, or have you never used the term "mongo", in your younger years?
Mongo, is a pygmy language, aswell as a Pygmy location.
The word Mongo, should not be used disparagingly.
But unless you want to be part of a genocide campaign, you should also not ban the word from your vocabulary.
Simply use it, respectfully.
To put in to simple terms.
If a pygmy person went on the internet, and told everyone he was a Mongo, he would likely be banned, by a well meaning leftist, that does not realise that, this this person, really is from a village called Mongo, near congo, and speaks Mongo, and banning this person is about the most insulting and racial discriminative thing one could possibly do.
Reported slavery
In the Republic of the Congo, where Pygmies make up 2% of the population, many Pygmies live as slaves to Bantu masters. The nation is deeply stratified between these two major ethnic groups. The pygmy slaves belong to their Bantu masters from birth in a relationship that the Bantus call a time-honored tradition. Even though the Pygmies are responsible for much of the hunting, fishing and manual labor in jungle villages, Pygmies and Bantus alike say that Pygmies are often paid at the master's whim: in cigarettes, used clothing, or simply not paid at all.
Link for photo.png)
Pygmy language centres
Discimination against pygmy peoples is not new.
Pygmy peoples, even recently, have been sent to live in zoo cages next to Lions and Tigers, and many people view Pygmy peoples, as Paleolithics.
Even in the USA, as early as 1907, they were viewed as a circus act, alongside animals.
Systematic discrimination
Historically, the pygmy have always been viewed as inferior by both colonial authorities and the village-dwelling Bantu tribes.[15] Pygmy children were sometimes captured during the period of the Congo Free State, which exported pygmy children to zoos throughout Europe, including the world's fair in the United States in 1907.[15]
Link for photo
Pygmy person in Bronx zoo cage 1906
Pepi II:
Even as far back as 2297 BC, a 13 year old Egyptian pharoah named Pepi II, took great delight in capturing a pygmy person, and bragged about to everyone in Egypt.
The Egytians begged him not to kill the pygmy person, but instead bring the Pygmy person back to Egypt.
Likely to be used for entertainment purposes.
Early years of Pepi II's reign
Sent to trade and collect ivory, ebony, and other precious items, he captured a pygmy. News of this reached the royal court, and an excited young king sent word back to Harkhuf that he would be greatly rewarded if the pygmy were brought back alive, where he would have likely served as an entertainer for the court.
Link for photo
But what do we learn from this?
We learn that modern humans from 300,000 BC had the potential to be extremely literate, intelligent, and that the idea that even Olduwan may have been an Ape, is simply misguided ancient discrimination and racism, and was genocided, quite simply because he was too stubborn to give up his traditions, and likely lacked physical build in order to stick up for himself against bigots that likely wrongfully viewed him as an illiterate fool.
However Pygmy peoples are regarded by Scientists, as modern humans.
And pygmy peoples, such as Iymeru, have been in even the highest positions of the ancient Egyptian empire.
Iymeru, was the second most powerful man in Egypt, during the 13th dynasty.
He was the Pharoahs vizier.
So much for Pepi II's circus act.
Iymeru was an ancient Egyptian vizier) in office during the 13th Dynasty.
Link for photo#/media/File:Statue_Iymeru_Turin.JPG)
Indian pygmies:
However, there is a twist in the tale.
It appears more likley, that the magdalenian Pygmies, "were not" in fact the same pygmy peoples as todays Congo contingent, but in actual fact, were more likely Indian pygmies.
The African pygmies likely took the long way round the world, instead of going directly across the Gibraltar straits.
South east Asia
Frank Kingdon-Ward in the early 20th century reported a tribe of pygmy Tibeto-Burman speakers known as the Taron inhabiting the remote region of Mt. Hkakabo Razi in Southeast Asia on the border of China (Yunnan and Tibet), Burma, and India.
Link for photo
Indian Pygmy
The reason it was more likley Indian pygmies, than African pygmies, comes from the fact that there is plenty more evidence, which i will reveal later, of Indian descended people, having colonised Europe, and even America.
Not only this, one of the most common languages in todays world, is Indo-European.
Indo-European likley was a language that evolved over thousands of years, likely in stages, and likley due to pro-longed exposure to one anothers culture.
Indo-Aryan first arose in the Levant around the time of the ancient egyptian empire, when Indians and Aryans colonized lower egypt.
Indo-European evolved when Indo-Aryans invaded India during the battle of the ten kings in 1400 BC.
Though, it was likley that the Aryan language, already contained certain Indo components, by the time the colonized Egypt, and those were probably picked up from the Magdalenian period, when Aryans likely had to invade european mainland to escape the polar ice-caps, and integrated with Megdalenians.
Though, Indian genes in the northern hemisphere even pre-dated the Magdalenians, which i will cover later, so it is also likely, that when the Aryans invaded european mainland, and integrated with Magdalenians, their Aryan language already contained Indo components.
We can also see by the photo of the Philippino girl, how Anthropologists could mistake Cheddar man for being black.
This is due to the fact, that Indians, "are" descended from Africans, so, in a round about way, the Magdalenian "are" African pygmies, though not as directly as one would first think.
It is likley that the Magdalenian arrived in europe via India.
Though they likely made their escape, over the Gibraltar straits, the place were it all began.
Saudi Arabia:
Whilst it is actually likely, that modern day human was already living in Scandanavia, and even european mainland, as far back as 300,000 years ago, it is most probably that any evidence of this, was washed away during the younger dryas, when both Britain and Scandanavia, lay under polar ice-caps.
But the first "recorded" movement of modern day humans, comes from 75,000 years ago when Africans first entered the Arabian peninsula.
A 2011 study found that the first modern humans to spread east across Asia left Africa about 75,000 years ago across the Bab-el-Mandeb connecting the Horn of Africa and Arabia.[56]
Link for photo
Arabian expansion
Modern human, from the Arabian peninsula, arrived in India, sometime between 80,000 and 60,000 years ago.
"Modern human beings—Homo sapiens—originated in Africa. Then, intermittently, sometime between 60,000 and 80,000 years ago, tiny groups of them began to enter the north-west of the Indian subcontinent.
Link for photo
As Israel was in Mesopotamia, Africans travelling to the Arabian peninsula, Indonesia, or anywhere else, would have no other option than to go through the Levant, making Israel one of the earliest populated areas by modern human.
120,000 years ago.
And almost definitely Black African.
The oldest fossils of anatomically modern humans found outside Africa are the Skhul and Qafzeh hominins, who lived in the area that is now northern Israel 120,000 years ago.[85]
Link for photo
Neanderthal man:
The best evidence of what Neanderthal man looked like, comes from very well preserved remains of Neanderthals found in Shanidar cave in Iraq.
The remains were thought to be from between 60,000 and 80,000 years ago, and they do point to a slightly different culture sharing the lands of Mesopotamia, with Africans.
Iraq pre-history
During 1957–1961 Shanidar Cave was excavated by Ralph Solecki and his team from Columbia University, and nine skeletons of Neanderthal man of varying ages and states of preservation and completeness (labelled Shanidar I–IX) were discovered dating from 60,000–80,000 years BP.
Link for photo
Neanderthal man
Neanderthals got a bad rap.
There is no doubt Neanderthal was Asiatic.
And do you remember Pepi II? That wonderful African pharoah that delightfully hunted down a "pygmy" when he was a boy? Well, this African also took great delight in carrying on the honoured age old African tradition of "smiting" Asiatics.
Well racism and discrimination is actually quite prevalent within the ancient egyptian dynasties, and an ancient old traditional practise of native egyptians smiting inferior Asiatics, can be traced back to 3000 BC, during the reign of Den.
The depiction even included a "bearded" foe.
The picture shows Den in a gesture known as "smiting the enemy". In one hand Den holds a mace, in the other hand he grabs a foe by his hair. Thanks to the braids and the conic beard the foe has been identified as of Asian origin. The hieroglyphs at the right side say "first smiting of the east".
Link for photo
Smiting asiatics
Now, i am hoping i no longer have to go in to too much detail about how, in actual fact, Scientists now think Neanderthal man was likely literate, and actually extremely intelligent.
In fact, intelligent Africans "would not" interbreed with an idiot.
And Neanderthal man did breed with other humans in this area.
In fact, breeding with Neanderthal man, is likely where Africans gained a bit more bulk from, by breeding with a person that is derived from Northern sub grouos, that have grown to be a bit bulkier in bulk, in order to with stand the cold winters.
He also likely was 50/50 in providing the components that would later evolve in to the AfrAsian language, that is spoken by Semites, and Arabians, as well as some Africans, but nobody knows were it evolved from.
Neanderthal technology is thought to have been quite sophisticated.
Compared to modern humans, Neanderthals had a more robust) build and proportionally shorter limbs. These features are often explained as adaptations to conserve heat in a cold climate,
Neanderthal got cornered in Spain:
Now just like the previous two groups, Neanderthal, being from european mainland, and who still exists today, got cornered in Spain, by this new anatomically modern human-being.
Inter-group relations
Canadian ethnoarchaeologist Brian Hayden calculated a self-sustaining population which avoids inbreeding to consist of about 450–500 individuals, which would necessitate these bands to interact with 8–53 other bands, but more likely the more conservative estimate given low population density.[31] Analysis of the mtDNA of the Neanderthals of Cueva del Sidrón, Spain, showed that the adult three men belonged to the same maternal lineage, while the three adult women belonged to different ones. This suggests a patrilocal residence (that a woman moved out of her group to live with her husband).[233] However, the DNA of a Neanderthal from Denisova Cave, Russia, shows that she had an inbreeding coefficient of ​1⁄8 (her parents were either half-siblings with a common mother, double first cousins, an uncle and niece or aunt and nephew, or a grandfather and granddaughter or grandmother and grandson)[83] and the inhabitants of Cueva del Sidrón show several defects, which may have been caused by inbreeding or recessive disorders.[218]
Link for photo
Anatomically modern people:
Now, do you remember the Magdalenians from earlier in this post?
Well here is a photo of Anatomically modern people.
Early modern human
Early modern human (EMH) or anatomically modern human (AMH)[2] are terms used to distinguish Homo sapiens (the only extant human species) that are anatomically consistent with the range of phenotypes seen in contemporary humans from extinct archaic human species. This distinction is useful especially for times and regions where anatomically modern and archaic humans co-existed, for example, in Paleolithic Europe.
Link for photo
Early modern human
Neanderthal did not get wiped out:
The early modern human however, did not wipe Neanderthal out.
They shared european mainland with other literate human-beings.
Some of those human-beings, particularly the ones from Britain, that at this point in time, is just a part of Eurasia, probably looked more like this.

Western neanderthal
Now, Neanderthal not only spread out from Mesopotamia along European lines, and escaped via Spain, but also along Northern lines, before escaping in to Canada via the Bering land bridge, that was around at the time.
However, the remains are no longer considered to be that of Neadnerthal, but in fact, that of Denisovan, the ancestor of Australian aboriginals, as well as Inuits and Paleo-Indians in America, and others.
That Russia was also home to some of the last surviving Neanderthals was revealed by the discovery of the partial skeleton of a Neanderthal infant in Mezmaiskaya cave in Adygea, which was carbon dated to only 29,000 years ago.[6] In 2008, Russian archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of Novosibirsk, working at the site of Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, uncovered a 40,000-year-old small bone fragment from the fifth finger of a juvenile hominin, which DNA analysis revealed to be a previously unknown species of human, which was named the Denisova hominin.[7]
Link for photo.jpg)
Now, it is likely that Paleo-Indians lived in europe, relatively peacefully, with one another.
At least until the younger dryas, when blond haired blue eyed Aryans from Scandinavia had to invade European mainland.
It is likely what happened during this period, is Aryans became less friendly, and forced Anatomically modern humans to flee via Spain, go and live in the Northern regions and peripheries as Eskimos in Iglus, or go and breed with the current Indigenous peoples of America and Australia and update their DNA.
When the Ice-caps melted, Scandinavians likely returned to Scandinavia, and pushed the Sami people farther and farther north, until they could go no farther north, and to this day, there is a peoples in the most Northern regions of Scandanavia and Russia that regard themselves as the indigenous peoples of Scandinavia and Russia.
They are called the Sami peoples.
You have likley heard of them, without realising it.
They are Laplanders.
The place Santa Klaus is from.
Sami people
The Sámi people (/ˈsɑːmi/; also spelled Sami or Saami) are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses large northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula within the Murmansk Oblast of Russia. The Sámi have historically been known in English as Lapps or Laplanders. Sámi ancestral lands are not well-defined. Their traditional languages are the Sámi languages which are classified as a branch of the Uralic language family.
Link for photo
Sami peoples
Indigenous Americans:
The Indigenous colonisation of the Americas happened in two waves.
The first was between 57,000 BC and 17,000 BC.
However a Polar Ice wall prevented the first arrivals from prevailing any farther than Alaska.
Migrations in to the continents
Alaska was a glacial refugium because it had low snowfall, allowing a small population to exist. The Laurentide Ice Sheet covered most of North America, blocking nomadic inhabitants and confining them to Alaska (East Beringia) for thousands of years.[53]
Second wave:
Just as the Polar ice wall in Alaska was beginning to melt, and the ice-caps began shifting towards Britain and Scandinavia, the Aryans likely came down from the Northern lands, and many Paleo-Indians likely fleed across the melting Bering land bridge and got over just in time, to breed with Indigenous Alaskans, and populate the Americas.
Canada pre-history
The first inhabitants of North America are generally hypothesized to have migrated from Siberia by way of the Bering land bridge and arrived at least 14,000 years ago.[23]
South America:
Obviously some Paleo-Indians made it over the Ice-wall prior to the second wave arriving, as archaeologists are of the belief that South America saw it's first arrivals around 16,500 BC.
Pre-columbian era
The earliest archaeological evidence from human settlement in South America comes from Monte Verde (possibly as early as 16,500 BCE).[11]
Until the arrival of the Spanish during the Columbian era, Paleo-Indians would have been pretty isolated, with not too much opportunity for evolving, so the 1500 AD perfectly intact mummified Inca sacrifice, would give a good clue as to what the Paleo-Indians that arrived 14,000 years ago, or even 57,000 years ago, looked like.
Link for photo
Inca sacrifice
The Australian aboriginals have a similar ancestry.
The fact that modern Australian aboriginals have the exact same ancestors as US Indigenous peoples, and were hunter gatherers when Aryans first arrived in Australia, despite making crossings on land bridges on two seperate sides of the globe, is pretty much suggestive that early modern anatomical Indonesians inhabited most of the globe, and were very much literate. And modern, and they in turn were likely descended from a mixture of Israeli Neanderthal and Afro pygmy persons.
Human habitation of the Australian continent is known to have begun at least 65,000 years ago,[45][46] with the migration of people by land bridges and short sea-crossings from what is now Southeast Asia.[47] The Madjedbebe rock shelter in Arnhem Land is recognised as the oldest site showing the presence of humans in Australia.[48] The oldest human remains found are the Lake Mungo remains, which have been dated to around 41,000 years ago.[49]
At the time of first European contact, most Indigenous Australians were hunter-gatherers with complex economies and societies.[53
The Paleo-Indonesians even found their way to Greenland by 2500 BC.
Early Paleo eskimo cultures
In prehistoric times, Greenland was home to several successive Paleo-Eskimo cultures known today primarily through archaeological finds. The earliest entry of the Paleo-Eskimo into Greenland is thought to have occurred about 2500 BC.
And the photo just goes to show, the farther North you get, the whiter you get, as ones skin evolves to adapt to the cold.
And when you get even farther north, the redder you get.
Link to photo.jpg)
Greenlandic Inuit couple
But, the point is, that blond haired blue eyed Aryans almost definitely pre-dated the younger dryas, and they moved southward, and any trace of their previous existence was wiped out by one of humanities greatest ever Cataclysms when an entire sub-contentent, and an Island, was cut in half from manland europe.
All this happened between only 6500 and 11,000 BC.
The northward movements that have been attributed to the populating of Britain and Scandinavia, and the sudden appearance of white blue eyed people, was actually a "re-population", and they already lived in those lands previous to that.
They had lived and evolved in those lands, ever since Oldowan turned up in the Thames valley 1 million BC, and 1.5 million BC in Russia.
But until the younger dryas came and wiped any history of them out, they had no real reason to make any significant appearance on european mainland, were archaeological evidence would be preserved.
And that is why the first archaeological evidence of white man only appears after and during the Younger dryas.
However britain was likely not originally inhabited by pure Aryans.
Pure Aryans likely began colonising Britain only after the Northward migrations.
And even then. they likley shared the Island with Greekish looking people, as well as possibly even remnants of Indonesians, and the place likely got divided after Doggerland sank, and Scandinavians eventually began adding Britain to their North sea expansion.
Likely beginning around 3000 BC, with the invention of their Hjortspring boat.
Bronze age
Thousands of rock carvings from this period depict ships, and the large stone burial monuments known as stone ships, suggest that ships and seafaring played an important role in the culture at large. The depicted ships most likely represent sewn plank built canoes used for warfare, fishing and trade. These ship types may have their origin as far back as the neolithic period and they continue into the Pre-Roman Iron Age, as exemplified by the Hjortspring boat.[43]
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Generated with BBoe's Subreddit Stats
submitted by subreddit_stats to subreddit_stats [link] [comments]

2020.08.08 13:35 youto2 House Party 8/03/20 - Part One

We open our scene, as we get a panning shot of the Knoxville Civic Auditorium! The top deck may be taped off, but that does not mean we do not have an excited crowd on hand, as we see many cups of beer flowing, as they chant-
Crowd: W-I-R! W-I-R! W-I-R!
We then pan over to our commentary table, where we see Paisner and Woodbridge with wide smiles, looking hype for tonights action!
Paisner: Hello everyone! And welcome to another edition of House Party, coming to you live from Knoxville, Tennessee! I’m Allen Paisner-
Woodbridge: And i’m Mark Woodbridge!
Paisner: And we got another exciting show in store for tonight! Seeing action such as the debut of the most hot, and the most ready new tag team on the block, as Hot’N’Ready take on Red Army, who certainly are not happy after Ivanov’s loss to Buster last week! We got classic big v small action in Oona Slash vs Hugo Ironblood! A battle of the yet to be defeated, vs the yet to win, as Seth Blackheart coming off of two consecutive victories in his first matches, faces the 0-3 Jim Baker looking to prove himself! We will see the in-ring return of Klutch as he faces off against the devient that is Big Larry, plus add potential Balandran revenge to the mix? That’s a hot kettle right there! And in our main event, leader of The Horde and #1 Contender to the Independent Championship, Tony Stevens, fights the eccentric Dexter Flux who just…..kind of took one of the jackets The Horde produced after Stephen Romero didn’t really want it. But enough talk now! Into the action!
We cut to Javier, stationed in the center of the ring
Javier: The following contest is scheduled for one fall-
Crowd: ONE FALL!!
Javier: And…
Javier pauses and looks at Paisner. He mouths an “I’m sorry” and continues
Javier: Is sponsored by Ballsweat 2.0, More Balls, Less Sweat!
The crowd boos.
Woodbridge: Looks like Ballsweat 2.0 isn’t over.
Paisner: Under my legal console, I can’t answer either way, Mark.
Woodbridge: I can, Allen. As much as I don’t like Klutch, Balandran has an asskicking coming, and he’ll get his, you watch.
Limp Bizkit’s My Generation plays over the PA as Big Larry comes barreling out of the curtain, getting a small hometown pop
Javier: From Knoxville, Tennessee, weighing in at 250 pounds, BIG...LLLLLLLARRY!
Woodbridge: Big Larry wanting to go big tonight, Allen!
Paisner: Well, Big Larry has the home field advantage tonight, but with his opponent, I doubt that’ll help his chances.
Woodbridge: Either way, we’re gonna have a HOSS FIGHT TONIGHT! WOO!
Woodbridge downs a PBR as Big Larry steps over the top rope. He does a taunt to the crowd getting a mixed reaction, then waves them off like they’re below him. He goes into his corner as his music slowly fades out.
Javier: And his opponent.
The bass and drums from “Huka Blues” by Harry and the Slashtones plays over the PA as the crowd erupts.
Paisner: He’s back!
Klutch enters the arena as the saxophone enters the song. The crowd cheers as Javier continues his introduction
Javier: From Wherever He May Roam, weighing 295 pounds, KLUTCH!
Woodbridge: Klutch, a man who drank old Crystal Pepsi, put on a mask in an insane asylum, dropped acid for a solid month, ran a religious cult, and finally, has a heart of iron, is looking absolutely great here!
Paisner: But you gotta ask the question, hell, I gotta ask the question: Will he be ready in time? Balandran is a fresher, younger, and definitely more fit than The Man of a Thousand Gimmicks.
Woodbridge: This man is a former Independer Champion, a former Tag Team Champion, and on top of that, he’s dangerous and has the guts. And that may be enough.
Paiser: As he enters the ring here, he must put Balandran on the back burner, and worry about the man in front of him, Big Larry.
Klutch enters the ring, and looks down Big Larry. They meet face to face as the music fades out.
Harry Undersach somehow pushes them apart, and looks at Larry, who signals he’s ready, then at Klutch who does the same. Undersach then signals for the bell.
Both Big Larry and Klutch charge each other, locking up. Big Larry overpowers Klutch, pushing him into his corner. Klutch holds up his arms, acknowledging Larry’s strength. Larry does a muscle man pose toward Klutch, laughing at him in the process.
Crowd: BOOOO!
Klutch then motions for him to lock up again, Larry obliging. They move around a bit, Larry pushing Klutch into the ropes, signaling Undersach to start the count. Larry breaks the lockup, moving back slowly. Klutch then moves towards his corner again, catching his breath
Woodbridge: Both of these men feeling each other out here, clearly there is some brute strength being shown by Big Larry.
Paisner: Klutch has been known to show strength, but he’s also never been eye to eye with a man like Big Larry!
Klutch motions for one more lock up. Big Larry charges in, only to be greeted by a swift kick to the gut, then an uppercut to Larry’s jaw, shooting Larry back to an upright position.
Crowd: OHHHHH!
Klutch runs against the ropes, giving Larry a huge lariat, sending Larry down to the ground, getting the crowd hyped. Klutch then runs the ropes again, dropping a big elbow on the heart of Big Larry, going for the pin
Quick kickout by Larry. Klutch gets back to his feet, followed closely by Larry. They lock up again, only Klutch is able to get a side headlock on him. Larry pushes Klutch off of him, sending Klutch to the ropes. Klutch ricochets off of the ropes, setting up for a lariat, which Larry dodges. Klutch bounces off the opposite side, which Larry sets up for a clothesline, which Klutch ducks under. One more bounce and Klutch finally greets Larry with a huge right hand, sending Larry into the ropes.
Crowd: OHHHHH!
Using the momentum, Larry bounces off the ropes and delivers a right of his own. Klutch, also feeling the momentum, bounces off of the ropes and delivers a hard lariat, causing both men to collapse. Klutch quickly goes for the pin.
Not even close. Larry kicks out. Klutch gets to a kneeling position, frustrated.
Woodbridge: Both men are trying as hard as they can to knock the other out. Klutch, thus far keeping up, but what can he do to put Big Larry away?
Paisner: Well punches seem to not be doing the trick. Klutch has got to try something else.
Klutch, back to a standing position, gives Larry, who is back on his knees, a swift kick to the back. Klutch gives another kick, this time targeting the kidneys.
Crowd: OHHHHH!
Woodbridge: We’re seeing some old school Klutch here. He is using his brute force to focus on the back. If Big Larry can’t lift, he can’t win.
Klutch then targets Big Larry’s right leg, giving another swift kick. Klutch backs off a bit to hype up the crowd. The crowd pops as Klutch turns his attention to Big Larry, who is now getting back up. Klutch goes to grab him, but is met with a big punch to the gut, followed by another punch to the gut.
Crowd: OHHH!
Larry gets back to his feet, and throws a right at Klutch. Klutch runs his hand by his mouth, then looks at his mouth, then at Larry. They both then charge at each other, throwing rights back and forth.
Woodbridge: This isn’t even a wrestling match anymore, this is a literal brawl!
Paisner: Klutch, not used to being in the position he’s in, is throwing everything he has at Larry! It’s a fist fight, and we expected nothing less!
Klutch then throws a huge right in the midst of the punches, and knocks back Larry. Larry comes back, but is then greeted by a huge kick to the midsection. He runs the ropes, then meets Larry with a knee lift, followed by a huge forearm smash. Larry goes down, and Klutch looks around, crazed look in his eye. The crowd jumps up with excitement.
Crowd: YAY!
Woodbridge: That familiar look in his eye! He’s wanting that piledriver!
Crowd: BOOOO!
Woodbridge: Now what the hell is this?!
From the curtain comes Bernardo, Austin Balandran’s trusted servant. In his hand is a silver platter with a kendo stick. Klutch looks out to the entrance, confused as to what’s going on. The camera then shoots over to a different angle, showing Austin Balandran right behind Klutch with a steel chair.
Paisner: Klutch needs to turn around here! Klutch!
However, too little too late. Balandran smashes Klutch with a huge thunderous shot to the back with the chair.
Javier: Here is your win..OH SHIT...
Balandran gives that signature cocky smile, assuming he’s finally found the way to tear down Klutch. Klutch, clinching his fists, turns around and sees Balandran’s smile go from wide to non-existent. Balandran goes for another hit, but is met with a swift kick to the gut.
Balandran drops the chair, giving Klutch the opportunity to grab the weapon, doing so rather quickly. Klutch grabs the chair and gives Balandran a smack over the back, sending tremors throughout Balandran’s body.
Crowd: OHHHHH!
Balandran quickly rolls out, not wanting any more punishment. Klutch motions for him to come back in. Meanwhile, Bernardo reaches ringside and enters the ring. He grabs the kendo stick and drops the silver platter. He tries to muster up courage as Klutch still has his attention on Balandran. As Bernardo finally gets the nerve, he goes for the swing...only to have Klutch turn around at the last second. He stops in his tracks, having the sheer look of horror on his face. The crowd gets excited, wanting Klutch to destroy Bernardo
Paisner: YES! GET HIM! YES!
Woodbridge: Remember the lawsuit?
Bernardo drops the kendo stick, and tries to run away, but Klutch grabs him by the hair, and walks him around in the ring. Balandran, who has by now escaped to the entrance, watches in horror as his servant is being punished for his crimes. Klutch, now looking at Balandran again, points at him with his free hand. He then kicks Bernardo in the gut, and places his head in between his legs. Klutch mouths some inaudible words, and picks Bernardo up.
Klutch piledrives Bernardo, tossing him to the side. He continues to sit on the mat, still locking eyes with Balandran.
Woodbridge: ALLEN!
Paisner: I’m sorry. This whole situation has me stressed out. But damn it, I hope, nay I pray, that Klutch can pull off the big one!
Klutch’s music starts back up. He looks around him, and gets back up, hamming it up to the crowd again, getting them excited again.
Paisner: Folks we’ll be right back!
The lights then cut off for a moment, as ringside crew clean anything around ringside and in the ring itself, before they come back up, as we see Javier, calming himself down from the previous ordeal, getting ready for more announcing.
Javier: The following is a tag team match set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit! Introducing first….
The Sacred War by Red Army Choir blasts throughout the venue, as Ernesto Vargas and Viktor Ivanov step out onto the entranceway, looking like not particularly happy men. As they march their way down to the ring.
Javier: From St. Petersburg, Russia and Buenos Aries, Argentina respectively, weighing in at a combined 412 pounds, Viktor Ivanov, Ernesto Vargas, THE RED ARMY!
Ivanov and Vargas make their way down, Ivanov ignoring all around him, and Vargas jawing with the crowd, as they step into the ring, awaiting their opponents.
This fuckin’ shit begins to play… for a good 40 seconds, well after the song kicks in we see nobody come out from behind the curtain, as we look inside the ring and see a deeply impatient looking duo in Vargas and Ivanov, wondering what in the hell is going on. As FINALLY we see Hot’N’Ready out on the entranceway, as we see Damian Pakachio and Ryan Drillian come out from the curtain. With the forever alone rage comic face airbrushed onto both of their tights. As they RUSH down to the ring, sliding into the ring, as before their music even stops, they try and spear both of The Red Army! Damian getting a successful one on Vargas, as Ivanov manages to hold Drillian back, looking more offended and annoyed at what they’re trying to pull than surprised, as he tosses Drillian off of him, then grabs Damian off Vargas and tosses him through the ropes, Vargas rolling out of the ring hurt from the spear. As a very deeply confused Mia calls for the bell seeing just Drillian and Ivanov in the ring.
Ivanov heads over to Drilliann, and begins to just pound on Drillians’s back! Forcing him down to the mat, before laying in stomps to his back, and grabbing him to toss him across the ring with a bul-plex! Drillian landing roughly on his back, as Ivanov looks all business. Ivanov grabs Drillian, and tosses him into a corner, where he lays into him with a vicious knife edge chop! Reddening Drillian’s chest, then another! And another! And another! Sinking Drillian halfway down in the corner, as Ivanov heads off to the opposite corner, and rushes at Drillian, but Drillian manages to counter! grabbing Ivanov’s nose! Drillian laughs at what he accomplished, as Ivanov looks thrown off by what just happened to him, before pushing Drillian off, but this gives Drillian the opportunity to toss out one cheeky little job to the face of Ivanov, more to pester him than hurt him, before retreating to the ropes, tying himself in them, and repeatedly calling for Mia to enforce a break everytime Ivanov tries to get close to him. Eventually, Ivanov has enough of this shit, as he rushes Drillian anyways, and boots him out of the ring! Mia reprimands him for this, but is not strong enough ground for a DQ, so we continue going, as we see Vargas recover from the spear he took earlier, and pop into their tag corner, and Damian slide into the ring to take Drillian’s place, as Ivanov goes to tag Vargas in.
Vargas and Damian face off from each other, as the two approach each other, before Vargas goes to use his speed to slip behind Damian! Getting a quick go-behind in order to lift and drop Damian face first on the ground, before jumping up into a double foot stomp on the back of Damian! Damian grunting out in pain! Vargas then grabs Damian, and lifts him up, tossing him into a corner where he rushes, and clocks Damian in the head with a high knee! Stunning Damian, as Vargas whips him into the opposite corner and does it again! Then back into the original! Then back into the opposite! Then back into the original! Then back into the opposite, then back into the original, as he finally lets up, and Damian loopily stumble out the corner, former slowly falling in a tree falling like fashion onto his back. Vargas smirks at his work, as he stays against the ropes, and signals for Damian to make his way back up. After a good few moments, Damian begins to stir, first doing so weakly, but eventually pushing himself all the way to his feet, albeit without great balance on his feet, as Vargas then rolls towards him, then springs up for his “Justicia” rolling thunder DDT!........but Damian ducks his head under, and does so at the precise height for Vargas to land his nuts right on top of Damian’s head! Resulting in a low blow as Vargas falls to the mat clutching at his crotch! Mia goes to threaten Damian, but Damian insists that was 1000 percent unintentional, that this was a cade of Vargas just happening to land on his crotch rather than a low blow, and Mia being unable to prove him wrong, lets the match continue.
Damian, sensing an opportunity, walks over to Vargas laying on the mat, as he looks out to the crowd, and hypes them up with a mix of removing his elbow pad and further theatrics, before beginning to repeatedly run the ropes to build up for his “Shitposter’s Gambit” People’s Elbow!....but then we see he just…..keeps running….and running….and running….and running….and running….and running, to the point where Vargas completely recovers sits up, sees what Damian is doing, and just stares in complete befuddlement, as Damian ignores the fact that Vargas has sat up and just…..keeps running. As Damian continues to run, eventually Vargas decides he has enough, and goes to stand up, but right as he does so, Damian stops on his next run back, kicks Vargas in the chest to floor him again, before dropping the elbow on Vargas! A major grin forming on Damian’s face, as Vargas pops up, looking a mix of surprised and deeply offended at what Damian just pulled on him. He rushes at Damian in anger, but Damian sidesteps him, and shadow boxes the air to taunt Vargas, Vargas rushes at Damian again, but unfortunately for him the process is repeated. Vargas then rushes again, but strikes to try and account for the sidestep… Damian simply rolls away predicting this adjustment, and does a sort of ta-da! pose at Vargas to further taunt him. Vargas looks deeply angered, as in this state, he charges Damian again, but Damian twirls himself behind Vargas, and slaps him in the back of the head, and for the briefest moment, has a satisfied smirk on his face…...but that is quickly erased by Vargas in his anger mule kicking him in the nuts, dropping Damian to the ground holding at his crotch, as Mia calls for the bell!
Hot N Ready win by DQ in 4 minutes and 43 seconds, but this does not do them much good, as Vargas repeatedly stomps on the body of Damian, before just pressing his boot into Damian’s throat! We see a recovered Drillian rush into the ring to try and save his partner, but Ivanov rushes into the ring with a chair, and wails Drillian in the back with it before he can do anything to save Damian! Ivanov forcefully throws down the chair on Drillian’s back. As we then see both members of Red Army pick up the respective member of Hot’N’Ready they’re dealing with, Ivanov grabbing Drillian in a gutwrench, Vargas lifting Damian up from behind, as they synchronize their finishers on them! Ivanov drilling Drillian into the mat with his Karelin Lift, lifting the gutwrench high then dropping it into a piledriver on the top of Drillian’s head, and Vargas also spiking Damian as well, performing a standing version of his “Salvador Rojo” poison rana! The crowd tosses trash into the ring at the post-match attack by Red Army, who just look down at Hot’N’Ready with disgust, before leaving the ring, as ringside and medical crew rush into the ring to carry out the nearly unconscious members of Hot’N’Ready.
We happen upon Chad Hammocks,who is stalking around through halls peeking through doors with a microphone in hand and Cameraman Chuck in tow. Hammocks finally peeks through a cracked door to see Stephen Romero and Buster Bravado, who are talking with eachother as Hammocks turns to Cameraman Chuck and lifts up a finger to his mouth to shush him. Hammocks cracks the door a bit further.
Buster: Hey man, all I’m saying is, and I don’t think it’s that controversial, but all I’m saying is, Martin Luther King Jr. was a conniving no good suck-up coon. That’s all I’m saying.
Romero: Its… just, why is this the hill you die on. Jeez. I mean, even Malcolm X-
Buster: AHEM. His name is El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Come on now.
Romero: Y-yea, sure. Well, even he wouldn’t go as far as to say all that.
Buster: I don’t think you know the first thing about what that beautiful man had to say, but. No worries, that’s why you’ve got me around to educate! It’s a beautiful thing, we share, this big, black, beautiful thing of ours. Solidarity, that is.
Romero: Yea, speaking of solidarity, we did a good job handling The Vanguard last week didn’t we! With you taking on Ivanov in the ring while I took care of the rest of those goons.
Buster whips out his black power pick and begins running it through his afro.
Buster: Of course, I did do most of the work there. I mean, I had it handled like the black part of a knife, but, you did good with the edges, y’know.
Romero turns to Buster with a skeptical glare.
Romero: You do know I saved you the match, right? Like, had I not grabbed Vargas he would’ve broken up the count-
Buster: Nah, I had him down for the three anyways! I think you’re just tryna take credit for my amazing feat of Black Supremacy!
Romero: Come on, dude. You weren’t winning that match if I hadn’t evened the playing field! You’re kidding yourself right now!
Buster: You are trippin right now. I had that match WON! I could’ve taken all those crackers on by myself, there was no need for a brotha like you to steal my thunda! My Black Lightning!
Romero: I saved your ass, don’t get me wrong, you won the match! But the way you yapped off like you did it all on your own… Dunno about Black Lightning, I’m thinkin maybe Black Thunder suits you better since we have to hear all that noise all the damn time?
Buster: Yea? Keep mouthing off to your equal, or I’ll show you a lot more than noi-
Romero looks over at the now wide open door and Hammocks and Cameraman Chuck freeze in their tracks looking like they’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
Hammocks: Uhh. uhhhhhhhhhh. Uh. fuggin, uhhhhhh. Heyy, this isn’t Sparky’s room, my bad!
Romero: Sparky isn’t even in the company?
Hammocks: SHIT uh, oh damn look is that Yakub behind yall?!?
Buster turns around swiftly, turning his head left and right, and Romero just maintains eye contact with Chad who slinks backwards out of the room and leaves Romero and Buster to their own.
Buster: Wait, but where’d he see Yakub- Fuck, THAT LYING WHITE DEVIL!!
Romero: Listen, Buster, we can’t let these petty quarrels get out of hand. I respect the hell out of ya, but I can only look out for you so much-
The door now creaks back open, but instead of the meek backstage duo, the intimidating figures of Ernesto Vargas and Viktor Ivanov fill the doorframe. Looking like they just finished cleaning up from the previous match, with towels wrapped around themselves. Vargas letting out a smug laugh accompanied by a shit-eating grin while Ivanov looks on without expression.
Vargas: Ay, Che, Que quilombo this “Black Solidarity”! Es un desastre!
Vargas lets out another cocky giggle as Buster takes a step forward in a defensive gesture.
Buster: Y’all came back for another can of Pitch Black Ass Whoopin?
Vargas: Take it easy, fellas. We aren’t here to beat some sense into those heads of yours, as fun as that would be. It’s entertaining enough for me to watch you two burros try to figure out which is the head and which is the tail. Speaking of, it seems pretty clear which one is more committed to a fight from who stepped forward first, eh?
Romero now steps forward, and it becomes clear how much the man towers over everyone else in the room as he steps past Buster to stand face to face with Vargas.
Romero: We may not always see eye to eye- literally and figuratively- but I will toss you across this room like a ragdoll if you question my commitment to our solidarity again.
Vargas still manages to hold an obnoxious grin on his face despite being dwarfed by the man looking down at him.
Vargas: Your friend over there may have managed to beat mine over here, but I guarantee you your kind of solidarity is no match for ours.
Romero: Next week then. 2 on 2. Me and Buster versus you two.
Ivanov speaks up from next to Vargas.
Ivanov: See you.
The Red Army retreats out of the room as Buster now steps up next to Romero.
Buster: Hey.. I know we’ve gotten close as of late but.. We’ve never tagged before, are you sure this is the best ide-
Romero: No more questioning if we can. We go out there and we do.
Romero leaves the room now, leaving alone a Buster Braggadocio who looks more shook than usual at the prospects of what he has now been faced with.
We come back to the ring, where we see Javier in the middle, ready to announce
Javier: The following is a singles match set for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit! Introducing first..
Forboding chords come through, before exploding into hard guitar as The Devil by Blue Stahli plays Seth Blackheart out from behind the curtains. A deep red light coming down on him, as he has a devilishly smug look planted on his face.
Javier: Introducing first, from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 223 pounds, SETH BLACKHEART!
Paisner: Down to the ring, one deeply, dangerous man. Striking fear into his opponents with his presentations and promos, then taking their heads off with a vicious punt kick. Two down, Jericho Styles, and a former champion in Ikbal Rizwan, and now one more person in his way, Jim Baker.
Woodbridge: And he’s very confident coming into this, quickly besting another new face on the block, then a very successful veteran, he feels as if there’s little reason to worry about a man with zero wins like Baker, and doesn’t seem terribly receptive on Baker’s attempts at recruitment. He’s earned that confidence tonight, but he has to be careful not to get consumed by it, because that’s even when a demon forged by the fires of hell can get burned.
Blackheart continues to make his way down to the ring, looking around at the crowd with a sense of superiority written on his face, as he makes his way to the ring apron, steps in between the ropes into the ring, and awaits his opponent.
A chugging instrumental comes through the speakers, as we see Jim Baker pop out onto the entranceway. A focused look on his face, as he shadow boxes at the top of the ramp.
Javier: And introducing next, from Cinicinatti, Ohio. Weighing in at 245 pounds, Jim Baker!
Paisner: And now, a man looking for his first taste of glory. Looking to show the high expectations set for him as a former star in many other promotions are ones he can live up to, and looking to protect his security in the profession, lest he take another loss and get left by the wayside due to underperformance.
Woodbridge: Not to mention, if he wants to convince Blackheart to join him and Stevens….then what better way to show his worth than with a victory right?
Baker does a bit more boxing, before walking down to the ring, eyes focused on it, as he drowns out the crowd around him, he makes it to the apron, as he rolls into the ring, staring down Blackheart from across it. Mia then signals to both wrestlers to see if they’re ready, and getting 2 nods, calls for the bell!
The bell sounds, as the two wrestlers begin to approach one another, inching towards the other, before suddenly as they’re about halfway to each other, Baker bursts at Blackheart! Getting a single leg takedown on him, as he just begins to pound away on him with repeated forearm shots to the skull!
Blackheart begins to black, and goes to quickly squirm his way out of the situation, getting to his feet, as Baker continues to charge at him, before Blackheart mule kicks him in the gut to double him over, then drops to a knee to land an upper throat thrust to Baker! Causing Baker to back off, holding at his neck!
Blackheart cracks a smirk at getting Baker off of him, before he steps back to hit the ropes and rush back at Baker! But Baker bounces back, and leaps up to take Blackheart down in a Lou Thesz press! Taking Blackheart back to the ground, as this time he rains down closed fist punches onto his head! Blackheart tries to squirm out again, but Baker prevents it this time, by goozling Blackheart by his throat in a chokehold to hold him down to the mat! Mia comes over to count Baker off, Baker continuing to choke and rain down punches on Blackheart until he finally breaks and steps off at the 4 count!
Paisner: Baker taking it right to Blackheart! This man wants a victory at all costs!
Woodbridge: He’s gotta be careful if he’s gonna fight aggressive though, Blackheart is not only fantastic at slowing down the pace and throwing people off their rhythm, but also great at exploiting people’s passions to work against them….such as desperately wanting their first victory in WiR..
Mia keeps Baker backed off from Blackheart until Blackheart begins to stir, whereupon she lets the action continue, as Baker rushes over to grab Blackheart, and whip him into a corner! Whereupon Baker charges, then socks Blackheart in the face with a running forearm smash! Rocking Blackheart as he stumbles out the corner, as Baker quickly moves to Blackheart’s side, grabbing him and dropping him on his neck and shoulders with a belly-to-back suplex!
Baker goes into the cover!
2! No! Blackheart out at 2!
Baker continues right on Blackheart, standing up and laying in a few stomps to Blackheart to keep him hurt, before picking him, and whipping him into the ropes. But instead of letting Blackheart bounce off, Baker instead rushes at Blackheart right as he whips him, and clocks Blackheart with a high knee right as he hits the ropes! Leaving Blackheart stunned against them! Baker then runs off to the opposite set of ropes, and comes back to clock Blackheart with another high knee! This one forcing Blackheart off the ropes as he stumbles towards the center, nearly falling off balance, as Baker then runs the ropes to deliver a third high knee!.........but at the last moment, Blackheart catches the knee, and transitions it into a full grip on the leg, then twists it around for a dragon screw leg whip! Sending Baker’s leg hard into the mat, as he writhes around in pain, while Blackheart lays on the mat from all he just took!
Paisner: Blackheart cutting Baker off with a destructive dragon whip to the leg! Taking away all of Baker’s work, and making it harder to get future work in with the pain coursing through that leg!
Baker holds tightly at his leg, as Blackheart begins to stir, shaking himself off and trying to get his head straight, as he forces himself back to his feet. Blackheart makes his way up, and walks over to Baker, grabbing Baker up with a handful of hair and tossing him into a corner. Where upon doing so, he whacks Baker in the face with a hard palm strike! Stunning Baker, as he alternates to hit him with the other palm! Baker sinking a bit in the corner from the impact, as Blackheart grabs him by the chin to re-set him in the corner, as he lays in another vicious palm strike to Baker! This one instantly sinking Baker halfway down in the corner!
Blackheart then stretches out a leg, as he places it on top of Baker’s throat! Choking Baker out in the corner! Baker tries to grab Blackheart’s leg to pry him off with bruteforce, but Blackheart just pushes his boot in harder, and continues to choke Baker out until the 4 count!
Blackheart releases his boot from Baker’s neck, as Baker drops completely in the corner, falling to a seated position as he desperately tries to get air back into his body. Blackheart then grabs Baker up from his seated position in the corner, as he begins striking at him again! This time pelting with closed fist punches to the face that Mia reprimands him for, but Blackheart brushes off. Blackheart then switches up to deliver a rough uppercut to the chin of Baker! Stunning him in place, ensuring Blackheart an opportunity to rush off to the opposite corner!
Paisner: Blackheart taking solid control after the dragon whip! Looking to tear Baker apart bit by bit!
Blackheart eyes Baker from across the ring with malicious intent, as he then charges out the corner at Baker! But before Blackheart can attack, Baker gets a foot up! Going to boot the charging Blackheart in the face, but Blackheart has a response to the attempted counter! Managing to stop himself and grab Baker’s outstretched leg, before lifting his own to kick the back of Baker’s leg! Baker groans in pain, as he bends down clutching at his leg, giving Blackheart the opening to grab Baker’s head, and spike him into the mat with a snap DDT! Baker’s head PLANTED into the ground!
Paisner: Blackheart with counters for counters! Always a man who seems one step ahead of his opponents! Blackheart into a cover!
2! No! Kickout from Baker!
As Baker kicks out, Blackheart crawls off of him, and begins to signal for Baker to get to his feet, as Blackheart slowly rises up himself! Baker lays on the mat for a good few moments, before we see him stir and begin to push himself up to his feet. Baker slowly pushes his way up, nearly falling back down a few times from how loopy the DDT made him, but eventually makes his way up, as Blackheart quickly grabs him and sets his head between his legs! Then going to lift him up for a piledriver! But as he does so, we see Baker manage to fight back, kicking his legs and struggling until Blackheart is forced to set him down! Blackhear then tries to lift Baker up again, but Baker drops to a knee to prevent this! Blackheart tries to brute force through this, but Baker shifting his center of gravity successfully stops this! Blackheart then swings his arms to club Baker in the back! Trying to break him back down! Eventually pounding him down towards the mat enough, to where he feels comfortable re-grabbing him to set his head between his legs once more, but suddenly, Baker grabs both of Blackheart’s legs, and trips him down onto the mat! Keeping hold of both of the legs!
Paisner: Baker reversing the piledriver! Now has grasp of both of Blackheart's legs, and if last week is any indication, we know exactly what he could be going for!
Baker fights to try and turn Blackheart over, as Blackheart fights back himself, trying to scoot his way back towards the ropes, but just as it seems he’s right about to reach out to them, Baker lifts one of his legs, and plants a stomp right into the middle of Blackheart’s chest! Pushing all the air out of Blackheart’s body, as he clutches at his chest, as the distraction from the pain gives Baker his chance to drag Blackheart back into the middle of the ring, as he continues to try and turn him over! But Blackheart now fights back! Struggling against them, repeatedly preventing Baker from turning him over onto his front! Eventually, Blackheart begins to push his legs and kick at Baker’s face! Pelting him with kicks until Baker is forced to let go! Baker takes a moment holding at his face, before quickly trying to rush back in and flip Blackheart over before he can resist, but Blackheart sends another kick until Baker’s face to keep him back! Baker stumbles back for a moment, before attempting to come back, and lay in another stomp to Blackheart’s chest, but Blackheart catches the boot! And uses it to trip Baker up, Baker now on his back, as Blackheart gets to his feet, the leg still in his grasp, before he somersaults over to deliver a rough leg snap to Baker!
Baker yells out in pain, as he sits up clutching at his leg, as Blackheart sees this, and takes the moment to run the ropes, and comes back with a penalty kick, but instead of aiming at the chest, he aims for the head as he sends Baker’s body flat on the mat!
Paisner: JESUS! What a vicious kick from Blackheart! Taking Baker’s head off! Into the cover!
2! No! Kickout from Baker!
Baker’s eyes stare out wide into the distance, as Blackheart sits on the mat for a moment, taking a good second to catch his breath and stretch out some of the pain coursing through his body. Blackheart then begins to push himself up to his feet, sweat dripping off of him, his breathing heavy, as he grabs Baker up by his hair, and brings him to his feet. Blackheart, with Baker’s hair still clutched firmly in his hands, then lays in a forearm shot to the face of Baker! Decking Baker to the mat!
Baker stares up at the lights with a thousand yard stare, as Blackheart grabs him by the hair yet again, bringing him up, before decking him once more with a stiff forearm! Baker dropping to the mat yet again!
After Baker is dropped this time, we see him try and push himself up, but only being able to do so very slowly because of the pain he’s being put through, giving Blackheart ample time to grab him by the hair once more, bring him up yet again, and deck him to the mat with a third forearm shot!
Paisner: Blackheart just unleashing destruction on Baker right now! Looking to pummel him into submission!
Baker hits the mat, but we see him fight to push through, this time stronger than before, as he grabs hold of Blackheart’s gear and begins to pull himself up by it. Gritting his teeth through the pain! Blackheart looks angered that Baker is still moving, and so grabs his hair again, and tosses back another forearm, this one followed through with malice behind it! Flooring Baker again…...who we see begin to quickly rise up! A look of determination on his face as he grabs Blackheart’s gear to pull himself up!
Blackheart looks took aback by this, not even able to react to grab the hair of Baker, who he tosses another forearm shot right at! Decking him once more….but Baker quickly rises up, and tosses out his own hard forearm! Flooring Blackheart to the mat, as Baker then collapses to the ground!
Paisner: BAKER! Taking these shots from Blackheart but rising up to deliver his own! By god this man wants this win!
Woodbridge: This is what I say a lot about wrestling, a man’s character does not reflect his passions, even if they have a habit of beating up hippies, that does not mean they don’t care in the same way technicos do!
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2020.07.07 21:41 youto2 Gayniversary: Six Stripes, Six Years - Part Three

3 - NO!
Paisner: Romero has taken probably more punishment than even he expected this match - and he manages to kick out at the last moment!
Woodbridge: He’s still gotta be careful though… this work on the head means GiGi could go for the win with a pinfall or with a Paywall.
Paisner: Of course - and I can’t imagine what tapping Romero out would do to her ego. I’m sure it wouldn’t be pretty.
Romero sits up but almost falls back to the mat again, and has to support himself with an arm planted behind his back, and GiGi grins wide - she runs for the ropes, slapping her ass as she comes off them…
Woodbridge: Way more trouble though, she could end it with the Babysi--
As GiGi thrusts her hips right towards Romero’s forehead and nose out of a full sprint, she’s stopped dead all of a sudden - Romero has managed to swing his arms to his front and grab GiGi’s waist firmly!
GiGi looks panicked as Romero, with more effort than usual, pulls her to his chest in a scoop lift and then flips her over his head in a fallaway slam! He stands back up, swaying slightly, but picks GiGi up again like the Viking boat ride at a carnival, slamming her onto his knee for a pendulum backbreaker! He covers!
Woodbridge: Romero’s tremendously strong compared to GiGi, and it might not take much from him to put someone smaller away… but he also has gotten little offense this match.
Paisner: Well that’s understandable, given GiGi’s speed, the strategy she’s used, and Romero having to deal with interference in this match by GiGi’s new right hand woman.
Romero sucks in more air and rubs his neck and back, the aches and pains of earlier clearly getting to him. But GiGi is clearly unable to attack effectively at this exact moment… he hoists her by her legs right onto his shoulders into powerbomb position… GiGi still has her wits about her and tries to snap Romero off and down into a hurricanrana but she can’t do it fast or hard enough and Romero grounds himself as she hangs down parallel to his body… he tries to lift her back up again…
Woodbridge: And Street Crash looking imminent...
Romero takes another deep breath and lifts GiGi straight upwards, but GiGi shoves downwards before he can throw her and winds up thudding back down onto his shoulders again, which makes him momentarily unsteady… she twists and begins to wrap her legs around Romero’s throat in a figure-four necklock and moves to grab her ankle!
Desperate not to fall prey to the choke, Romero tries just shaking GiGi off before she can really sink it in and then bring him to the ground; after a few tense moments he succeeds and GiGi lands awkwardly, falling onto her arm! She rolls over as she hits the mat and gives a pained cry, clutching her arm! And Romero sees opportunity - he hits the mat as well and yanks GiGi’s arm straight out and between legs, using more surprise than force to put on a cross armbreaker!
Woodbridge: WAIT HOLY FUCK!
Paisner: Romero putting his recently acquired submission training to use once again! And he’s getting the cross armbar in deep!
He folds his arms like a genie with her wrist clutched to keep it trapped and goes into as much of a bridge as he can, and GiGi taps out straight away, unable to bear it on her already injured arm!
Javier: And your winner via submission! At a time of 13:13, STEPHEN, ROMEEEERRROOOOO!
Woodbridge: GIGI TAPPED OUT!
Romero immediately drops GiGi’s arm and gets up, looking elated and a little surprised!
Paisner: Romero saw his opportunity and took it, and now it looks like the biggest e-thot in WiR is confirmed as him… for now!
Woodbridge: See? I told you that’s what his message was!
“Animal” plays again as a celebrating Romero pumps his fist, although he glances back at GiGi to see whether she’s okay. Kait rushes to her side, looking like she might be about to cry, and June and Kat, the Stargazers, jog down to ringside as well to see what’s happening…
Woodbridge: Hold on… First Kait and Ayane… now the Stargazers? What is going on? Is this a thing now?
Paisner: I guess so, I guess they have a…
Woodbridge: ...Honestly, I don’t know what you’d call a group like that. I’d have to think about it. All I know is I really don’t like the idea of it.
The Gazers, Kait, and a ring doctor walk a shocked GiGi to the back, fussing over her while a sweaty and exhausted Romero milks his exit a little longer with a few more fan fistbumps and autographs.
Paisner: Coming up next, we-
Paisner and Woodbridge both listen on their headsets, and we hear unintelligible chatter coming from the headset speakers.
Paisner: Fans i’m being told right now there’s an altercation going on backstage, I’m also told we have a camera crew on the scene…
We cut to the scene of Big Money Maverick and Super Dutch, both being restrained by backstage workers and officials, and both men screaming and hollering at each other. Dutch kicking up his legs as his mask barely covers his face, while Maverick is in his wrestling attire.
Big Money Maverick: You dumb ape! What the hell are you doing?!
Woodbridge: softly Dutch cuisine, huh?
Big Money Maverick: I’ve got Blackwater tonight, you slapnut! But I haven’t forgotten about you, you money-grubbing bastard! If you want me, after I beat Blackwater’s ass tonight, I’ll see you one-on-one at the next iPPV, you fucker!
Super Dutch: NO! Next House Party! I’m not waiting any longer to get my hands on you, you mouthbreathing pigfucker!
Big Money Maverick: That’s the way you want it? Fine! I’ll take your ass out on Free TV, you pissant peasant! Now let go of me, I have a match to get ready for!
Big Money Mav urges the workers to let him go, which they slowly, cautiously do. About 20 feet away, the other crew members start to unhand Dutch, as he curses loudly, kicks over a broom and storms towards him and Blackwater’s locker room, and everyone disperses.
Woodbridge: Well, there you go! It looks like it’s gonna be Mav and Dutch on the next episode of House Party! About 7 years since their first match together, they’ll go at it once again in the next chapter of this storied feud!
Paisner: But tonight, Mav’s gotta get through Blackwater, and that’s gonna be easier said than done. I can’t wait for both of these matches!
We cut back over to the commentary desk after the backstage incident.
Paisner: As I was saying - coming up next fans, we have Big Money Maverick taking on Louis Blackwater in singles action. Louis Blackwater, along with Mark Dutch, embarrassed Mav during the Big Money Invitational at Pyramid of Blood, causing Mav to lose 5,000 dollars of his own money.
Woodbridge: And on the last episode of House Party, Mav attacked Blackwater backstage, which leads us to this match tonight, where Mav vows to punish Blackwater, and Blackwater tries to get some retribution himself!
Paisner: Maverick’s vowed to take out D&B, and he’ll get Mark Dutch on the next episode of House Party as we learned recently, but tonight, Mav has Blackwater one-on-one! Let’s go down to Javier in the ring!
We cut to Javier Babaganoush, mic in hand, standing in the middle of the squared circle.
Babaganoush: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!
Crowd: ONE FALL!!!
Babaganoush: With a 30 Minute Time Limit!
We hear Desiccant Drip play over the speakers as Louis Blackwater steps through the curtains, to a pop from the crowd!
Louis walks down the aisle, and looks to be fully healed from the assault from Mav on the last episode of House Party. He slaps a few fans hands as he slowly, briskly walks down to the ring.
Babaganoush: Introducing first, from the Catskills, weighing in at 210 Pounds………...LOUIS….BLACKWAAATTERRR!!!!
Woodbridge: Here comes Blackwater, looking in pretty decent shape considering that Big Money Mav assaulted him on the last episode of House Party!
Paisner: Perhaps he’s trying to mask any wounds, Mark. You know if Blackwater shows any sign of weakness, Mav’s gonna take full advantage. Blackwater may very well have no major injuries, but I can guarantee you he’s not at 100%
Louis rolls himself into the ring, and starts shadowboxing in the corner as his music fades away.
Big Money Maverick steps through the curtain with his back turned to the audience, and we see the portrait of Ben Franklin on the back of his jacket. Mav turns to face the crowd, with a smug grin on his face, and walks down the aisle as the fans boo him relentlessly.
Babaganoush: And his opponent, from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 225 pounds……….BIG…..MONEY…….MAAAAVVVERRIIICKK!!
Paisner: Here comes Mav, looking as pompous as ever!
Mav walks down the aisle, looking cocky and poised, and walks around the ring, soaking in the boos of the fans at ringside. However, while Mav is distracted with the audience, Blackwater runs the ropes from inside the ring, and leaps through the ropes onto Mav with a Suicide Dive! Blackwater hits Mav at full speed and sends him into the steel guardrail!
Woodbridge: It looks like Blackwater's not keen on waiting for the opening bell!
Paisner: I'll say! He damn near hit Mav like a Cannonball!
Mav’s music fades away, and Maverick sits slumped against the guardrail, as Blackwater repeatedly slams the back of Mav's head against the steel!
Woodbridge: And Blackwater's getting some retribution on Mav for the attack on the last House Party!
Paisner: But the bell hasn't even sounded yet! Is this match even gonna happen now?
The sanctioned referee for this contest, Mia So Hung tries to reason with Blackwater, and convinces him to step away from Mav. Louis rolls into the ring, and waits patiently on the inside as Mia starts to check on Mav.
Woodbridge: Mia So Hung now is now gonna make sure Big Money Mav can start this contest!
Mia Checks on Mav, who looks a bit shaken up. Mia asks if he can start the match, and Mav nods "yes." Mia helps Mav up to his feet, and Big Money rolls himself into the ring, slowly trying to compose himself after the beatdown from Louis. He slowly takes his jacket off, and tosses it out of the ring.
Paisner: And Mav looks like he's deciding to start the match!
Woodbridge: Of course! Big Money Mav damn sure isn't gonna let Blackwater get the last word!
Paisner: And we thought Blackwater was coming in with a disadvantage, but after that display, it looks like neither of these men are gonna be 100% at the start of this thing!
Mav uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, in the opposite corner from Blackwater. Mia So Hung stands in the middle of the ring, and turns to both corners. Blackwater nods that he is ready, and despite the recent attack, Mav nods as well. Mia So Hung calls for the opening bell!
Blackwater immediately rushes to Mav, and shoves him into the corner. Blackwater repeatedly drives his shoulder into Mav's ribs, as Mav stands defenseless in the corner against the turnbuckles.
Blackwater: Hot start from Blackwater! Really taking it to Big Money Mav!
Blackwater trips Mav's feet out from under him, and Mav sits in the corner against the turnbuckles. Blackwater quickly runs to the other corner, and then rushes towards Mav, catching him with a Sliding Lariat!
Blackwater quickly grabs Mav by the legs, and drags him to the center of the ring. Blackwater quickly hits Mav with a standing elbow drop, and follows up with a lateral press for the cover!
And Mav kicks out with relative ease. Maverick tries to scramble up to his feet, and Louis tries to catch him off guard with a right hand, but Mav blocks and hits him with a right of his own. Mav throws another right, and another, and another!
Crowd: BOO! BOO! BOO!
Paisner: Mav pummeling the head of Blackwater with these rights, trying to gain the upper hand!
Mav backs Blackwater backs into the ropes, and Big Money grabs him by the arm, bouncing Louis off the ropes with an Irish Whip. Blackwater runs towards the opposite set of ropes, bounces off of them, and Mav goes for a clothesline, but Blackwater ducks, and swings himself behind Mav, quickly lifting him up and dropping him with a German Suplex!
Woodbridge: Blackwater dropping Big Money with a big German Suplex!
Blackwater keeps his grip, and pulls Mav up, looking to deliver a 2nd German, but Mav is able to throw his elbow back into the side of Blackwater's head a couple of times, causing him to break the grip.
Paisner: Mav knew he had to get outta that one as soon as possible, unless he wanted to get dropped a few more times!
Big Money Mav turns around to face the stunned Blackwater, and he quickly kicks him in the gut. Mav grabs Louis by the head, and tries to lift him up for a suplex of his own, a standing vertical suplex. Mav tries to lift him up, but this time it's Blackwater who has an answer for it, blocking the suplex by hooking his leg around Mav's. Blackwater throws a couple of punches at Mav's gut, and escapes his grasp. Blackwater then follows up with a couple of right hands to Mav's face, leaving Big Money stunned and groggy in the ring for just a moment. While Mav is groggy, Blackwater turns around to bounce off of the ropes, rebounding to drop Mav with a big chop block to the legs!
Paisner: Blackwater taking Mav's feet out from under him with a BIG Chop Block!
Mav lays on the mat, clutching his legs and writhing in pain, while Blackwater stands tall in the ring to the delight of the fans. Big Money tries to fight his way back up to a vertical base, and tries to kick Blackwater in the gut, but Blackwater catches the leg, and delivers a Dragon Screw! Blackwater keeps hold of the leg, and gets back up to his feet to plant Mav's leg with a Leg DDT!
Woodbridge: Great combination there by Louis Blackwater!
Blackwater hooks the targeted leg of Mav, and Mia starts the count!
Mav powers out just before two. Blackwater grabs Mav by the head, and pulls the wealthy Texan back up to a vertical base. Blackwater grabs Big Money by the arm, and tries to irish whip him into the ropes, but Mav reverses it and irish whips Louis. Blackwater rebounds off of the ropes, and runs right into a Corkscrew Elbow from Big Money Mav!
Blackwater scrambles up to his feet, but Mav is right there to meet him, and hits Louis with an Atomic Drop! Blackwater stands groggy in the ring, and Mav quickly runs to the ropes, rebounding off of them and hitting Blackwater with another Corkscrew Elbow!
Paisner: Mav’s starting to find his groove!
Louis scrambles up to his feet again, and Mav grabs him by the arm, irish whipping him into the corner. Louis hits the turnbuckles, and Mav dashes towards him, hitting Blackwater with a big body splash, and immediately following it up with a Running Bulldog!
Mav rolls Blackwater onto his back, and hooks the leg for a cover!
Blackwater kicks out right before two. Mav quickly pulls Louis to a seated position, and puts him in a rear chinlock, really wrenching on it, and trying to choke Louis out. Mav tightens his grip on the hold, as the fans start to try and will Blackwater on!
Crowd: LETS-GO-LOU-IS! clap clap clapclapclap LETS-GO-LOU-IS! clap clap clapclapclap LETS-GO-LOU-IS! clap clap clapclapclap
Blackwater hears the support, and he starts to try and fight his way up to his feet. Mav keeps his hold on the chinlock, but Blackwater starts to get up to his knees, and slowly rises up to a vertical base.
Paisner: The crowd’s trying to will on Blackwater!
Blackwater tries to throw elbows back into Mav’s side, trying to get Mav to break his grip, but Mav hangs on tight. Louis throws a couple more elbows, and Mav lets go of his grip, but just for a moment, as he quickly grabs Louis by the waist, and lifts him up before dropping him with a teardrop suplex!
Woodbridge: And Mav snuffs out that particular comeback attempt!
Big Money quickly crawls over to Louis, and hooks the leg for a cover!
Blackwater kicks out right after two, and it’s clear he’s starting to feel some pain, as he winces as he kicks out. Blackwater, with a pained look on his face, sits up, as Mav quickly runs the ropes, and delivers a Clothesline to the seated Blackwater! Mav quickly hooks the leg!
Another 2 count! Blackwater kicks out with decent time to spare, but again with a pained look on his face. Big Money grabs Blackwater by the head, and pulls Blackwater to a vertical base to match him, before quickly dropping him again with a side russian leg sweep. Blackwater lays prone on the mat, and Maverick starts walking to the corner, stepping through the ropes and starting to climb up the turnbuckles!
Paisner: Mav may be looking to go high risk! Possibly looking for a Lone Star Elbow Drop!
Maverick climbs the turnbuckles, as the fans continue to boo him.
Big Money Mav turns to the crowd, and gives them the “up yours” hand gesture while yelling at them in vain.
Big Money Mav: You people can suck one!
Mav then turns to Blackwater, and leaps off the top with the Big Money Elbow……...but nobody’s home! Blackwater rolls out of the way and Mav crashes awkwardly on the mat!!!
Paisner: Mav may have spent too much time jawjacking with the crowd! Woodbridge: And this is a perfect time for Blackwater to try and regain his momentum!
Maverick and Blackwater both slowly rise up to their feet, both men wanting to get control of the matchup. Maverick goes for a right hand, but Blackwater blocks, and hits a right of his own!
Maverick takes a step back, and goes for another punch, but this one is also blocked, and Blackwater hits another hard right hand!
This time Mav opts instead of a right hand, he catches Blackwater off guard with a left jab!
Blackwater then hits Mav with a left jab of his own!
Mav checks his mouth to make sure he’s not bleeding, before hitting Blackwater with another left jab!
Paisner: We’ve got a slugfest here at Gayniversary!
Blackwater looks rocked for a moment, but he stands tall, not throwing a punch, but DARING Big Money to throw another!
Blackwater: C’mon, Big Money! Hit me you bastard!!!
Mav nods, and hits Blackwater with a flurry of stiff forearm shots to the side of the head, and while Blackwater stands a bit groggy for a moment, he takes all of them and remains standing! Mav looks besides himself!!!
Paisner: Blackwater’s showing he’s tougher than a 2 Dollar, hell, maybe even a 1 Dollar Steak!
Woodbridge: Mav’s being reminded just how tough Blackwater is when he’s forced to fight him face-to-face, none of that sneak attack shit!
Mav turns around to hit the ropes, trying to bounce off of them and aerate momentum, but Blackwater runs the ropes with him, creating misdirection, and Mav turns around and eats a BIG LARIAT from Blackwater!!!
Woodbridge: But can Louis capitalize?!?!?
Louis stands back up on his feet, soaking in the reaction from the crowd, as he fires himself up!!!
Paisner: This crowd is 100% Behind Blackwater!!!
Louis stands and is lying in wait, as Maverick slowly rises back to a vertical base, not looking all there. Mav pushes himself up, and Blackwater is there to meet him, grabbing the Texan and lifting him up on his shoulders………...before dropping him with the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!
Paisner: DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! With Authority!
Blackwater quickly hooks the inside leg for the cover!
Mav kicks out! 2 and a half!
Paisner: Now it’s Mav who has to answer for Blackwater, and I can assure you Louis has got ALOT more moves in his arsenal that could potentially put Mav away!
Maverick rolls over to the ropes, and uses the ropes to try to pull himself back up to his feet. Blackwater gets back up as well, and as soon as Mav turns around, he throws a wild haymaker at Louis, but Louis ducks, and lifts Mav up in the air, dropping him on his head with a BACKDROP DRIVER!!!
Mav lays on the mat, clutching his neck, but Louis quickly pins Mav’s shoulders to the mat, hooking the leg for the cover!
Mav just manages to kick out! He looks to be in a great deal of pain!
Paisner: Mav kicks out, this time at 2 and 3/4ths!
Woodbridge: The time before he kicked out at 2 and a Half. This time he kicked out at 2 and 3/4ths. I gotta believe that if Blackwater hits one more big move, Mav’s staying down for the three!
Mav lays prone on the mat, and Blackwater gets back up to his feet, looking pumped up, poised to finish this one out. Blackwater leans over, and peels Mav’s body off of the mat as the fans chant!
Paisner: The fans are on their feet! This one may be just about over!!!
Blackwater tucks Mav’s head inbetween his legs, and lifts him up in the air………...dropping him on his head with a PILEDRIVER!!!
Paisner: Piledriver! This may be it!
But almost as soon as Mav’s head hits the mat, Mav slowly starts to roll towards the ropes, and as soon as Blackwater realizes it, Mav rolls under the ropes and collapses in a heap outside of the ring.
Paisner: And Mav with a smart move, avoiding certain defeat by rolling out of the ring!
Woodbridge: These fans, and especially Blackwater, are not too pleased!
Blackwater looks a bit frustrated, as Mav starts to show some small signs of life on the outside. Blackwater lays on the mat for a moment, trying to catch his breath, while Mav does the same on the outside.
Paisner: This match has been very physical thus far, both men feeling the effects!
Blackwater starts to push himself up to a vertical base, and leans himself with his chest against the turnbuckles, still trying to catch a breather, but turning to Mav’s direction every few seconds to keep an eye on him. Mav, still obviously in a great deal of pain, uses the apron to try to help himself back up to a vertical base, but he sneakily also pulls a Steel Chair out from underneath the ring!
Paisner: Hey! Mav’s got a damn chair! This isn’t No DQ!!!
Mav slides the chair into the ring, and almost directly in front of referee Mia So Hung. Mia sees the weapon, and picks it up, tossing it on the other side of the ring. Blackwater doesn’t see this, and walks towards Mav, and leans through the ropes to try to pull him in the ring, but Mav blasts Louis on the side of the head with a Baseball Bat!!!
Woodbridge: Son of a bitch! No good son of a bitch!! While Mia was distracted with the Chair, Mav got Blackwater right in the temple with that bat!
Blackwater slumps to the mat, nearly lifeless, as Mav throws the bat back under the ring as Mia turns around.
Paisner: We should’ve known it was only a matter of time before Mav tried something like this! This crowd is pissed!!!
Mav, with a sly smile on his pained face, slides into the ring, and peels the body of Blackwater up to his feet, before kicking him square in the gut, lifting him up and hitting him with the CASH FLOWSION!
Maverick quickly hooks the leg for the cover!!! Mia with the count!
Blackwater JUST barely manages to get his shoulder up, Mia So Hung confirming a 2-Count!
Paisner: How did Blackwater kick out! My god, what heart!!!
Woodbridge: He may have heart, but I feel as if it’s not long before Mav tries to rip it out of him!
Mav looks frustrated, and in a bit of disbelief. He looks at Mia in confusion, but she holds up 2 fingers to signify the 2 count. Mav looks a bit angry, as he rises to his feet, and starts doing the “make it rain” taunt!
Paisner: He’s going for the Big Money Driver, and if he gets it, it’s over!
Mav doesn’t even wait for Blackwater to get up, he walks towards Louis looking to lift him off the mat, but Louis catches Mav off guard with a small package!!!
Paisner: WHAT?!?
NO! Mav just barely manages to kick out in time!! Blackwater doesn’t let this throw him off though, and as he and Mav both scramble up to their feet, he throws a wild headbutt into Mav’s midsection, dropping the Texan to his hands and knees!
Paisner: Blackwater’s trying to fight through the pain and the exhaustion, he may only have one big move left in him!
Blackwater stands in the ring, trying to catch his breath, before grabbing Mav by the head, and digging down deep, pulling out all of his energy to lift Mav up in the air!
Woodbridge: He’s got him up for the REVERSE BRAINBUSTER!!!!
But Mav is able to wiggle out of Blackwater’s grasp, and lands on his feet, before hitting Blackwater with a big European Uppercut!!! Blackwater drops to a knee,with a glassy-eyed look on his face!!
Paisner: Blackwater may be out on his feet!!!
Mav gets behind the dazed Blackwater, and lifts him atop his shoulders, before dropping him on his neck………...with the BIG MONEY DRIVER!!!
Woodbridge: JAYSUS!
Mav quickly covers the lifeless, prone Louis, hooking both legs as Mia counts!
Woodbridge: Kick out, Blackwater!!!
Woodbridge: DAMMIT!
Babaganoush: Here is your winner, at a time of 15 minutes and 21 seconds, BIG….MONEY…….MAVERICK!!!!
Paisner: And with rather dubious methods, Big Money Mav is your winner here tonight!
Woodbridge: Dubious! He cold-cocked him with a damn bat! This is heinous!
Maverick stands tall in the ring, as Mia So Hung raises his hand in victory. The crowd boos, but coming through the crowd, we see a couple of masked men, similar to the goons Mav employed on the last episode of House Party!
Woodbridge: What?! It’s Mav’s henchmen!
Paisner: LOOK AT THIS!!!
The 2 goons jump the guardrail, and slide into the ring, pouncing on top of the prone Blackwater, both men beating him down as Mav watches in delight!
Woodbridge: C’mon, Mav! You already beat him! This is enough, dammit!
Paisner: Mav’s trying to make a statement!!!
The crowd cheers, as the camera pans over and we see SUPER DUTCH running down the aisle, in full Super-Hero garb!
Paisner: HERE’S DUTCH!!!
Dutch slides into the ring, and pounces on top of Mav, taking him down to the mat and hitting him with a flurry of right and left hands!!!
Paisner: GOD DAMN!
And before Dutch can get too many good hits in, The 2 goons each grab Dutch by an arm, and they pull him off of Mav! Mav quickly rolls out of the ring, and jumps the crowd control barricade, making a swift escape through the hostile crowd that throws trash at him as he runs!!!
Paisner: And thanks to those goons, Mav was able to weasel himself out of Dutch’s grasp…..for now!
The two goons now start double teaming Dutch, beating him down with forearms and punches! They roll him out of the ring, and Dutch tries to make his way up to the entrance stage to escape, but the goons continue to beat him down!
Woodbridge: But now Dutch has to worry about these two damn henchmen! And with Blackwater still out in the ring, it looks like he may have to do it alone!
The two goons drag Dutch up the aisle, until they’re all right at the entrance stage. The two goons both lift Dutch up, and grab him by the head, both of them eyeing the Entrance Video screen!
Paisner: Oh no! They’re not gonna….
Woodbridge: They’re gonna send Dutch through that video wall!!!
But as the two goons have Dutch in their grasp, suddenly none other than STEPHEN ROMERO comes through the curtain, and damn near takes one of the goons’ heads off with a Big Boot!!!
Stephen nods to Dutch as a show of respect, and Dutch starts fighting back against the remaining goon. Stephen makes his way to the back, and Dutch kicks the goon in the gut, and quickly locks in a submission hold, wrenching the life out of the goon! The goon taps, but Dutch leaves it in until he’s completely knocked out!!!
Paisner: JAYSUS! Dutch just choked the life out of that goon! The hell was that move?!
Woodbridge: I don’t know, but it was dangerous, I can tell you that!
Dutch gets back up to his feet, with two disabled goons laying near him. Blackwater rolls out of the ring, limping over to Dutch, who quickly comes to his side. Dutch wraps Blackwater’s arm around his own shoulders, and helps his partner to the back. Dutch grabs Blackwater’s waist, a little close to the butt but not enough to be alarming. The two walk up the ramp and through the curtains.
Paisner: And with a small assist from Stephen Romero, Dutch has managed to thwart both of Mav’s goons!
Woodbridge: But Dutch and Mav are still on a collision course! Next House Party, it’ll be both men, one-on-one, one more time! My god I can’t wait for that one!
We cut to Javier Babaganoush stands in the ring with referee Mia So Hung as the music of Dalidus Nova hits the venue and the entire place erupts in a volcano of boos, jeers, and yelling as Dalidus Nova has arrived on the scene and he is accompanied by Miles Alpha at his side who hypes Nova up while Nova walks in steadfast fashion straight for the ring without breaking eyesight with the ropes and the canvas.
Paisner: It’s now time for something I’m not sure WiR has ever seen before, and whether that’s a good thing or bad thing only time will tell..
Javier: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match will be a BLINDFOLD Match! Both competitors will be blindfolded for the duration of the match; removal of the blindfold will result in a disqualification. Making their way to the ring; From Toronto, Canada, weighing in at 225 pounds: Daaalidus NOOOVAA!!!!
Nova now reaches the ring as he and Alpha slide under the ring in sync and rise to their feet. Alpha goes up to the corner and stands on the turnbuckle as he yells at crowd members who yell back at him with insults and boos.
Paisner: The Young Cardinals have been causing mischief in WiR, being one of many parties to interrupt the WiR World title match last month. But for the past few weeks, they’ve been going back and forth with Black Nationalist Buster Braggadocio, who has been trading jabs with the two troublemakers.
Woodbridge: Buster’s really made his mark on them, pun intended, but last week on House Party, Nova actually beat Buster with his eyes closed, scoring a victory no-one saw coming, pun intended!
Paisner: Well, he did win with his eyes closed, it just happened to coincide with Miles Alpha interfering post-marker jab to Nova’s eye. But yea, I guess technically he did beat Buster with his eyes closed.
Woodbridge: ‘Technically’ is the best way to win a match.
Nova stays on the apron and yells at a cameraman to get a close up of his shoes and lets us hold on a still of his flex as he then rubs the bottom of his soles on the ring before stepping in between the ropes. Miles Alpha hops off the turnbuckle and walks over to Nova to present him something in his hands.
Paisner: That looks more like a sleepmask than a blindfold to me.
Woodbridge: Maybe Nova is saying he could win in his sleep?
Now a different tune has hit The Egyptian Room in the Old National Centre, and as the guitar kicks in, Buster Braggadocio hits the venue in an all black vest, trunks, and boots, as he strides towards the ring without taking his eyes off of Dalidus Nova in the ring. Buster runs his pick through his afro as he declines to launch any of his usual racially charged insults at the crowd, walking straight for the apron.
Javier: Making his way to the ring, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 220 pounds. Bustterrrr BRAGGADOCIOO!!!
Buster rolls under the bottom rope and then hops to his feet as he walks straight to Nova and takes out a black marker, instantly swinging it at Nova, who barely rolls out of the way as the referee swiftly gets in between the two! Alpha begins yelling at Buster from behind the ref! Buster points at Alpha and threatens to poke his eye out again!
Paisner: These men DYING to get at each other!!!
The referee manages to calm Buster down and attempts to take the marker out of his hands but Buster opts to throw it into the crowd instead of letting Hung have it. Mia throws her hands in the air as she turns around and tells Alpha to get out of the ring so the match can proceed. Nova looks pissed at Buster for having took a swipe for his eye but he begrudgingly begins to put on the mask Alpha gave him while Mia So Hung now goes to Buster and gives him a blindfold from her back pocket. Buster looks over at Nova and points at Nova’s mask while yelling.
Buster: Why does this cracka get a sleep mask and I get a blindfold? What is this separate-but-equal bullshit?
Mia shrugs her shoulders as Buster moves her out of the way and walks straight towards Nova, as he raises a fist and throws it but stops right before it hits Nova’s blindfolded face as Nova holds up his hands in instinctive defense!
Crowd: Oooohh!!!!
Buster rips the mask off Nova and rips it in half!
Woodbridge: I mean, if you could get away with that, why not?
Paisner: Because that would mean you’re just beating up a blind man?
Woodbridge: I don’t put it past Nova.
Buster looks livid as Mia attempts to get between the two and give Nova a blindfold of his own as Buster now backs up and watches Nova carefully as he wraps the blindfold around his head. Once again, Buster raises a fist at Nova, who remains completely oblivious this time around.
Paisner: Either he’s got some steel balls, or the blindfold is finally doing its job.
Confident in his opponents blindness, Buster takes his own blindfold from Mia and wraps it securely around his head, now just as blind as Nova. Both men, backing themselves into opposite corners to ensure they have their bearings, signal to the official that they are ready to begin!
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2020.04.28 10:04 curlyspirals r/curlyhair makes it a rule you have to be a certain race to use terms like 'big chop'

I wasn't going to post this originally, but when someone asked me why I hadn't posted it already I decided to finally share this story on my former favorite subreddit:
It all started with the typical wavy vs curly hair debate. In the sub, your hair is considered curly if it has any texture to it, including the slightest wave. There is a rule, “no curly gatekeeping.” An OP complained that there is curly gatekeeping on Twitter, as if this was news. Seriously, anywhere but in curlyhair it is generally accepted that your hair has to have a certain curl to be curly.
if your hair doesn't go into spirals, it's not curly. The wavy community NEEDS to come to terms with that.
This post was met by a comment detailing how the subreddit is actually unwelcoming to black women because
“when it comes to black women speaking on their own personal movement (the natural hair movement) you guys tend to step in where you’re not needed... to people on the outside, when Black women do what the woman in the tweet did, it can seem like gatekeeping, but i urge you guys to realize that Black women have always been kept out of things that seem basic to you guys... it’s even more exhausting to enter a place that claims to be for everyone with curly/textured hair, but still feel like an outsider when you see people try to downplay (and sometimes ignore) discrimination that you know you and everyone who looks like you faces.”
Thus the mods decided to recruit new moderators to address the lack of diversity in the sub, specifically why black women don't post to the sub. My name is no longer on the announcement but my proof is all the mod flairs I used in the past. The mods asked me about my thoughts and pretty much ignored them.
The misuse of big chop is mentioned in this comment. Everyone on the sub uses their own definition of big chop, whether it is a long hair to shoulder length hair cut or longer than 3 inches. But in the natural hair community, it means going from relaxing curly hair straight to cutting off all the relaxed hair – you're left with a few inches at most and skipped transitioning into your natural hair texture. I was on board for correcting the sub about this term and educating people about the natural hair movement.
So the mods made this post about education. I wrote the parts referencing a book. The post talked about how POC suffer through discrimination because of their hair. Originally, this post talked nothing about you needing to be black in order to use these terms, it's been edited since then.
One person talked about having their hair called “white girl curly”
“I was talking about it to a friend of mine who happens to be a WoC and she seemed almost angry to hear me talk about it and told me my hair was “white person curly” and then that it “wasn’t even curly.” Not going to lie, I was hurt by this because I was happy to feel confident in my hair again and then was wondering if I should even feel happy about it anymore.”
which someone replied that:
“However, to say your hair is "white girl curly" to invalidate your curls is borderline racism, and that person seems like an asshole for belittling your happiness.”.
There's more arguments, like
“accept wavy hair for being wavy, instead of mislabeling your hair type”.
And someone tells it how it is:
“This talk about inclusion and diversity is like tech companies and elite liberal arts colleges who use their diversity as a selling point to raise their status and appeal. I'm here to look at pictures of hair, not talk about cultural appropriation.”.
And this one between a mod and a user
“I disagree... the words curly, natural, and chopped are common descriptive words in the English language. They don't belong to any one group. Now, I would not use the particular phrase "natural hair journey" or certain hash tags as they do have very specific connotations. However, I draw the line at basic descriptors. I am very sorry if that seems disrespectful. From my perspective it seems disrespectful to others to claim basic descriptive words.”
“This is all just incredibly rude and disrespectful of you and that was a weak non-apology. I hope that you will keep up with the coming posts and come to understand that diversity, inclusion, and minimizing microaggressions/cultural appropriation* is important and change your views.”
“Please explain to me exactly what I have said that is rude or disrespectful. I have tried very hard to be sympathetic and respectful and if you could clarify for me what is offending i would be very interested... I am ethnically Irish. For my ethnicity and culture natural curly hair is a well known and admired part of it. Why is it ok to disregard my ethnicity and culture in order to respect your's? Or Jewish curlies, or Greek/Mediterranean curlies, or Arabic curlies? There has to be a better option.”
“You weren't disrespectful, she's just a sensitive SJW snowflake”
And someone who caught on that this open discussion wasn't very open
“I will definately withhold any action or judgement to see what you and the rest of the moderators do. I was under the impression that this was an open discussion. If the decision is already made I am not sure what the point of this thread was... I certainly would not have stated my opinion or opened myself up to backlash had I known the decisions were already made. I hope this feeling I am getting is mistaken and everything turns out well for every one.”
Black hair is political
“non black people that have “struggled” with frizzy hair or whatever have every right to admire the curly girl movement, but the struggle of black people is on a WHOLE other level: it’s economic and political. white people, regardless of how curly their hair is, have never been economically discriminated against because of their hair. Sure they may have been bullied and that’s valid, but they shouldn’t be the face of the movement. They can sympathize and stand in solidarity, but the mods/posts here being majority non-POC is a huge issue and inaccurate representation of the people. no one is gatekeeping curly hair, any race can have it. but the representation of the movement SHOULD be “gate-kept” in a way. you can’t have majority white people being the face of a natural POC hair movement because they don’t know the struggle. I for one am a POC with wavy hair, I don’t claim it to be curly. I don’t take up space talking about the “struggles of acceptance” I faced or whatever the fuck. I take care of my hair using advice from this sub and other ones. I don’t try to pretend I know what it’s likely to have Afro-textured hair. It’s not my place. I stand in solidarity with the movement, but it’s not mine to lead or dominate. I think the mods/others on this sub who say “black people are gatekeeping curly hair!!” need to see that.”
There's more drama there if you want to look for it. And the removeddit is here.
Not much there wasn't removed quickly but there is this:
“I will probably get a lot of backlash for this comment. I am white and have wavy hair. I personally do not feel a white woman with curly hair shouldn’t be able to call her hair curly. Because that’s what it is. Yes, POC often have different hair types and textures than a white woman, and I have extreme empathy and sadness for the struggles and discrimination they have endured and do endure still. No white woman will ever fully be able to understand those struggles I’m sure. I do however believe that curly hair is a hair type that any race can have. Just because someone’s hair is curlier doesn’t make yours less curly. The natural hair movement is all yours, I get that. But curls are for everyone.”
The mods began commenting on people's posts that mentioned big chop in the title. This action was noticed.
Then came this post which made respecting cultural terms a rule and included an infograph on whether your haircut is a big chop or not, and at the end it asked if you were a POC. I was now confused, none of the mods told me we were going to moderate race. When I mentioned this was not going to be well received they told me we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I didn't think the last question was necessary. And I was not the only one, like the top comment
“Doesn't that seem counterproductive though and unfair? I personally am all for educating, but find something like this to just be general gatekeeping.”.
And upon further talking with the mods people began to notice this wasn't about POC,
“I think it’s very important that any latinx and nonblack POC know that according to this comment, the mod discussion surrounding inclusion was never for us. Our exclusion is not a consideration at this time.”.
You see, the mods made the mistake of saying POC as an abbreviation of black people so when it was pointed out by this comment, the mods scrambled to change everything that mentioned POC to black people and changed the infograph's last question to “Do you have black ancestry?” Even I was confused, and I was a mod that read the mod chat on Slack every day. I wouldn't have made that mistake but it was never made clear to me that the whole diversity conversation was only about black people.

“If after years of racism and discrimination that lead to issues of with self worth and self love, someone with 4b hair that’s been relaxed to the point of no return decides to cut off all their hair to make the radical statement that your hair is naturally beautiful without confirming to Eurocentric standards, then is that a big chop or is that a haircut?
“That is a hair cut. I mean what would you call it if you never heard of big chop”

“Yeah, I'd say I am being excluded because I don't even have the option of using them if I want to... But by enforcing--or even suggesting--these word usage rules, you're grouping people into categories and classes and pitting some people against others. I don't see how this is useful, or productive. John F. Kennedy said that a rising tide lifts all boats. That was more of an economic metaphor but it can apply here. If some people feel excluded it seems to me that the rational and appropriate thing to do is to lift people up, and encourage others to do the same.”
“I really truly honestly do not understand why people feel like having to avoid a few simple phrases feels like being "pushed down".”
A lot of comments are removed before they are able to be saved since mods monitor things like this closely, but I was able to copy and paste one spicy comment removed for violating the new rule and for using the N word while I was a mod and could see it:
"It is not a term "created" by black women. Big chop has been used by women all over the planet to mean chopping off a large amount of hair. Anyone, ANYONE telling another person they can't use 'natural hair' nor 'big chop' is an absolute moron. I do not care what anyone's race is but stating those words are "culturally sensitive" is a crock. Calling a Negro the "n" word is wrong, calling a Caucasian the "c" word is wrong and so forth and so on with the other three human races but saying you had a big chop cause you cut off 12 inches of hair is not wrong no matter your race."Hair journey" is one of the more dumb terms I've heard. To journey one must move from one place to another. Not flat ironing your hair is not a journey. Letting your hair stay curly is not a journey. Doing anything to your hair is not a journey."
The removeddit is here. Great removed quotes there like:
“This is fucking pathetic. People say whatever you want.”

“Being a frequent visitor of this sub for curly hair tips and tricks, as well as a “WOC”, I find this post discouraging. I think that as a society, we should appreciate and celebrate all cultures. That includes using phrases that are derived from their culture! I see it as a form of welcoming and acceptance. “Cultural appropriation” has gone too far in my opinion. In generations to follow, we’re all going to start looking like each other, especially in the melting pot of America. We should celebrate being one culture of humans with curly hair! Keeping some words aside to only be spoken be black women/men is just maintaining the divide. Don’t we want to live as one?”

“That’s fair, I’m new, but as a Hispanic it does fee like just another curl community telling their non-black members that they’re just unwanted visitors who need to be careful how they speak”
The whole discussion seemed weird since they were asking for feedback this whole time but would shut down anyone who disagreed. They spent a lot of time making rebuttals to people and asking one of the new mods for input for each comment. They claimed their implementation was open to change but everyone who said just remove the part about needing to be black was told no. When I talked about discrimination in latinx communities, the mods said they couldn't fix it and would not give the same shout out they gave black people to latinx, instead pushing that latinx has anti-blackness as well.
This has already led to some cringe. Like an OP telling the mods they are African and light-skinned when the mods corrected OP about using big chop.
And someone told a different OP after the mods corrected OP:
“As a black woman, most of us have no problem with you using that term”
Censorship is pretty bad in curlyhair, your comment can be removed for telling the mods they are full of it or really just for disagreeing tbh.
More stuff about the ongoing curly gatekeeping here:
“Friendly reminder that being a curly impostor isn't a thing and curly gatekeeping isn't productive. This post is brought to you by those gatekeepy tik toks”
And the removedit is here.
So why am I not a mod anymore? At the risk of posting drama I'm involved with, I'll try to keep it short and neutral. I decided to finally voice my concerns, that this was getting a bit racist and that we shouldn't moderate race. At first, they didn't seem to understand why I was against it even though I could use the terms as someone with black ancestry. They then told me that racism was about power and that you can't be racist towards white people. When they asked me to define racism, I showed them the dictionary definition of racism, to which I was told, “You know how many racists show me that everyday?” And then one of the main two mods told me to talk only to her since it was too painful to two of the new mods to hear from me (one of them is inactive, I had forgotten they were a mod). After reciting a bunch of pre-made responses, she repeatedly asked me “why is racism so bad?” and shot down every reason I gave as wrong even when I started linking articles about racism. She said this is no different than not allowing people with straight hair to post on curlyhair although my stance was as long as it is on topic it should be fine. When I asked about the black people who said they wanted this, the only direct feedback I was given was from one of the new mod's discord. I didn't actually see any PMs from black people wanting this. And when I said not all black people want this, I was told that I was cherry-picking. In the end I was called a sea lion and removed from the mod team suddenly and unexpectedly.
TL;DR curlyhair argued about wavy vs curly hair again so the mods made it a rule you have to be a certain race to use certain terms
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2020.03.30 13:38 MarcoTalin NJPW Marathon/Retrospective - Wrestle Kingdom V

NJPW Marathon/Retrospective - Wrestle Kingdom V
Previous Post: None. This is the first one :O
Next Post: CMLL FantasticaMania and New Japan ISM+The New Beginning 2011

Hello NJPW subreddit. How's everyone doing? Safe and healthy, I hope.
I've finally gotten around to doing something I've wanted to do for a long time, and that's to go through the "modern history" of NJPW, and I've chose Wrestle Kingdom V as my starting point.
I'll be going through as many events as I can chronologically, and I'll be sharing my thoughts here on this subreddit. I'll also be providing NJPW World links here whenever I can so that you can watch the shows as well. Note that not every match from every show is on NJPW World, so if a show/match isn't on the website, but I have, ahem, alternative access to it, I'll talk about as well. My collection doesn't get too complete until 2015 or so, though.
I invite everyone to comment along on what you think about the show as well. I'd love to hear from both people who have been fans of NJPW for a long time, and from people who may also be unfamiliar with this time before the last few years.
So strap yourselves in. This is a 4.5 hour show and we're covering all of it
EDIT: I went back and spoiler tagged all the finishes and results. I know this is a 9-year old show, but if people are gonna be going into this fresh and watch along, I may as well help out by not making it easy to see every result.

Wrestle Kingdom V - The start of NJPW's 2011
There were a few starting points I could have chosen. I could have skipped 2011 altogether and start from Wrestle Kingdom VI, where Okada would make his official return to NJPW from excursion and debut the Rainmaker, but 2011 has some moments that I wanted to go through, as it was a pretty eventful year for the company.
2011 was an interesting year for New Japan. It was the last year where NJPW featured TNA talent, and thus was the end of their relationship, the year the Intercontinental Championship was first created, and the year Minoru Suzuki returned to NJPW full-time and started Suzuki-gun by overthrowing Kojima from his own faction.
It was also the year of two epic title reigns. First was the IWGP Tag Team Championship reign of Bad Intentions (Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson), who won the titles at the previous year's Dominion and would go on to hold the titles for the entire year (spoilers for their match at this show).
The other reign was Hiroshi Tanahashi's historic IWGP Heavyweight Championship reign, lasting 404 days (the second longest at that point) and making 11 successful defenses, breaking Nagata's record of 10 defenses.
And thus, we kick of the year with NJPW's biggest show: Wrestle Kingdom

Dark Match 1:

8-Person Tag Match
Wataru Inoue, Tama Tonga, Tiger Mask, Tomoaki Honma vs Yujiro Takahashi, Tomohiro Ishii, Gedo, Jado [Chaos]
So let's begin with the dark ma- oh. Oh wow, Tama Tonga. Afro, leopard print trunks, and barefoot. Not gonna cramp on his style. I'm just gonna say that this is a very different Tama Tonga from who we know now. This is the kind of stuff I look forward to in these sorts of retrospectives (shout-outs to crew cut Ishii), and this isn't gonna be the last future-Bullet Club member we'll see on this show. I mean, Yujiro's even on the other side of this match.
Anyway, this match is your hodge-podge of wrestlers vs the CHAOS undercard. This is only a year or so into CHAOS's lifespan, and they are still very much heels (Ishii tries to take Tiger Mask's mask of after the match is done). It's your standard undercard multi-person tag. CHAOS works over the babyfaces for a while, Tiger Mask and Wataru Inoue get hot tags, everyone gets a moment to shine.
Result: Wataru Inoue pins Gedo with the Spear of Justice
I don't think Wataru Inoue does anything too significant from here on. 2010 seems to be the last year when he got any major achievements, winning the IWGP Tag Titles and the G1 Tag League with Yuji Nagata as Seigigun. A bit of a shame he didn't do much before his forced retirement.
Also, I'm not gonna rate these dark matches. There's some stuff to talk about, though, so I'll just touch on them.

Dark Match 2:

Tag Match
Koji Kanemoto & Ryusuke Taguchi vs Kenny Omega & Taichi Ishikari
Wow, we have young Kenny Omega, Taichi (clad in all white, but already has the tearaway pants gimmick), and Ryusuke Taguchi. Also, Koji Kanemoto is here. He'd leave NJPW later in the year.
There is a bit of a story going into this match. Kenny Omega is a IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, along with Kota Ibushi, having won the belts off of Apollo 55, Ryusuke Taguchi and Prince Devitt. Kota Ibushi isn't tagging with Kenny in this match because he's challenging Devitt for his IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship later in the show.
This is a standard Jr. Tag match. Fast paced, quick tags, dives to the outside, etc.
Result: Ryusuke Taguchi pins Taichi Ishikari with a Rana pin
This also might be a good time to note the Young Lions at ringside. I can recognize three (well, I recognized two, and the other I could figure out who it was from pictures), who are still current NJPW wrestlers. King Fale (aka Bad Luck Fale), Hiromu Takahashi, and Kyosuke Mikami (aka El Desperado) can all be seen as Young Lions throughout this show. There's another prominent young lion there, but I can't figure out who its is. If you know who he is, let me know.

Main Matches:


Match 1 [Not on NJPW World]:

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match, IWGP Tag Team Championship
Bad Intentions (Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson) (c) vs Beer Money Inc (James Storm & Robert Roode), [TNA] vs Muscle Orchestra (Manabu Nakanishi & Strong Man)
And we start the main card with ... a match that's not on NJPW World. Hmmm.
Yeah, none of the matches from this show that feature TNA wrestlers are on the app, which is a bit of a shame. Ah well. This is a big man tag match. A lot of big men, and a lot of foreigners. Bad Intentions are in the middle of their year-and-a-half reign as tag champions, and the main feud here is between them and Beer Money Inc., who pinned Bad Intentions in a non-tournament match during the G1 Tag League. Muscle Orchestra are here too ... for some reason. I think it's because they were the Tokyo Sport's tag team of the year for 2010? I dunno. More big men.
That being said, I enjoyed this match. Lots of big men doing big moves. Even the lazily named Strong Man had some good spots. The pace was fast and consistent. A heavyweight version of the Jr Tag Matches that would open later Wrestle Kingdoms.
Result: Karl Anderson pins Robert Roode with the Gun Stun - Champions Retain
After the match is done, Giant Bernard yells "Shin Nihon Ichiban!" ("New Japan is number 1!") at Beer Money Inc.
Rating: 6/10
Like I said, an enjoyable multi-big man match.

Match 2:

Tag Match, "Road to FantasticaMania"
Jushin Thunder Liger & Hector Garza [CMLL] vs La Sombra & Mascara Dorada [CMLL]
This is really mainly a CMLL exhibition match, showing off CMLL's stars, because 2011 is also the year of the first Fantastica Mania event, which would take place 3 weeks after Wrestle Kingdom.
There are a lot of WWE connections in this match. Both La Sombra (aka Andrade "Cien" Almas) and Mascara Dorada (aka Gran Metalik) currently work for WWE, and Hector Garza's son (Humberto Carillo) and nephew (Angel Garza) both work for WWE as well.
Both La Sombra and Mascara Dorada worked with NJPW the year before, teaming together in the Super Jr Tag League. La Sombra also participated in that year's BOSJ. Conversely, this was Hector Garza's first appearance with NJPW, though he wouldn't work many more dates with New Japan. He would be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012, causing his death in 2013.
The match itself was, as I said, pretty much an exhibition match for the men involved. Lots of flips, lots of dives, lots of flippy dives, etc. Also, I think it was lucha libre tag rules, so legal men were switching on the fly.
Result: La Sombra pins Jushin Thunder Liger with a corkscrew crossbody
Rating: 5/10
Fun match. Fun high spots. Not the smoothest match, but it was fine.

Match 3:

Deep Sleep to Lose Match (you can only win by choking out your opponent)
Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Takashi Iizuka [Chaos]
The first singles match on the card is a gimmick match between Takashi Iizuka and Hiroyoshi Tenzan.
Tenzan had his first proper NJPW match after coming back from a knee injury in Dec 2010, and he was attacked after the match by Iizuka, who choked him out with a sleeper hold. Iizuka would continue to attack Tenzan with sleeper holds in the following weeks, thus the stipulation for the grudge match was set as a match where you could only win by choking your opponent out.
Tenzan and Iizuka are long time rivals. They used to be a team until Iizuka turned on Tenzan to join GBH, the stable Tenzan used to lead that that had already previously kicked Tenzan out. This was a re-kindling of that feud.
Iizuka let his crazy side out in this match. He attacked one of the commentators before the match, and he started the match with Tenzan by brawling in the crowd. Unfortunately, the rest of the match as a bit of a boring brawl. From what I understand, both Iizuka and Tenzan are pretty banged up in this point of their careers, so they can't go too hard. It's a shame, but the match is still boring.
The finish comes when Iizuka knocks Tenzan into the referee as Tenzan is escaping from his sleeper hold. Iizuka then stomps on Tenzan's balls and goes for his iron finger. Then, Wataru Inoue comes out of nowhere to prevent Iizuka from using the iron finger. Then, after a few Mongolian chops, a spinning heel kick, and a TTD (Tenzan Tombstone Driver), Tenzan locks in the Anaconda Vice, performs his Anaconda Buster, and then locks in a modified Anaconda Vice to choke out Iizuka
Result: Hiroyoshi Tenzan submits Takashi Iizuka with a modified Anaconda Vice
Young Lions come in to break up the hold when Tenzan keeps it held after the match is done
Rating: 4/10
Like I said, a decent match. A bit boring, but inoffensive.

Match 4 [Not on NJPW World]:

Hardcore Match, "NJPW-TNA Greatest Showcase"
RVD [TNA] vs Toru Yano [Chaos]
Another match featuring TNA talent, this is the first of two singles matches on this show to do so. This is where things started picking up for me again. I like RVD, and I love Yano. I don't mind if it's not a technical masterpiece.
I had always wondered where Yano's YTR chant came from. I guess it originated from this match? That's crazy.
Yano starts the match by offering sake to RVD, and then misting it in his face when he refuses. Classic.
It's a hardcore match by two guys who know how to do a hardcore match. Nothing revolutionary, but it's still good. They bring out chairs, garbage cans, a Japanese umbrella, a road sign, and ... a ladder that does not look safe to climb for a wrestling match. Thankfully, it never gets climbed. It just gets used for some strikes and a Rolling Thunder spot.
Result: RVD pins Toru Yano with the 5-Star Frog Splash while a chair is on top of Yano
Rating: 7/10
A solid hardcore match. No story, no technique. Just two guys hitting each other with garbage. I love both guys, especially Yano, so I had fun.

Match 5:

Singles Match, "No Justice, No Life"
Yuji Nagata [Seigigun] vs Minoru Suzuki
This is Minoru Suzuki's return to NJPW after five years with AJPW (similar to Kojima), though still technically as a freelancer at this point. He would come back to attack long-time rival Yuji Nagata in what would be the 2nd of their 3 Wrestle Kingdom encounters.
Just as an aside, watching the unofficial version of this match, I realized this is the first time I've seen a Yuji Nagata solo entrance (which isn't on the NJPW World version). His theme uses the Pirates of the Carribean theme? How'd they manage that?
Anyway, it's the kind of match you can expect from two guys like Yuji Nagata and Minoru Suzuki. Stiff strikes, limb work, high suplexes, the works. As good as you can get.
Well, almost. The match felt a bit directionless. Like, Nagata works the arm for half the match, locks in the Shirome for a minute and a half, and then just lets go? I guess he felt that Suzuki wouldn't be put away with a submission hold? I dunno. Something was off. I can't quite put my finger on what.
In the end, Nagata hit 3 backdrop suplexes, the last of which he hold with a bridge to pin.
Result: Yuji Nagata pins Minoru Suzuki with the Backdrop Hold
Rating: 6/10
It was a good match, but not great. I'm torn on this rating between giving it a 6 or a 7. I don't wanna do half points, so I'll score on the low side because I feel like it could've been better. I know later Minoru Suzuki matches are better. Maybe it's 'cause he's still freelancing? I dunno.

Match 6:

Singles Match, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
Prince Devitt (c) vs Kota Ibushi [DDT]
This is one of the famous matches from this show, and for good reason.
As I mentioned earlier, Golden Lovers recently won the Jr Tag Titles from Apollo 55, and in that match, Ibushi pinned Devitt to win the title. Thus, this match was made for Devitt's Jr. Heavyweight Title.
My first impression of this match is how much smaller Ibushi is. Jesus, just look at him. Like he's still got the same general look, but compared to how he looks now, he's so much skinnier here. Devitt, on the other hand, has barely aged a day. Sure he's got the beard now and more muscle definition, but apart from that, he looks the same.
It's also important to note that Ibushi and Omega are both officially still with DDT. With that, a bunch of DDT guys are in Ibushi's corner (not sure when they got there). Conversely, Taguchi is in Devitt's corner.
Now, this match though. Jesus Christ, this match. It starts off like your usual Jr. match. Feeling out process, quick strike exchanges, some dives to the outside. However, after Ibushi's Golden Triangle Moonsault, and especially after his strike combination into a goddamn standing corkscrew moonsault, the match just goes into hyperdrive. Spot after spot, move after move for the last 5 or so minutes of the match. It goes at breakneck speed, and it's so exciting to watch.
Now, if you like technical, psychological wrestling, you're probably gonna hate this match, but if you just want to enjoy a bunch of high spots, boy is this the match for you.
Result: Prince Devitt pins Kota Ibushi with a top-rope Bloody Sunday - Champion Retains
Rating: 8/10
I almost gave this match a 9, but one thing held me back. It wasn't that it was mostly a spot fest. That isn't a deal breaker for me. However, the it was mostly a Kota Ibushi exhibition, which is fine, but I would've enjoyed the match more had it been more even towards the end. Devitt's Pele kick is still smooth AF, and that top rope Bloody Sunday is brilliant, but I would've liked to see a bit more from him, especially given he won the match.
After this match, they announce NJPW's first ever US tour. We'll touch on that when we get there.

Match 7:

Tag Match, "NJPW vs Noah Battle Combustion I"
Hirooki Goto & Kazuchika Okada vs Takashi Sugiura & Yoshihiro Takayama [Noah]
From that sprint of a match, we transition to a fun tag match with some neat aspects to it.
As the title says, this is one of two NJPW vs Noah matches on this show, and it also features the one-night return of one Kazuchika Okada (with beard), who is still out on excursion at this point (I think he switched wardrobes with Goto at some point down the line). However, he has made this return to help fight off Noah.
The main feud in this match, though, is between Goto and Sugiura. Goto has been Sugiura's regular opponent whenever he visits NJPW, and although the two have traded victories in tag matches, Goto has yet to beat Sugiura in a singles match in NJPW (including at the previous year's Wrestle Kingdom). It's also worth noting that Sugiura is the GHC Heavyweight champion at this point.
The match starts hot with Okada dropkicking Takayama to start the match. However, ehen Goto tags in, he tosses Takayama back into the Noah corner, asking for Sugiura to come in, and they have a wicked strike exchange, ending in a headbutt from Goto.
As far as the match is concerned, it was alright. It felt like a high profile version of those "Young Lion tags with veteran" matches you see starting shows. Even Takayama performed his role well.
Result: Yoshihiro Takayama pins Kazuchika Okada with the Everest German Suplex
Rating: 6/10
Solid match. Very textbook, but the Goto-Sugiura exchanges are fun. I know that there's a Goto-Sugiura WK match coming. That seems like it'll be more interesting.

Match 8 [Not on NJPW World]:

Singles Match, TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) [TNA] vs Tetsuya Naito [Chaos]
The last match on the card to feature TNA talent, and, to my knowledge, the last NJPW match to feature active TNA wrestlers, and wow, what a way to end this partnership.
We have Jeff Hardy, reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This is 3 months after Immortal's debut, and also 2 months before the Victory Road incident. Make of that what you will.
We also have Tetsuya Naito, the Stardust Genius, and one half of former tag team champions No Limit.
Considering the talent in this match (Jeff Hardy problems notwithstanding), this match should've been way better. Instead, it's a match that goes half the speed of the match these two could have if both men were at their peak. It's slow, there're some missed spots, and it feels like it never gets properly going. It's just really disappointing.
Result: Jeff Hardy pins Tetsuya Naito with the Swanton Bomb - Champion Retains
Rating: 2/10
Just a slow, disappointing affair. I would be surprised, but considering Jeff at this time, I really shouldn't. A sad, but admittedly appropriate, last match for the partnership between TNA and NJPW.

Match 9:

Singles Match, "NJPW vs Noah Battle Combustion II"
Shinsuke Nakamura [Chaos] vs Go Shiozaki [Noah]
From a sad match from a failed partnership, to a good match from a ... well, the Noah partnership is fine for now. We have the second NJPW vs Noah match of the show.
Similar to Sugiura and Goto, Nakamura and Shiozaki have quite the history going into this match. It really started at the previous year's G1, where the two men wrestled to a time-limit draw, preventing Nakamura from advancing to the finals. Then, at Noah's anniversary show, Shiozaki pinned Nakamura. Thus Nakamura has yet to beat Shiozaki in a singles match, but now we're in Nakamura's home territory.
This was a heavy strike match, with Nakamura's kicks against Shiozaki's chops. Shiozaki also worked Nakamura's knee, literally chopping Nakamura down by the knee and going for submissions, although that seemed to stop partway through the match.
It looks like Shiozaki's gonna win when he hits the Go Flasher, which is what put Nakamura away at the anniversary show, but Nakamura kicks out. After an exchange, Nakamura hits the Bomaye all of a sudden and picks up the win.
Result: Shinsuke Nakamura pins Go Shiozaki with the Bomaye
Rating: 7/10
Good match. Good pace. It never quite got amazing for me. I dunno what it is.

Match 10:

Singles Match, "Absolute Exhaust"
Togi Makabe [GBH] vs Masato Tanaka [Zero1/Chaos]
Then, in what I was surprised to see was the semi-main event, we get a faux hardcore match between hardcore legend Masato Tanaka and New Japan's resident gorilla Togi Makabe.
This all started when Tanaka injured Makabe during the G1 Tag League by giving him a brainbuster through a table, putting him out of action for a few weeks. Makabe would then come back and give Tanaka a power bomb through a table. With that, the revenge match was set.
Again, I was surprised this was the semi-main event. Nakamura vs Shiozaki seemed like a better fit for a semi-main event, and this match felt like it belonged more around the Hardy-Naito match. The only reason I can think of is because Makabe was the previous Heavyweight Champion and he was quite popular, but I don't think that's enough.
Well, whatever. This was a regular singles match with hardcore spots. In case you didn't know, in New Japan, anything is legal outside the ring. We had Tanaka choking Makabe with a chain. We had Makabe giving Tanaka a wicked chair shot to the head. We had Tanaka giving Makabe another brainbuster onto a table that Makabe set up on the ramp. Finally, we had Makabe performing a powerbomb on Tanaka from the apron onto a table on the floor. They may as well have made this a no DQ match.
Result: Togi Makabe pins Masato Tanaka with the King Kong Knee Drop
Rating: 6/10
A very enjoyable brawl. Not quite worthy of semi-main event, imo, but fun nonetheless.

Match 11 (Main Event):

Now available with English commentary!
Singles Match, IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Satoshi Kojima (c) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi
And now, your main event of the show.
Kojima has been on a roll since making his return to New Japan. After working with All Japan for the previous 9 years, he makes a triumphant return to New Japan to not only participate in the G1 Climax, but to win the whole thing by beating Tanahashi in the finals. He then beats Makabe to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and beats both Nakamura and Goto in consecutive defenses, all while still working as a freelancer. Tanahashi, though has come to challenge Kojima for New Japan, wanting to bring the belt back home.
Looking at all these matches, I noticed there's kind of a theme in this show of New Japan wrestlers facing outsiders, whether that means TNA, Noah, Zero1, or just freelancers, and that is the central storyline of this match. Kojima is the outsider champion holding the IWGP Heavyweight Championship hostage, and Tanahashi is representing NJPW, fighting off the outsider to bring honor back to New Japan.
And what a main event it was. A good build, great action, great back and forth, and exciting drama towards the end leading to the finish. Kojima played the big man while Tanahashi was the wily underdog weakening Kojima's lariat arm with dropkicks and arm-dragon screws. It works out better for him than it did when Shiozaki worked Nakamura's knees, because it helps Tanahashi kick out of both Kojima's standing clothesline and his Lariat. Some great counters from Tanahashi, including reversing a Koji Cutter into an elbow drop and reversing Kojima's Lariats into Dragon Suplexes. The match ends with Tanahashi's High Fly Flow crossbody + splash combo.
Result: Hiroshi Tanahashi pins Satoshi Kojima with a High Fly Flow - New Champion!!!
Rating: 8/10 9/10
Good main event that really picked up towards the end. Very competitive match with fun spots and counters.
I was torn on whether or not to give this an 8 or a 9. On my first watch, I was barely giving it an 8, but upon re-watching it to write the review, I ended up enjoying it more. I'll stick to my gut and stay at 8.
EDIT: After considering it more and watching some more NJPW, I've decided to upgrade this match to a 9/10. It honestly deserves it.
Overall: 6/10
Overall, it was a decent show. The Heavyweight and Jr. Heavyweight Championship matches were the best on the show, definitely worth watching. Nakamura-Shiozaki was good as well. Most of the other matches were fine, with a couple of disappointments (Particularly Naito-Hardy).Decent isn't what you really want for your biggest show of the year, but New Japan is making it's way back up, and I'm excited to see the Ace's reign as champion.
And that ends my review of Wrestle Kingdom V. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and that you accompany me as I go through 9+ years of New Japan wrestling. This should be a fun ride while we don't have any new shows to watch right now.
My next post is gonna cover a few shows, since the next full-ish show on NJPW World is Wrestling Dontaku 2011, which is in May. That means the next one of these will cover the IWGP Jr Tag match between Apollo 55 and Golden Lovers during the Fantastica Mania event (sweet), a few matches from the New Beginning show, some New Japan Cup matches, and the IWGP Heavyweight Championship match between Hiroshi Tanahashi and the winner of the 2011 New Japan Cup at New Dimension (Spoilers: it's Yuji Nagata :O). Don't look it up if you want to be surprised.
If you have any suggestions, let me know. Also, feel free to share your thoughts as well. I wanna hear what other people think of the show. This is a very different time in New Japan. A lot has changed since then, and newer fans might have a different impression. Hearing what older fans think of it in retrospect would be interesting as well. If you have suggestions for me, let me know about those too.
Thanks for reading!

Previous Post: None. This is the first one :O
Next Post: CMLL FantasticaMania and New Japan ISM+The New Beginning 2011
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2020.03.21 23:46 StaffordisJesus Stop the Bob Quinn Slander: There is Not a Bad Move on His Resume: The Draft Review

It's clear a lot of people here want instant gratification, but the fact is that a roster simply can't be built up in 5 years, if you take a look at the moves Bob Quinn has made throughout his tenure his genius becomes clear, let's take a closer look.
First we'll start with the draft, Bob Quinn has made 34 picks over his 4 drafts, and we're going to look at them one by one.
1st round - 16th overall: Taylor Decker - T - Decker has 55 starts at left tackle over 4 seasons at a high level, one touchdown reception in four years may seem low for a first-round pick, but when it's this spectacular it has to count for at least two. Obviously a great value for #16 overall and a clear win for Bob Quinn.
2nd round - 46th overall - A'Shawn Robinson - DT - A'Shawn Robinson appeared in 58 games over 4 seasons while providing solid play, and agreed to a $8.5 million AAV deal with the Rams, obviously showing he is highly valued around the league. Another clear win for Bob Quinn.
3rd round - 95th overall - Graham Glasgow - OC/OG - Glasgow appeared in 62 games between center and guard for the Lions over the last 4 years at an incredibly high level at either position. Glasgow was so great that the Lions simply couldn't afford to match his $11 million AAV deal with the Broncos. A massive win for Bob "The Builder" Quinn.
4th round - 111th overall - Miles Killebrew - S/Special teams God - Mile "The Muscle Hammer" Killebrew has been a special teams extraordinaire for the last 4 years for the Lions, appearing in 63 games while accruing 93 tackles, including 13 special teams tackles in 2019, and 30 over the past 4 seasons which ranks 5th league wide. Despite obvious interest league wide Bob Quinn was able to extend Killebrew this off-season. Another big win for our brave leader Bob Quinn.
5th round - 151th overall - Joe Dahl - OG - When your name is prefaced with Good Job, you are clearly a highly talented player, this is of the case when talking about the most talented guard on the Detroit Lions roster Joe Dahl. Dahl has appeared in 35 games for the Lions including 13 high quality starts last season and was preemptively extended at a bargain rate by Bob "The Wet Bandit" Quinn. Another great win for our fearless leader Bob Quinn.
6th round - 191st overall - Jake Rudock - QB - Jake Rudock only appeared in 3 games for the Detroit Lions, but if you look at the reason he was selected by Bob Quinn you quickly realize what a valuable pick he was, Jake Rudock put immense pressure on our Lord and Savior Matthew Stafford for the starting quarterback job, this has lead to some of the most consistent play we have ever witnessed from Stafford, Rudock clearly can take a lot of credit for these performances. Due to this fact, it becomes clear that this was a massively underrated win for Bob Quinn.
6th round - 202nd overall - Anthony Zettel - DE - Anthony Zettel once tackled a tree and accrued 7.5 sacks over 29 games for the Lions. Obvious value for a 6th round pick, he was also friendly enough to lose contain on nearly every run play which padded the stats of his defensive backs, a team player and a quality player. This pick may not seem so great at first, but if you look at the success rate of 6th round picks league wide and the number of players league wide who can tackle trees, this again becomes a clear win for Bob "The Brain" Quinn.
6th round - 210th overall - Jimmy Landes - LS - As the great Bill Belichick always says, "If you can use a draft pick on a long snapper, you simply have to do it." When hearing this quote it quickly becomes obvious why Quinn selected Landes. Rumors placed Landes snap speed at above 70 MPH, the fastest ever recorded, he was unable to beat out one of the greatest long snappers of all-time in Don Muhlbach, but who has? This was a great pick but because of an embarrassment of riches at the long-snapper position the Lions were never able to benefit from this pick. Due to the quality of play of Don Muhlbach, this can be considered a win by "The Acute" Bob Quinn.
7th round - 236th overall - Dwayne Washington - RB (Running into the Back of lineman) - Dwayne Washington appeared in 17 games over two seasons for the Detroit Lions and was able to create many explosive plays resulting in a yards per carry average of 2.8. If you really think about it 2.8 yards per carry is quite good, this means if you gave Washington the ball 4 times in a row you would pick up 11.2 yards, meaning you would never have to punt. A highly efficient and athletic back such as Dwayne Washington is rarely available in the 7th round. Again we can look at a pick and say, Bobkitten Quinn with another clear win.
1st round - 21st overall - Jarrad Davis - LB - Jarrad Davis may be bad at football in the traditional sense of trying to win games, but remember back on draft day in 2017 that linebacker was a massive need for the Lions and you simply have to draft for need in the NFL draft, all winning teams do it. Jarrad Davis may take worse pursuit angles than the average quarterback after throwing a pick, but his value comes from leadership as much as it comes from being a loose missile on the football field. If you consider that this pick was made by Bob Quinn to really instill culture as much as anything it starts to really clear up the picture. While Davis play has at times been less than All-Pro level, he has still started 41 games in 3 years while racking up 259 tackles, 10 sacks, and countless blown coverage assignments, so it's hardly like Davis is an unproductive player. Between the production and leadership that Davis provides, this pick was another win for "The Brilliant" Bob Quinn.
2nd round - 53rd overall - Teez Tabor - CB - Tabor's 40 yard dash may have been timed with a sundial, but as we have heard time and time again, speed does not make a player, Josh Norman ran a 4.66 and had 1 1/2 good seasons in the NFL, obviously Tabor's speed should not have been a concern. This became obvious the second Tabor stepped on the field, over 22 games with the Lions, Tabor was highly productive, accruing over 40 tackles and coming incredibly close to a pass deflection. Tabor now resides on the San Francisco 49ers roster, showing that a championship caliber team values his talents. This type of bold move is what separates Brainy Bob Quinn from many general managers in this league, and can be marked down as another win in my book.
3rd round - 96th overall - Kenny Golladay - WR - Not much needs to be said for Smooth Kenny G, 163 catches, 2730 yards, in 42 career games. Along with a career 9.6 yards per target and leading the league with 11 touchdowns last season, this is one of the best young (okay he's not really that young but still) receivers in the league. These are the types of picks we have grown accustomed to out of Autodidactic Bob Quinn, we'll just call this another win for Quinn.
4th round - 124th overall - Jalen Reeves-Maybin - LB - A double surname is enough to call this a good pick in my book, but the cousin of three-time Detroit Tigers outfielder Cameron Maybin is much more than that. Maybin has appeared in 39 games for the Lions while compiling 80 tackles and becoming a core special teams player for the team. As a fourth round pick there are limited expectations and obviously filling a key role on the team is a steal at that point. This is another clear win for the Bobster Quinn.
4th round - 127th overall - Michael Roberts - TE - A big physical tight end with hands big enough to make Johnny Sins look small, this pick was a home run. Late in the fourth round of a draft, there is simply not going to be an All-Pro superstar tight end on the board, and even if there was, drafting that player would preclude the magnificent selection of TJ Hockenson in a future draft. Roberts filled a need of a big red zone target and oh boy did he produce, in one single game in the 2018 season against Miami he produced two touchdowns. Of course his career went a bit off the rails after failing a few physicals but you can never predict injuries. Considering how deep in the draft he was selected, I would consider getting three touchdowns out of this pick a win for Jim Bob Quinn.
5th round - 165th overall - Jamal Agnew - CB/KR - Jamal "Swagnew" Agnew already has an All-Pro and 4 return touchdowns on his resume in only 32 games. He may have no ability to play the cornerback position he was drafted at but boy is he exciting. One of the last true return men in the game, it really shows the depth of Bob Quinn's knowledge to find Agnew considering he was only the second player ever drafted out of The University of San Diego along with arguably the XFL's MVP Josh Johnson. An elite player at any position is a win in the fifth round, but this is no surprise for The Remarkable Robert Quinn (Not that one).
6th round - 205th overall - Jeremiah Ledbetter - DE - I honestly forgot this guy existed, Ledbetter was able to pile up 14 tackles and 1/2 sack in his 16 games in Detroit, these numbers may not seem too flashy, but when you realize only 67 players in the 2017 draft have more sacks than Ledbetter you may sing a different tune. Not a bad pick at all, and likely would have been the second best pass rusher on the 2019 Detroit Lions, because of this I will give our friend Bob Quinn a soft win for this pick.
6th round - 215th overall - Brad Kaaya - QB - Once projected as the #1 overall pick, no seriously, it was a miracle Kaaya was available at this point in the draft. Kaaya never entered a game for the Lions or any other NFL team, but simply valuing a player based on their contributions on the field seems a bit ridiculous. At 6'4 Kaaya was inevitably going to be drafted by John Elway if Bob Quinn didn't intervene, along with this, Kaaya pushed Rudock, who in turn only pushed Our Lord and Savior Matthew Stafford even harder. As much as Stafford or Rudock are given credit for Stafford's success; Kaaya is the true unsung hero and one of the most valuable players to come through the organization in recent years. This pick can be marked down as another win for The Bright Bob Quinn.
7th round - 250th overall - Pat O'Connor - DE - Aside from his classic match with Dick Murdoch, O'Connor is known for being a hometown boy from Eastern Michigan University. This move was not underappreciated by fans, the addition of O'Connor directly led to a 27,000 increase in fan attendance from the 2016 season to the 2017 season. This only goes to show the massive impact on the fan-base that the addition of Pat O'Connor had. These type of underrated moves are what people forget when talking about Bob "Foreskin" Quinn.
1st round - 20th overall - Frank Ragnow - OC/OG - The first pick under noted rocket scientist Matt Patricia was a good one, Frank Ragnowrok combined elite athleticism with high level play in the SEC. This pick was a home run, Ragnow has started 31 games including every single offensive snap during his rookie season for the Lions while putting together impressive numbers like one fumble recovery and one tackle. Not much needs to be said for this pick, it was a clear win for Reverent Robert Quinn.
2nd round - 43rd overall - Kerryon Johnson - RB - With an injury report looking like a grocery list, the biggest question about Kerryon Johnson isn't his talent or if he'll get injured, but rather when. Kerryon is highly explosive, and I'm not just talking about his knee ligaments, in the 18 games he's been on the field for, Kerryon has piled up nearly 1400 total yards at a healthy 5.1 yards per touch. Considering the obvious value of running backs in the NFL this was certainly a great pick, now we just wait to see if he will ever play close to a full season. Still a great pick and a clear win from Businesslike Bobby Quinn.
3rd round - 82nd overall - Tracy Walker - S - Walker has been a highly productive player for the Lions, appearing in 29 games over 2 seasons, including 103 tackles in only 13 games last season. Some might question, why is your free safety averaging 8 tackles per game? The obvious answer is complete incompetence along the defensive line and linebacking corps, but this was simply not the case. Walker is a true rangy game changing safety, a true modern day Ed Reed who is average in coverage. Walker is not a perfect player, but to pick up a relatively athletic safety with Go Go Gadget arms and play-making ability is not easy in the third round, a big win for Bespectacled Bob Quinn.
4th round - 114th overall - Da'Shawn Hand - DE/DT - True story, I once hated this man because he didn't choose to enter indentured servitude at the University of Michigan. The #1 overall recruit from 2014 struggled to produce among the flood of five-stars at The University of Alabama but became an instant contributor for the Detroit Lions. Hand has appeared in 16 games over 2 seasons, including 10 starts, in total he has 3 sacks and 33 tackles, decent production, but there is obviously more to come from an athlete like The Hand. Another in a long list of wins from Bob "Slob on my Knob" Quinn.
5th round - 153rd overall - Tyrell Crosby - OT - The second cousin of NHL legend Sidney Crosby (probably not, but prove me wrong), it is no surprise that Crosby is fairly fleet of foot for an offensive lineman. Crosby has appeared in 26 games including 7 starts while being the Lions reliable swing tackle and backup at essentially any offensive line position in a pinch. This pick may not be the flashiest, but Crosby adds the type of depth that every team needs. This type of selection shows that Bobert Quinn is always thinking ahead and this is why he will always win.
7th round - 237th overall - Nick Bawden - FB - Nick Bawden was an excellent selection, simply for the fact that he plays fullback and his neck is comparable to that of Tigers great Andy Dirks/ My love of fullbacks goes back many years to seeing Cory Schlesinger attempt to paralyze grown men for the love of the game. Many people say the game is getting too safe, and while that may be a positive, I think we can all appreciate a throwback fullback trying to break some face-masks. Bawden was set back in year one from a torn ACL, but in year two he stepped up big time, appearing in 10 games, catching 4 passes, and helping spearhead the dominant 21st ranked rushing attack, the best run game Detroit has seen since 2013. He may have skipped the bench press which is a bit questionable for a meathead, but still, this pick is a another win by Bobbo Quinn.
1st round - 8th overall - T.J. Hockenson - TE - Many will say, "You shouldn't take a tight end 8th overall, you could have taken a high level pass-rusher like Brian Burns or Ed Oliver." But this is what you say to those people. Hockenson serves up pancakes like a short order cook, and showed elite receiving skills in one game last season. If you don't believe in the star potential of an athlete like this then you don't deserve him when he's doing this. You may point to a lack of production overall during the season but 32 catches for 367 yards in only 12 games while battling injuries is nothing to scoff at. Thomas Joanna Hockenson combines star potential with elite work ethic, and the type of value that you simply don't find at 8th overall. This pick added talent and toughness to the roster, another serious win for The Studious Bob Quinn.
2nd round - 43rd overall - Jahlani Tavai - LB - Tavai was considered a reach by some, but in his rookie season he answered the call of duty and became a siege for a defense, showing it was clearly his destiny to reach the apex of the sport, and bring doom upon offensive players. I'm sorry, that was even painful for me to write. Tavai is not particularly athletic but became a reliable cog in the run defense as Jarrad Davis made sure to over-pursue and keep lanes clear for Tavai. Tavai collected 58 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 interception in his rookie season while battling injuries, showing just how much room he has to grow. This pick while disliked at first, clearly made a huge impact on the team, and can be checked off as another win for Bob "On the Job" Quinn.
3rd round - 81st overall - Will Harris - S - Will Harris is a special athlete who had a fairly productive rookie season. Harris was so good that he forced the Lions to move former Pro Bowl alternate Quandre Diggs to open up a spot for him to play. Despite only having the opportunity to start in 6 games, Harris was still able to pile up 43 tackles, 1 sack, and 4 pass deflections, quite beefy numbers for a man who spent most of the season as a backup. He may have allowed a 125.7 passer rating when targeted, but every rookie faces a learning curve and he will only improve from here. It is a bit early to say but this again looks like a win for Bob "Not hung like a pin" Quinn.
4th round - 117th overall - Austin Bryant - EDGE - Austin Bryant is a proven winner, a two-time national champion at Clemson including being arguably the best player on the 2016 team outside of Deshaun Watson and all the other starters. Being Bryant was hurt and unable to test and the combine and was barely able to play his rookie season it only seems fair to judge him on his college record. Knowing this it is fair to say that Austin Bryant could become one of the greatest players ever being that he wins a championship 50% of the time. This type of winning culture is just what the Detroit Lions need, and because of this, the pick could easily be considered a win for Bobtricia Quinn.
5th round - 146th overall - Amani Oruwariye - CB - Many considered Amani Oreo's to be one of the biggest steals of the draft and he did nothing but confirm those beliefs in his rookie season. Despite being stuck behind transcendent talents such as Rashaan Melvin, Oreo's was able to work his way into the lineup by the end of the season, starting 2 games and appearing in 9 while accruing 19 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 3 pass deflections. Oruwariye is surprisingly agile for a corner his size and that is a big reason that he will not end up as another Stanley Jean-Baptiste. After a great first season, it looks like Oreo's could step in as a long-term starter at the cornerback position for the Lions, making this yet another win for Bob "Gonna Rob the Fins" Quinn.
6th round - 184th overall - Travis Fulgham - WR - Travis Fulgham is a classic Lions receiver, a big jump ball specialist who lacks the ability to get separation. I think it is fair for us to assume he was drafted because he is so similar to Golladay and Marvin Jones and was meant to provide another target in training camp to help out the quarterbacks development. Because Fulgham was clearly never drafted to produce it seems fair to see he did just as much as was expected out of him. Fulgham is much more athletic than I thought, especially considering I didn't realize he was still on the team. Overall I think it's clear that Fulgham was able to push Golladay and Marvin Jones to new heights in their play, and because of this we can consider the pick a small win for Bob "Sippin' Gin" Quinn.
6th round - 186th overall - Ty Johnson - RB - Ty Johnson is fast, how fast? Who knows, he didn't get to run at the combine and pro day times are bullshit, I've seen him listed from anywhere between 4.26 & 4.40. Overall his athletic profile is pretty great, although again it comes from a pro day. Johnson averaged 7.6 yards per carry along with 2 kick return touchdowns in college, and averaged a solid 4.3 yards per carry in his rookie year. I don't know, he seems alright, he has a sweet Jheri curl afro thing, give the guy a chance. Overall it's a bit early to say, but this pick could be a big win by Bob "Not a Blob" Quinn.
7th round - 224th overall - Isaac Nauta - TE - If there is ever a skill position player with the athletic profile of a traffic cone you must select them; those are the rules, if for no other reason than that it's funny when they try to catch the ball. Isaac is probably Nauta very good tight end (get it?), but at some point this man who is about as athletic as your average kicker was the top high school prospect at his position. So let's give him a chance, he's probably a very good friend to TJ Hockenson and I've heard he carries veterans pads efficiently. At the end of the day, team chemistry is very important and because of this it must go down as another win for Bob "All I Do is Win" Quinn.
7th round - 229th overall - P.J. Johnson - DT - Did we draft this guy because he looks like Snacks in his jersey/ He's significantly less athletic than Isaac Nauta, what the hell Bob. This is a rare L for Bob Quinn.
Overall we see 33 wins and 1 loss, so it becomes clear that Bob Quinn knows what he's doing when it comes to the draft, give the man time, he's building us a long-term reliable winning roster. Please tell me you aren't still reading this.
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2020.01.17 12:12 IMissHarambe878 The Pokemon/NRL Player Partner Pokemon Crossover - Raiders, Bulldogs, Sharks

Hi guys I've been busy with work and I know everyone is craving their Pokemon fix, so here is 3 teams worth of memes Pokemon knowledge.

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad = Galarian Corsola – Was nothing before moving clubs (in Corsola’s case, region), moved to a new club was a boom star and is great now.
Nick Cotric = Incineroar – Both have ripped bodies and are great in attack.
Jarrod Croker = Marowak – Always wears something on its head.
Jack Wighton = Machoke – Both know how to throw hands and fight.
Josh Papalii = Golem – He’s as tall as he is wide, and has stumps for arms and legs.
Josh Hodgson = Thievul – How do you think Hodgson learnt how to strip the ball off of opposition players so well?
John Bateman = Obstagoon – From another region (country) and was great in attack and solid in defence.
Sia Soliola = Bouffalant – Of course his pokemon has a full head of hair, and runs hard just like him.
Elliott Whitehead = Sirfetch’d – Another pokemon from the Galar (English) region, who is consistent in attack and defence.
Joseph Leilua = Primeape – Has a few good moments then disappears just like in the anime and is a hot head just like Leilua.

Dallin Watene-Zelezniak = Kingdra – To get a Kingdra, it evolves from its previous form when traded, just like DWZ from Panthers to Bulldogs.
Will Hopoate = Togetic – Hopoate is obviously religious, so let’s give him an angel pokemon.
Jayden Okunbor = Zebstrika – Fast pokemon just like its owner, zebras have an African connection and both have wild hair.
Kieran Foran = Chansey – The healing pokemon, I think he needs it.
Lachlan Lewis = Alohan Dugtrio – Decendant from an old pokemon/player that was incredible but is not as good as them.
Dylan Napa = Heracross – I’m just going to leave this pokemon description here; “This powerful POKéMON thrusts its prized horn under its enemies’ bellies then lifts and throws them.”
Corey Harawira-Naera = Woobat – Woobat is a mix of a bat and a wombat, CHN looks like a wombat.
Josh Jackson = Granbull – Captain of the Bulldogs has a bulldog pokemon.
Raymond Faitala-Mariner = Eldegoss – Of course he was going to get a pokemon with an afro.
Aiden Tolman = Excavilier – It’s a slow pokemon who is in the Rarely Used tier competitively, just like Tolman representatively.

Bronson Xerri = Manetric – Of course he has a Pokemon has fast as him.
Josh Dugan = Cofagrigus – How Dugan will end up with all the injuries he seems to pick up.
Shaun Johnson = Sharpedo – Fast and great in attack, but not the greatest defence. Helps that he plays for the Sharks too. Water type as well for the Sharks, it just fits.
Andrew Fifita = Feraligatr – Just seems to suit Fifita, with the haircut and even the club jersey colour. Another water type as well.
Aaron Woods = Perugly – A giant ugly cat just like its owner.
Wade Graham = Tyranitar – When younger, was a lot smaller, then as they both aged, they both grew in size (Larvitar to Tyranitar and Wade Graham as a teen half to Wade Graham as a backrower).
Matt Moylan = Nincada – Of course his Pokemon is just as fragile as him (of course when he plays the Panthers, he is Shedinja)
Josh Morris = Gengar – Old and reliable, also both are missing a neck.
Jesse Ramien = Tangela – Not the greatest competitively, and also looks like a giant clump of Ramen noodles.
Chad Townsend = Buzzwole – Just look at that Pokemon and tell me it isn’t a Chad.

Hope you guys enjoy. There will be more coming soon!
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2020.01.10 14:53 -Mann- [Kiraradio] 10th January 2020 Summary

News from Radio (10th January 2020 - Episode 92)

Yuru Camp Author Quest

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2019.10.05 21:12 Powdinet Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - skip that saves OVER 3 HOURS in Any%

Four years ago, a glitch that came to be known as Script Stack Underflow was found in GTA Vice City, and with this strat the time quickly went from the 50 minute range to an 8 minute run. At the time, some people wondered if a similar skip could be found in San Andreas.
It has happened. It isn't SSU, but the distinction is not relevant for now.
  The short story is that starting Vigilante during a certain part of the mission Ryder makes the game jump to an arbitrary line of script (.scm) code, depending on a variable that is linked to the time since the game started. With the ability to execute any line of script code, we can warp to any mission we want. This glitch only works on the Windows Store version
  The route I came up with is as follows:
-Start the game
-Immediately get a cop bike (reset if no cop bike before 7:46)
-Activate Vigilante and cancel it within the range of 82070ms - 82093ms - which happens around 7:46)
--While waiting for the clock, kill a drug dealer if you see any for 2000$
--While waiting for the clock, park the bike perpendicular to a wall inside the garage, so that when speeding forward it'll flip and CJ falls out
-Do Big Smoke
--Avoid Vending Machines. The standard route is shown in the following picture in red, route I take is blue. red squares are approximated locations of vending machines which must be avoided, as they reset the timer that has been set by cancelling vigilante
--Get the Burgbox (blue square)
--Enter the Burgbox before going inside the house so it doesn't despawn
-Save the game once
-Do Burglary. Due to vending machines, a longer route has to be taken, but otherwise the strats can be seen in the video below
--If a drug dealer was not killed, do 22 items (9680$)
--If a drug dealer was killed, do 20 items (8000$)
-Get om0 Burglary with Jefferson safehouse
--Nearest safehouse can't be used due to being too close to a vending machine
--om0 setup is frame perfect and can be seen here
---time the phonecall in a way that you buy the safehouse and you get the phonecall right after and hold it
---as soon as you get in the van, start submission. Spam start/end submission until you hear a blip sound. Reload the autosave.
----If done correctly, the game will have Burglary om0, otherwise it'll be om1. You don't get control over what you get, just get lucky loool
----During this, the safehouse cutscene may play. That means you failed.
-Return to Grove Street using the same route as the standard start of the run
-Hold the phonecall, cancel Burglary and start Ryder
--Let go of the phonecall when the fade to mission starts, skip cutscene get in vehicle ASAP to skip the phonecall
---This is necessary because the next part at the barbers won't work if it's the first time CJ picked up a phonecall
-Drive to the barbers, but get the grenades.
--Phonecall will come in here, so press enter vehicle and cancel the path finding before getting the grenades
-Hold the phonecall before entering barbers
--If a drug dealer was not killed, buy Afro
--If a drug dealer was killed, buy Jheri Curl (one input faster)
-Let go of the phonecall when the fade out starts when CJ leaves the barber
-The goal now is to start Vigilante during a specific time of the cutscene you're in. This interval is 1000ms after the camera changes when Ryder's line ends, but before a further 1000ms have elapsed to make Ryder talk again.
--Pausing the game will restart Ryder's line, which can be used to extend the cutscene indefinitely
--You have control of Carl, but you have no ability to enter vehicles or switch weapons. We need to regain these abilities.
--First, reenter the barbers to regain camera control
--Run to Ryder to restart it
--Go to the garage. Destroy Ryder's car with the grenade.
--On the bike, accelerate forward when the scene changes. On the minimap, when the player cursor does a 180º, start Vigilante
--If done correctly and with the right value at the start of the run, EOTL3 will begin. You need CJ to fall off the bike to cancel Vigilante before 500ms have elapsed hence the setup with the bike in the garage
-Finish the run by completing EOTL3!
  I don't claim this is the optimal way to do it and I expect improvements to be made at some point.
  I've been searching for this kind of glitch for over 3 years on and off now. This particular version of the warp was found months ago, but I was stumped on regaining the ability to get in vehicles. Once I figured out I could regain it by restarting the mission, it was smooth sailing, though I'm not sure why it took me so long to think of it.
As for what this glitch is, this is the code it uses:
{2974507} 008B: [email protected] = $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2
The code will begin running at offset 2974510 (5775 local offset in the COPCAR script), skipping the first 3 bytes of code (the opcode and the parameter type).
Thus, it uses [email protected] as an opcode, which is the 0050 opcode (gosub). Then it uses the value of $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2 as a jump destination. I'm not sure what this is called, so for now I'm calling it arbitrary gosub (or more generally, arbitrary jump)
  Now let's see how many years it takes for someone to do this.
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2019.08.28 02:13 abcMF My Love Hate Relationship With Character Customization In Heat...

On one hand I love the idea of being able to customize our characters, but there's just stuff that's lacking in terms of character customization. I'll start with the stuff I love first. Also just know everything is my opinion. If you disagree. Cool don't be rude about it. And please keep the comments civil. I don't want massive fuckfest arguments over my opinion. Just simple civil discussion please. If you dislike explain why. If you agree please also explain why. If you disagree or agree with another person please explain why.
Its pretty good, could probably be better, but still pretty good. You get some african American, you get some white, you get some Mexican American and I presume Latin American. But i have a few small critiques here the white characters (males at least) all look generic. Also there appears to be no Native American race character from what was shown in the gamescom demo. I wouldn't expect that though as I presume the native American population of Miami is probably pretty small.
Loved the inclusion of branded clothing.
It's pretty good. I feel like you could change a lot of stuff based on images.
I say a few because a few are actually pretty cool, buuuut a good majority of it isn't my style. I personally dont want to look like a white teenager who just walked out the burbs with a wad of their parents cash.
Good diversity in the characters we can select, but there's only like 12 characters to pick from. Which means that theres going to be a lot of repeat characters. Imo they should have done what GTA 5 Online does. You select your parents, and than based on that you can manipulate the structure of your players face and how black, white, or Hispanic you want them to be. It's kinda like Sims level customization IIRC. Every character in GTA online has a different look. But in Heat that doesn't appear to be the case.
All than hair seems pretty generic. Which would be fine if we had hair options which complimented it. For example based on the demo the women's hair is never down to mid back. It pretty much always stopped at the shoulders. And I didn't see any men style of lomg hair. The men could apply the female hair, but there was no men type of long hair. Also I'm not sure, but it looked like there were no dreads. There were afros and shit, but I didn't see dreads. Maybe i missed it Idk. also sidenote. Having the hats and hair in the same section is stupid. Hair and headwear should be separate.
I'm pretty sure EA had a big deal with Adidas because they sre so prominent, but it would have been nice to have something else to pick from. Esp since I'm not a fan of Adidas nor am I a huge fan of what i assume are luxury brands they chose. Would have been nice to have some skate wear and some Hip Hop style clothing rather than generic YouTuber clothing. Down below is a list of some shoes I would have liked to have.
  1. Supra & Rothco Skytop City Camo
  2. Supra Decade X Skytop
  3. Generic White Vans High Top
  4. Vans Forgotten Bones High Top
  5. Travis Scott & Air Jordan 1 Hi OG
  6. Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Black Reflective'
But I know thst if Ghost has a special deal with Adidas most of these will never co exist with the Adidas in game. Which is unfortunate because not everyone likes typical sportswear or typical luxury clothing. Now yeah I may be a little hypocritical saying that with Yeezys and Travis Scott Jordons on the list. I only put those there because I know people want them in the game. Not my persomal taste those 2, but hey.
Also I'm a little bummed out that there are no "rockstar" acid washed skinny jeans. They are a look and a half. Here's a picture of a pair I own in case you're wondering what they look like. They are a pretty common style in the modern Hip Hop scene.
Come on seriously? You can't have character customization and than just not have flat bill hats, but instead have a bunch of camo fedoras. You'll be hardpressed to find my ass in a camo fedora.
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2019.08.16 06:01 thelettergii AS Week 9 The Morality Ball (Judges' Critiques)

We had no idea what we were going to get back when we assigned this ball. It grew out of a more direct heaven and hell concept but we wanted to broaden it further and create space for your own perspectives and who knew that we'd get such an incredibly diverse and beautiful response. From a commentary on modern and future plights to a personal and poetic expression of personal travails to an exploration of the landscape of local folklore and materials to the staging of a beloved story, we saw many visions of morality played out against each artist's specific curiosities and we were all the better for it. Thank you for giving us a showcase of the range of this space on every level: artistically, culturally, fashion-wise, gender-wise and even just in the ineffable quality of soul. It was a challenge and an honor to look over your "thesis" pieces.
Please welcome your judges for this week, serving tributes to the past balls of MPAR!
  • Miyu Moon, from earth showgirl to sensing your aura outside Coachella for 49.99!
  • Ira D’Essance, serving starlight, good vibes and merciless crits!
  • Ifoa Nye, barely surviving the show after all!
  • Ripper Hole, with high shoulder pads and equally high murderous intent!
The judges have deliberated and made their decisions. This week, everyone will be critiqued in the order that the looks album was presented.
Overall critiques will be given below; critiques for each look can be found in this doc.


MIYU MOON: Wow, you really gave us a fully realized universe and storyline and you brought strong themes. I think you did a great job at translating the theme into three coherent looks that go together. I worry you almost border on costume at times, and ironically I find your crab-like extravaganza to be the least costume-y here, but that is the risk you take when you’re going to go big with creative ideas and try to really innovate with using a story and fashion together to carry each other. All in all I think all the looks were super cool and I love the world you create for us up here on stage every time.
IRA D’ESSANCE: I think you turned out some solid work, but I wish the fashion was a little stronger, although I did quite enjoy your neutral executive look. It really wasn’t bad fashion-wise, but I am not sure your designs stood out from the others this week. You had a really good idea going with the technological aspect but I feel that the good, neutral, and evil aspects of technology could have been explored more thoroughly and your outfits could have had even stronger concepts. Overall, very good ideas that were classically Vicky, but I think the execution and the fashion aspect could have been better.
IFOA NYE: I enjoyed this presentation quite a bit and was excited about a forward looking view of morality from the moment you mentioned it in your tic tac interview. I think the idea of analyzing the perils and promise of technology was also really potent especially insofar as it allowed you examine how this may play out in clothing. I think overall my struggle with the presentation is that the alignments you chose feel like they’re thematically linked in that they deal with future tech but they’re not really playing out visceral oppositions like I hoped. The good in your future is about expanding on human physical promise whereas the evil has to do with privacy and our bodies in digital space. It’s not like I can see no connection there but in this tight of a race we really are coming down on things like this and I just would have loved to see the three categories come closer in focus like let’s say all focusing on distortion/impact on the body or privacy or another element. The work felt smart and topical and I was so glad to pour over it though.
RIPPER HOLE: Overall, I love the concept you’ve explored and you’ve personified a lot of the feelings we have about technology and the way it shapes our future. As usual, the colour palette and rendering is so stunning but the fashion itself doesn’t appear to have been explored as much as the concept and colour. Still, this is an amazing display of your skills and you should be so proud of what you’ve achieved in this challenge and the comp overall.


MIYU MOON: As usual, you brought us a strong cultural storyline, and I think this was your strongest story yet. You really took advantage of the themes of this runway, the neutral was a bit soft in similarity compared to the other two but overall they were three very fashionable looks. Even when your story is really esoteric or whatnot, your fashion is always strong, no matter what you always bring us something pretty to look at and I really respect your eye for design. A great collection, your show stopper extravaganza is really a show stopper, I am super impressed.
IRA D’ESSANCE: With the exception of your evil reveal, your ball looks are strong toots from beginning to end for me. Every time you give us a taste of your Brazilian culture it never feels shoved in my face or costumey, you always manage to give us something new and still give it in a new fashionable way. What I love most about your looks is that they not only look stunning on their own but also together, which is exactly what I hope for from a ball challenge.
IFOA NYE: The overall folkloric quality of your ball was wonderful and it’s amazing that you were able to bring yet another completely different aspect of your culture to the game after we saw afro-diasporic traditions and native mythology put to great use already. I think the idea of illusions that runs throughout is a really fun way of upending and questioning our moral expectations and I think your cultural specificity was an asset because at this point “good is actually bad” can be pretty trite but here it’s pure delight. Fashion-wise you were firing on all cylinders and yet what inspires me the most is that I feel like this work is more passionate and less cerebral than your work has been at times and there’s a really beautiful sense of wonder embedded. You should be eminently proud of this tribute to your culture and I thank you for sharing it.
RIPPER HOLE: Sartana, once again you’ve served up these completely fashionable statement pieces which seamlessly integrate your culture whilst also being cohesive. Your perspective as a designer is so unique and inspiring! Good job, Queen. You killed it.


MIYU MOON: You brought a lot of emotional passion to the runway this week, but I find myself wondering if it really hit the mark. You had a lot of good inspiration for evil and good and neutral but I don’t think it entirely translated. Some of the looks were more successful than others, in my opinion the neutral look was the most “successful” tho I found the good look the most charming and enjoyable to look at. I think the collection would have benefitted from making a stronger connection from one look to the other to the over arching storyline, if for no other reason than organizing your own design inspirations and making your ideas work for you more effectively.
IRA D’ESSANCE: You had my favorite concept this week hands down, you showed something that we know is very personal to you but you had yet to frequently incorporate into your fashion and in this way I felt you were successfully able to show a new side of Sally. However, I feel like your looks could have been stronger fashion-wise, which I think has been a struggle for the whole season. I am not really sure you captured the evil chic and good extravaganza requirements, there’s no doubt you captured neutral executive perfectly but I’m not sure if you really fulfilled the rest of the challenge. I would have liked to see the looks more visually representive of your theme, more “embodying this concept” than “derived from this concept”-- toeing the line of literal without going overboard, that’s what drag fashion is after all.
IFOA NYE: Collectively, this was my favorite work that you’ve done to date and I really really enjoyed the whole presentation. First off, it’s kind of fascinating how apocalyptic it is: the evil is depraved, the neutral is essentially guilty via neglect and the good is remote, abstract… almost a distant dream. Very intense. Additionally, it feels so Sally and yet you managed completely new sides of her I feel like I’ve never seen. You left behind some of the typical cool (though that was totally present as well) and brought in so much feeling and not even in the sense of the harrowing personal tale but even just in the sense of a character that feels completely alive. The overall narrative itself is extremely powerful and I thank you for being vulnerable enough to share this with the world. I can’t wait to see where Sally goes next.
RIPPER HOLE: Sally, I think you’ve done a great job at connecting the Ball categories to things that affect you in real life and you’ve presented them in an interesting way! the fashion could have been pushed harder but you’ve served some sickening drag looks and I’m grateful I got to see this side of yourself.


MIYU MOON: Your looks were all rendered so wonderfully, you do an amazing job with picking different types of fabrics and materials to create your vision and making the outfits in a way that is very understandable and I feel like they could truly exist in front of me right now. I think the storyline you went with was a bit esoteric for the rest of us, having no understanding of this deep story I had to really have the symbolism spelled out because otherwise I can’t entirely understand who is doing what All 3 looks next to each other I can sort of come up with a storyline but the whole morality element is really soft and takes a lot of interpretation. That being said your looks are super cool and fashion oriented so I appreciate that a lot.
IRA D’ESSANCE: I really enjoyed the story personally and your fashion game is strong across the board. Like the Meta Ball, we once again have an absolute shoot of a look that unfortunately highlights the weaknesses of the other two looks. I remember giving you suggestions to exaggerate your posing and silhouettes, and I feel like I’m giving you the same suggestions again this week for those two looks. Since this was a similar issue in the first ball, I was hoping you would have used that critique to your advantage and use this ball as a second chance. However, there’s no denying you brought us solid and fashionable looks like you have all season.
IFOA NYE: I’m really really torn on your choice to display the alignment categories through a specific story. It’s against my expectation that this would be more about playing out an abstract set of relationships with very specific choices but I try to remain open to creative expression. The story is amazing and specific source material and very personal to you, which I love. Still, I come away from your ball feeling like the characters were fit into the categories by force a bit. I haven’t read the story you reference but based on your description it seems beautifully complex. I have to wonder is the good man who falls in love with a prostitute-slave and only vows to help her in exchange for her love really a good man. The grandmother is overtly evil but in a way that almost dominates and corrupts both the girl and the man. The girl herself is less neutral to me than a constant victim to hopeless circumstances but of course her choice in the end is selfish as you say. I say all this not to poo poo your inspiration and I do find this to be an inventive approach but rather to suggest that maybe taking this complex source material and fitting it into the already complex prompts of both chic-executive-eleganza and evil-neutral-good was adding such an intense level of challenge when it comes to getting every single part of the prompt and your source material to read. I think you did an amazing job but that core choice sapped the work of some of its visceral impact because it’s trying to do many things at once.
RIPPER HOLE: Once again you’ve shown us how smart you are with your designs and how many brilliant ideas you have! I just wish we got to see more of you because I feel like that’s been missing from your journey on All Stars. Still, this was an interesting interrogation of the challenge and you should be proud.

At 10pm PST, we will announce the winner of the challenge and the bottom two.

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2019.08.03 16:45 TomAto314 Post Pull Depression - FF13 fans may want to steer clear...

Hello and welcome to Post Pull Depression, the only thread that will never forgive F13 for overshadowing Nier’s release date.
I do a lot for PPD, really I do. I replayed FF8 (ugh) when Squall was close, I just finished replaying Crisis Core (don’t forget your dreams and remember your honor) for Zack’s release… but you know what I won’t do? Touch FF13 again. You might be thinking, well it’s not nearly as old as those other two, it’s fresh in my mind! The game was released in March 2010. It’s almost a full decade old! Almost old enough to travel unsupervised throughout the world collecting Pokemon.
Maybe when FF13 is old enough to drink my nostalgia will overcome me (remember that really cool corridor?) but until that happens FF13 is safely off my replay list. FF13-2 is cool though, not cool enough to replay though...
Let's take a look at the units!

SazhAfro Man

Sazh: SAD!
Poor Sazh, I feel like he was the only normal person in the entire game.
his normal life was snatched away when the fal'Cie branded his son, Dajh, a l'Cie.
CG Lid: “Uh… What were they talking about?”
Great question Lid. Let me explain!
l’Cie - by the way, that is a lowercase l, not an uppercase I. The l’Cie are humans who have been branded by the fal’Cie with a Focus. Shit, what are those?
fal’Cie - yes lowercase f. The fal’Cie are basically machine-gods who like to fuck with people, including cursing little boys like Sazh’s son.
Focus - something I was not able to do throughout the entirety of the game. I mean, it’s a task that the fal’Cie give to an l’Cie and if they fail they become a Cie’th. Shit, what is that?
Cie’th - yes we capitalize the C for this one. A Cie’th is basically the l’Cie who failed at their Focus given by the fal’Cie which is represented as a brand and then turned into a monster.
Everybody got it now?
CG Lid: “Uh… What were they talking about?”
Moving on...
TMR: 20?
Twenty-sided Die - Physical Evade 20%
One of the first of the “wtf goomie?” items. A twenty-sided die that does in fact have only ten sides. Little did we know back then that this kind of oversight would be standard moving forward.
Oh and I’m still using this. Bring back Rico so I can moogle prism his TMR. My dumbass sold the stacks of them I got last go around.


I was looking up ridiculous quotes from FF13 (turns out it's the entire game script) and one of the ones that seem to have stuck out the most was from Sazh.
Sazh: "You think you die and that's that? You think you die and everything will be sugar and rainbows?"
That's actually a great line. I normally say this exact same thing (not in reference to dying, I don't live a very dramatic life) but with some combination of sunshine, lollipop, or rainbows. "Oh really, I stop drinking beer and then everything's going to be just sunshine and lollipops! YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!"


Crystarium Unlocked

Wtf just happened? Are we getting the title drop this late in? It’s been like 4 game hours? And just now we can do all the crystarium shit… It’s going to be a long game for more reasons than just one.

SnowSnow Bro

Name: Dumb
Seriously the guy’s name is Snow? Oh I bet that’s a code name, right? Like how Lightning is actually named Éclair Claire? No, he is actually named Snow… I guess it probably super fits his personality though?
An irrepressible, fiery young man, Snow dives headfirst into danger using nothing but his powerful physique as a weapon.
Fuck you FF13.
Ok, but his esper (err Eidolon) has to be Shiva right? How are they going to give such a macho dude a girly esper (err Eidolon) like Shiva?
Turn her into two sisters that incest transform into a motorcyle that’s how. The Finas would be proud.
Fuck you FF13.
TMR: 2017 META
Champion’s Belt - ATK+30, DEF+30, ATK/DEF+20% when fisting
I actually farmed two of these back in the day (yes they stack!) and I think I used it once? With Equip Grappling Arm (or whatever the fuck equip fist is called) I was able to bump up someone’s attack by like 10 points. Maybe it was Orlandu or something I don’t remember. Just that I wanted to use Fist Mastery and Aigaion’s Arm.

Depression: PUNCHING BAG

Oh sorry, I was just watching Snow getting punched for about 10 mins straight. Lightning would have been the greatest FF character ever if she just went in and punched the shit out of everybody in FF13… herself included.

Future HopeFuck Me All the Good Hope Jokes Have Been Taken

Hope: Leads to Despair
I really want to say that Hope is the worst FF13 character, but they are all so bad it’s like picking which is the worst STD. Hope has two main purposes in the game, to fuel cringy fan art of him being molested by Lightning and to try kill and Snow. I thought he wanted Snow dead because he’s well Snow… but it’s also because:
Memories of Mom - Increase MAG (30%) Auto-heal (600 HP, 1.8x) per turn
Spoiler alert, he blames Snow since his real mom dies like 30 minutes into the game. And I thought moms were tough? Apparently not tough enough to tank a rocket.
Someone who was able to pay attention while playing FF13 (I just rubber banded the controller in the straight direction and took a nap) might tell you that Hope is there for (cheap) character development:
Under Lightning's tutelage, Hope matures into an efficient fighter and confident individual in control of his emotions. He becomes willing to throw himself into harm's way for others' sake, show his sense of humor, and comfort his friends. Advising his companions and remaining positive in dire situations, Hope ultimately lives up to his namesake as he, in a way, becomes the spiritual leader of the group and gives hope to his friends.
Whatever (insert jerk off hand motion here). Fuck Hope. And fuck FF13.
TMR: B-day Present
Survival Knife - Dagger ATK+18, MAG+117, SPR+105
This knife was actually a present that Lightning’s sister, Serah, gave her for her birthday. Worst birthday ever!
STMR: Sunscreen
Shining Guardian of Hope - Increase MP (30%) and MAG (50%) Increase light resistance (100%)
Thank god! Finally a great source of light resistance… for the whole two fights in the game where you need that. Even then Carbuncle doesn’t really count anymore because you can actually just blast through his crazy high DEF with our top DDs.

Depression: SEVERE

I’m so glad we are doubling down on the extra shit rainbow just to fuck up a banner. I got worried there with that Sylvie/Esther banner and feared having two great rainbows at once would be too much for us to handle. Thankfully Goomie is being very considerate and giving us Morgana and now Fuck Hope to screw people over. Whew!

CG LightningLightning, But Now on a Horse

Girl: Cloud
I don't know why people keep asking for the cross-dressing version of Cloud from the infamous Wall Market scene. Lightning is just basically Girl Cloud. She’s supposed to be a no-nonsense badass fighter named after a weather phenomena, but while Cloud has the dichotomy between being a perceived badass and someone who is really just confused af, Lightning is just a total dick the whole game.
You, imaginary lover of FF13, are probably just about to comment: “But Tom, you sexy beast, they made her completely unlikeable on purpose just so over the course of the game she can become slightly less unlikeable! It’s called (cheap) character development!”
Perhaps, but at that point I had already way stopped caring about anything character related at all in the game.
But hey, at least they are playing her off as a cool and strong female character and not just like some dressup doll.
Lightning has the largest set of outfits in the series: she has over ninety different outfits including crossover and downloadable costumes.
Materia: Exclusive
Good news! CG Lightning can use the OG Lightning’s exclusive materia from the Hanging Edge event!
Thunderfall - Lightning magic damage (2.1x) to all enemies Decrease lightning resistance (50%) for 3 turns to all enemies
Woah! A 2.1x mod? That’s like doing two normal attacks at once and then a bit extra! Of course it’s a magic attack so it doesn’t proc DW… but I mean that 50% lightning imperil more than makes up for it right! Totally BiS for her!
Dual Form - Increase equipment ATK (100%) when dual wielding
In case you just crawled out of a rock, grab this moogle from the MK shop, but don’t prism it until you know for sure you need it since the TDW cap is so low most units don’t really need it.
The idea for Lightning to have a sword that can transform into a gun relates to the game's Eidolons; one of the gameplay themes chosen for Final Fantasy XIII was transformation, and the Eidolons can turn into vehicles; if summons could transform, the developers thought weapons should be able to as well.
Wow, how deep. Maybe I can transform the game disc into a frisbee?
STMR: Zantetsuken #42
Zantetsuken (FFXIII) - ATK+169 (nice), Increase equipment ATK (50%) when dual wielding Increase LB damage (30%)
How many Zantetsukens do we have now?
Finally Zwill Crossblade has some competition!

Depression: REHASH

Did I already mention that they tried to make Lightning Girl Cloud? Because what I really meant to say was they tried to remake all of FF7 only this time making it open enough to do 2 full sequels, novellas and whatever other bullshit they added before they really got the formula “right” with FF15.
Both games:
To be fair, the game did heavily diverge after their opening acts, but they wanted you to “feel” like they were recapturing that “magic” from your childhood. Yay for manipulation!

Post Pull Depression

Ok, I’ve been a little mean to FF13. I guess I should say something nice about it instead of it being the final nail in the Final Fantasy coffin.
The music kicks ass! This is the first major game not done by series staple Nobuo Uematsu but instead done by Masashi Hamauzu who was better known for the later SaGa series.
Selected choices:
The second nice thing I’ll say is it got difficulty just about right. Some fights were absolutely brutal and when you lost it just shot you right back out so you can go back in with another setup. Made it seem very fair. Or it just lets you spam Death with Vanille until her 1% chance proc’d…
See ya next banner!
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2019.06.21 06:00 IforaNye AS Week 2 Superfruits (Judges' Critiques)

Hello, All Stars! The work this season is so stellar that we want to honor it before we get into rankings. This week we challenged the girls to find inspiration in unusual fruits and what came back was an eclectic and colorful range of inventive designs that feel completely new to the design language of drag. The looks are vivacious with explosive color and yet all of them incorporate some of the weird and unsettling sides of their inspiration, which ultimately gave them a tremendous amount of aesthetic depth. We also saw really cool engagement with textures and pattern this week which was an utter delight. Celebrate these visual poets...their work was nothing short of refreshing!
Please welcome your judges for this week!
  • Miyu Moon, bringing some conservative and conventional sweetheart feelings!
  • Ira D’Essance, as the sweetest of sugar plum fairies!
  • Ifoa Nye, wondering what if the apple was infested all along?
The judges have deliberated and made their decisions. Will the following queens please step forward:
Ms. Vicky Pickles…
Sally Spellman…
Ophelia N. Cyde...

Congratulations, you are all safe. Your critiques can be found in this doc.

If your name was not called, then you represent the best and worst of the week. You'll receive your critiques in the order that the album was presented.


MIYU MOON: When I first look at this look I'm excited because I'm like wow yay purple, but straight up I didn't realize you were facing away until I started trying to make sense of the torso and hands and was like "oh wait she's facing the other way oh shit" and I guess I can kinda see it if I force myself but it's just kinda... weird in a lot of places, like the arms and butt and it's really jarring. I do love the purple rendering though, I think you did a good job with making this material look very soft and velvety like the original fruit, and the beading as the inside of the fruit is a very clever idea. That being said there's like a hodgepodge of things that are working and not working for me here. The pose is not working but the fabric and material rendering is very pretty, I think the outfit does remind me of the fruit but at the same time I don't really find the garment itself to be exciting enough to distract me from the weird things going on. I have a lot of mixed feelings on this look, like it's surface level pretty to my eyes but the mechanics of the outfit and the pose are just less interesting and impressive the longer I look. I feel like I maybe just want to like it a lot more than I do but I'm also weak and will admit that I am smitten with pretty shiny purple things so... I have to step back and be more critical than just "it's pretty". I think it definitely reaches for it's fruit inspiration, but it also just kinda looks like some purple space queen which... I do like, but in this context I'm splitting hairs and you do come under my magnifying glass.
IRA D’ESSANCE: I chuckled nervously at the acknowledgment of Carmella’s flexibility but please pay attention to accurate posing in future weeks! I appreciate her giving me m.u.g., but a side profile of her face could have been stunning and would have been more proportionally accurate. Honestly given the design of this look I could have easily accepted this as the front of the outfit and so I feel like the back pose doesn’t really add much and I’d be fine even if you did a front-facing pose with this exact design. On the design itself, I enjoy the velvety rendering but to be honest I’m not really inspired overall, I want every look in this competition to offer something new I haven’t seen before and I feel like this is reminiscent of many standard drag bodysuits with the exaggerated shoulder pads and boot tops. I like the sort of oval “casing” and I think it interprets your fruit well, but I’m not sure if it offers something different enough from other bodysuits. When you approach an “inspired by” outfit I’d like you to think like, here is an outfit that can only be inspired by the akebi and nothing else.
I think one way to elevate your designs is to come up with “vibes” or “stories” behind your looks! What if she was a rich lady, dressed in velvety purple and dripping in silver jewels? Or a space alien who loves wearing weird oval-shaped outfits? Because the exaggerated shoulder pads are standard for drag costumes, but they may be a little more unconventional for a rich lady or fashionable for an unconventional space alien, and that unconventional aspect is what elevates costumey into fashionable, to me. Plus, I feel like your styling around the outfit would feel much more cohesive if you have that sort of theme in mind since right now I feel that the silver baubles and the pink twin buns are not really adding as much as they could. I know you’ve got some clever concepts up your sleeve and I feel that considering this sort of “vibe” may help you bring those concepts to light.
IFOA NYE: I find this purple delectable and the idea of purple aged leather is really fricking cool. I overall thought your idea of Carmella coming cracked out of the fruit was a really cool one and love the seeds as jewelry. I think a couple of things hinder this outfit overall. One, the choice to make it connected to a leotard sort of diminishes the experimental silhouette and weakens the core idea. I think simply continuing the leotard down into the boots so the outfit would be more continuous would have let the overall strange shape take precedence and drive the silhouette whereas right now it almost feel like gloves and boots as accessories to the core leotard. Additionally, I wish the jewelry was less clustered and somehow reflected the gooeyness of the seeds. Maybe a looser assemblage of jewels? Lastly, if Carmella is exiting from the fruit like its tender insides, I think you could’ve leaned a bit more into the sensuousness of that to be either really sexy or really gross but in any case to push that idea in a more intense direction. In all of those cases, it’s literally just a set of tweaks that would’ve shifted the impact and I really appreciate this but those tweaks are meaningful. Overall it ends up striking me as a cool engagement with the prompt but it needed to be cranked up a bit! Unfortunately that feeling that it didn’t have an element that came to dominate and wow me is quite a strike against you considering the amazing work you are all doing.


MIYU MOON: Last week I complained about you not looking at us and now you are fucking giving me to it 50 fold, smacking me in the mouth with it, it's amazing. This look is damn cool, really from head to toe you gave some smart little details that make this look feel both boldly simple and fully realized in all its details. Like for one can I say those shoes are adorable, you made runway ready sneakers which is a great thing to see. The pants are cool that you brought all these details to keep them from just being big ol flat pants, you gave us this "middle aged white dad with zipper pants" realness but in an absolute fashion sense, it helps break up the brown and the little bit of metal is a nice edge. I love that you kept it really tiny under your giant jacket, it's a very sexy break away from such a big blob of a coat and feels very tough. This coat is absolutely everything though, the rest of the outfit would definitely have that touch of the fruit in there but your coat really gives us EVERYTHING and I think it perfectly mirrors the fruit while also being a fashionable decision. And of course, we can't not talk about this makeup, it's so cool. I love the head dress, it has a really multicultural feel where it feels both native to the actual nature of the area but also has this sort of, colonial Catholic leftover feeling imagery of the glowing halo, it keeps it really hip but also feeling like it's got a deeper message to it. And the face makeup with the eyes mixed with the arm tattoo is really cool, creepy, it's like an after-effect detail that after I'm done making eye contact with this coat I look up and continue to make an obscene amount of eye contact with you. And despite all these eyes I still see the fruit in it with all the details you gave in the look to let us know "ok she's natural and also fashion forward"
IRA D’ESSANCE: See me with them fruits! You know, you managed to make this outfit look cohesive even though not every element shares the same color scheme or motif. Like, your leaf headdress vs the khaki cargo pants vs the of course stunning eyes on red pattern you have going on. I think the reason why this works is because you have a very clear and creative vibe throughout this look, your “indigenous-inspired streetwear” concept, that ties everything together. I also think your posing is a huge selling point for this look, the unusual pose is artistic while not getting in the way of the garment. It shows balance and shape in your classic Sartana geometric way, and it lends shape and drama to your streetwear and elevates it from casual to fashion.
My only nitpick is that I wish this did feel more like a fruit inspired look as it feels more eye inspired. Namely, when I look at your guarana reference each individual fruit feels like an eye surrounded by a red shell, so I think the red jacket base could seem more like it was made out of round bubbles or spheres rather than its current flat shape. That way you could get across the globular shape of the fruit’s outside and not just the eye-shaped inside, if that makes sense? Nevertheless, fantastic work on this concept and especially keep up your posing and presentation for future weeks!
IFOA NYE: I worry that because I’m into background stories and seeing the artist in the art, people will think I need them to include that each week and I want to go ahead and clearly say that is not the case. I want to see the artist’s passion for their ideas but a backstory isn’t going to nab the win or even my favor. That said, this week you absolutely engaged with your fruit inspiration on so many levels and I was totally rewarded by it. Primarily, I love the way you married folk clothing with very contemporary feeling streetwear. The clash is so artfully done and both feel ramped up to the nth level without either coming to dominate. The googly eyes you included in the jacket would be absolutely mindblowing in person and they make for such a simple yet powerful visual which is one of my favorite qualities about your work. I love that the character simply looks super cool. That said, what takes this from there to being next level for me is how well it fits the fruit. The mythological origins of the fruit were fascinating but what really hit home with me was not the literal mythology but the fact that the fruit itself feels mystical and otherworldly. In that you managed to capture that in this cool laid back badass look, I think that’s what really made this a fantastic accomplishment. I hope you love your work on this because it really is an unforgettable piece.


MIYU MOON: Ugh, gorgeous, I mean that's my first thought almost any time I look at you and it's no different today, this look is so gorgeous. I can see your fruit inspiration in it but it kind of comes after, the first thought is just "WOW that's Bettie!" and the second thought is "oh okay yeah also there's fruit inspiration" and that's maybe something to watch out for. It's a gift in the sense that it's amazing to see you and it's great to be recognizable but also maybe this was playing it safe a little bit in that sense? Like if not for the spikes on the sleeves and the little belt, the majority of this look would just be a sexy red bodysuit. But also yknow, it's definitely a fine line, so I'm not saying you did anything wrong but just that I do get an overwhelmingly familiar feeling in this look and that could ever be a weakness when it comes to this all stars level of things. But truly this look is gorgeously done, I love the way you wove the strips together to make the outfit and come up to the mouth so it truly does give a sense that you were wrapped in it, as if this plant grew around your body to form this garment perfectly molded to you. I also love the hair, it kind of gives me a traditional Chinese or Japanese feeling to it? Which is almost a little bit of an odd choice imo but with the hair and makeup it gives me this sort of striking bold, borderine Kabuki-esque feeling and I like it so... if you meant to, great, if not, also great, whatever it is it's gorgeous. It's a look that's got a lot of pretty too it, maybe could benefit from a touch more character above aesthetics but.... please keep bringing this aesthetics, don't deprive me of that beauty!
IRA D’ESSANCE: This is really well-designed! The rendering looks more like latex than leather for me, probably because of the stark shine, but even so I do think it looks really good. Like your looks last week, there’s no denying that this is a stunning look on its own, although I would really like to see you design a look that embodies the theme more, in this week’s case the fruit that you chose. You nailed the tentacley part but if the silhouette really SCREAMED roselle you could have captured the signature bulb shape of the roselle especially because it’s so distinctive. I think you needed some more of that rich dark purple as this look is coming off mostly red, and I think some dark gradients or duochrome could vamp this up and add some more depth to the design. I think the pants, while I adore how you rendered them and the rest of the fabric, could have been exchanged for something a little more creative since they don’t really offer much in terms of the representation of the roselle. I feel like the pants reflect the sort of form-fitting aesthetic that we’ve come to know and love from Bettie but also sticking to form-fitting fashion may be holding you back? I’d love to see you experiment with bigger, wilder, more creative silhouettes to really embrace the themes you’re given and I think the jacket you’ve designed is definitely on the right track.
A possible way to come up with these silhouettes: you can come up with a “vibe” or “story” that will be a subtheme for your looks on top of the given theme, bonus points if it’s a side you haven’t really shown from Bettie before. For instance from this look I’m getting latex domme which I feel is something you’ve explored quite a bit, but the Gaga-inspired hair and the draping sleeves kind of give me a Japanese vibe? I would definitely trust you to design a kimono-inspired look that wouldn’t look too costumey or tacky. Overall, I do like this look quite a lot, but at an All Stars level I’m still hoping to see you gag everyone beyond your impeccable rendering!
IFOA NYE: Betsie! This is fucking cool. My favorite thing about it is that the feeling of an organic plant inspiration is immediate and intense. It’s a very dangerous and sexy looking garment with each contributing and playing into a tension with each other that is really lovely. The sleeves are the coup de grace because they’re just so inventive and delightful. I really really love the ridging in the pants as well which is such a delicious detail. My one qualm with this is I think it was a misstep to pick a sort of floral/plant looking fruit because it sort of led you away from the associations we have with fruits like cracking them open and eating them and all that. That’s not like a dealbreaker or even that much of an issue but it makes your piece feel like it could be referencing a slightly different prompt and that always sliiightly diminishes the impact of a look in this type of a contest.


MIYU MOON: Slap me with those gross ass green blobs ugh yaaaaaassss. Wow, way to fucking come back and give it to us, this is the Malaria that makes us sick to death. Like seeing the pre-reveal it's like ok, cute, nothing to complain about. It's got some intricacy to it bringing it up from being "just a bodysuit and leggings" as it could easily have become but it's like, "oh you wanted a bodysuit and leggings? HERE they are bitch" with the cool spiky details and patterning. I really really adore the way the shoes and legs are rendered like.... they're just so pleasing, the shape and shading is so satisfying to my eyeballs. But then the reveal? Ugh, wow. Totally unexpected and totally smart, you did the inside/outside inspiration deal in a way that really made us feel that feeling of a fruit cracking open. The movement is really cool and it makes the outfit feel fun and energetic just like the bright colours, and I have no clue what this fruit tastes like but you make me want to try it now because it seems really fun. I also love that this does have a that punk feeling you wanted, it's spiky and gross and bright just like punk, it kind of has a hazardous waste-like quality to it. But it still also truly feels like... just some weird alien fruit, even if I have no idea what a kiwano is, which I don't, I would see this look and think "looks like some crazy ass alien fruit" and wow I wouldn't be entirely wrong. The little slice detail on the chest and above the crotch help lend that "citrus" vibe, and I can see the rind-like detail on the jacket, they all add up to a "fruit" feeling. Also I love the accessories here, the symmetrical nature feels very bold and comic book-like, and the haiglasses combo are so chic so cool and wow.
IRA D’ESSANCE: A reveal was a really creative way of showing the two unique aspects of the kiwano so I believe the reveal was totally worth it here, well done! My favorite part about this look HAS to be the shoes, how you rendered the shine, the artful placement of the spikes, really on point. I think the design has good ideas but it needs something to bring it all together. I definitely feel like her headpiece could have done that, it needed to be bigger to balance everything out, whether you had higher spikes or just a bigger helmet in general like make her a punk racer or something. I think your look does represent the kiwano, but I wish it was embodied more? I think you could have tried to capture the mottled pattern of the kiwano on your outer shell, and I definitely feel like the insides of the kiwano are not that stringy and more soft pulplike. I think if you had more of the green pulp seeds it would have gotten the mass better across but I suppose the struggle is figuring out how many to include inside your breastplate to make the reveal realistic. But most of all I definitely find myself wanting more spikes everywhere, I feel like there are not enough! That said, this look captures your brightly-colored style well without looking too minimal, and even though I think this design could be tweaked overall I really enjoy the creativity here. So I feel like you’re on the right track with your designs and I hope you keep it up!
IFOA NYE: Honestly this really spoke to me on so many levels. First of all this cyber punk afro punk moment with the bantu knots in neon is literally never not a gag. I Adore it. I love that the initial silhouette is very “oh malaria wears corsets” or whatever and then whammy into the reveal. It’s like a very intentional answer to any crit that said you were playing it safe or whatever. Overall your rendering is back in action which I was so happy to see and I hope my critique last week didn’t overstep too much but I’m quite pleased with the way this is illustrated. It’s stunning. Lastly, the actual reveal outfit… I think it was a stroke of utter brilliance to represent the explosion of the seeds in the look as it did that special thing where you’ve brought a completely different nuance to the prompt than I could ever have expected. Additionally, the way these sacks swished back and forth would be guaranteed to be rad down the runway. I truly live. I find the cords that tether them a bit ungainly but truly that’s my only quibble.


MIYU MOON: I look at this and immediately know it's a Bitte Bitte look, which is fun. This fruit is so damn creepy it's a perfect match for you. I think this looks is pretty interesting top to bottom, it's very alien-like, not sure it exactlyl makes me think of fruit but seeing your fruit I can see the connection, and honestly I don't even think I'd see that actual fruit and know it's an actual fruit I'd probably think it was an alien egg. It actually looks like you constructed this outfit out of the fruit itselfm like you skinned them and turned them into a garment which is pretty cool in itself. But I almost wish your outfit was more inspired by the overall look of the fruit, like you have these cool gross bald parts but I wish there was more of this weird prickly feeling going on. The fruit is almost like some sort of shaggy muppet testicle and I wish you felt more like a shaggy muppet testicle, which is a great sentence for you to take out of context ever in life haha. But yeah like, I feel like this outfit almost went too much into "made out of the fruit" look and I wish it had a bit more of the original fruit's prickly feeling. I see all the little prickles here but they seem so little on the look compared to how big they are on the fruit. Also I'm confused but are you wearing moon boots? Are those like, trampoline shoes? Are they saran wrapped? I'm not sure what is going on there to be honest, kind of a minor thing in some ways but for me queen of shoes you know I'm gonna.... go there.
IRA D’ESSANCE: So, I think you took a very calculated risk in omitting the most distinctive part of the rambutan which is the spindly little things around it...or well, I see that you didn’t really omit it but you turned them into stitches which is pretty creative. I’m not sure if the risk paid off for me, because one of the major criteria of the challenge is that the fruit you chose should be immediately recognizable from your design and I don’t think I’d be able to tell this is a rambutan look when such a distinctive feature of the fruit is hidden away. I think if you wanted to get unconventional with the spindly hair thingies, you could have made the ends of the ties way longer so your look could be covered in lots of bows or something. I feel like that would have definitely added some oomph to the design as well, as I feel that this silhouette is...lacking something? I think it’s screaming for a stronger focal point or motif throughout the look. Honestly I think you could have full on embraced the western theme and made Rambutan Ranch happen, heck I see the moon shoes and I think a space cowboy from Rambutan Ranch would have been such a strong concept. I’d like to see you get a little more literal with your designs just to amp up the dragginess, especially since I think your interpretations of literal things seems to be more understated so I feel like you would do a good job of going more literal without going too literal.
IFOA NYE: I feel like this was on its way to being a cyber punk cowboy freak and I love that. I think my favorite feature of this by far is the moon boots. Like I actually have to stop and thank you for this visual cause its simultaneously dumb and beautiful and fun and silly and just everything. My favorite design choice was this sort of gross milky body piece and I wish the chap cutouts weren’t distracting from it. I want to nod to the more structured design after my crit last week and I find the stitching successful. That said, I really lose the rambutan in this because the tendrils are the most undeniable feature. Overall, I find the western reference to be… underserving you. I’m trying to go with you on it but I can’t understand what it’s contributing. It just seems like you wanted to go that direction and decided to do it whether or not it helped with the design. This is not your strongest work in my opinion.


MIYU MOON: Ah, the dragonfruit, it's such an obviously weird choice that it has become stigmatized in its own, but we can count on Bianca to not give a shit about rules and rather just go for what matters: PINK. This headpiece is super cool, I like the way the waist up is truly giving me dragon warrior princess feels. The way you laid the little shape on top of itself over and over looks very feathery and organic, but then making that shaped headpiece brings us back to some fruit inspiration. I find the bottom half of the outfit to seem a little soft and weak in comparison, like it's super tough from the titties up and then the bottom half is like a sort of anime girl vibe and not this fierce armoured dragon warrior. It took me a hot second to notice the spotted pattern on the skirt, and it's cute but it almost feels too soft and sheer and dainty on bottom to try and balance out the giant hair and huge shoulder pads. And the shoes are just... not enough for me, me, queen of shoes, I need more shoe. When I see those awesome head and shoulder pieces I'm thinking some cool shoe with the same material, some sort of warrior boots to stomp the fruity fields with, but instead it's just this kinda generic little Barbie heel tacked on there and it's not as strong as the rest of your look. The knee chains and tiny heels all kinda have this dainty fairy girl feeling that is cute but doesn't carry the top of this outfit and kinda loses the fruit inspiration as it goes down the outfit. I love the face here though, the headpiece and the face and the makeup are just super gorgeous but they're definitely the strong point of this look and the bottom half is just feeling a bit disconnected and I really want it to match up to the top. IRA D’ESSANCE: Fantasy inspired fashion is a dangerous slope because without a strong silhouette or design it can easily look costumey. I think the dress you designed is not the most fashion forward but it’s not offensive, although I wish you could have explored the clear dragonfruit skirt elsewhere in the look for cohesion. But I really detest the lower half of this look! The pink pumps and the leg chains feel so haphazard compared to the detail in the dragon scales, I feel like they really take away from the strong dragon warrior concept on the top half and they add nothing to the dragonfruit imagery. As for the sword, I think the idea of the dragonfruit blood was really cute and clever but I had trouble figuring that out at first. I think if it the sword was pink it would have shown more contrast against the blood, plus it would have matched your look better especially since the sword is such a big focal point of your look.
I’m a little disappointed because I critiqued you on your coloring and nothing has changed! I see some highlights on the armor but your skin and hair are totally flat with no shading or highlighting whatsoever. I think the scribbly colored pencil marks are taking away from the polish of your work as well and it ends up making your art look more elementary than stylized. I would recommend coloring in small circles so you don’t see the pencil marks, as well as layering different colors to cover as much of the white paper spots as possible. And please add some sort of shading or highlights, especially with the hair because I look at the hair streaks and they look really rushed.This is All Stars so I’m really expecting polish from everyone every week. I adore your style for its whimsical linework, but your lines need to be backed up by strong colors as well.
IFOA NYE: I’m in opposition to my fellow judges this week because for me you accomplished something I often snub in drag. I hate fantasy inspired fashion and fashion that feels like video game costume because i find it usually feels boring and honestly the tropes are so predictable. First off, I think there’s a special pleasure to picking something obvious and still nailing it and i absolutely feel that way about this dragonfruit look. The use of the fruit isn’t particularly surprising but its so silly and so right that i adore it. I could see this used in a fantasy show where each land was themed after a fruit and that’s wonderful. Additionally, it’s just got a really fun Red Sonja meets pretty pink socialite vibe and I find a lot of the specific choices like this seed skirt to be super fun. That said, if you care about winning this comp I’d say you’re putting a big limitation on yourself with “cute” as a dominating tone. Listen I think you’re the absolute queen of cute and you bring so much sophistication to it but even so… cute things are almost one note by nature. I really challenge you to bring a greater sense of depth and excitement to your work because the charm of cute ideas will wear thin soon enough and we’ll want to see stuff that wows us!

At 10pm PST, we will announce the winner of the challenge and the bottom two.

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2019.04.21 17:08 Vertci [ELECTION] Confederate 2042 General Election

Davis Post

Freedom Fades through Falsehood
2042 General Election - Live Results
DAVIS - This will perhaps be the most momentous General Election, so far, in the history of the Second Confederacy.
Up for election this year:

Class 2 Congressional Seats, TN & LA Class 1 Seats - SL 8, CC 8, 2 VACANT - +6 to SL Rolls

Governors Seats in PR, VI, NC (SL), MS (CC), LA, TN (VACANT)

Every State Legislature House

And of course.

The Presidency

This year, nearly every race is a tossup (no additional modifiers to rolls).
1-50 = CC, 51-100 = SL
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2019.03.08 13:02 bonna_97 List of current bugs in-game after 3/7/2019 update

With St. Patricks Day coming up next weekend, I'd like to take the time wishing a happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone part of the CS:GO community. Those that celebrates & more importantly those of you that participates in its strange traditions, make sure to pinch everyone you know and see not wearing green!
For those of you who has been following this thread, I've written a quick rundown of patched and new open issues which can be found here:
Patched and new open issues
That way you won't have to read through everything to find subtle changes and new additions that may or may not be new to you! :)
As normal you'll find down below a list of current known issues and bugs existing within CS:GO.


Gameplay related
UI related


Gameplay related
UI related


Gamplay & UI related



Danger Zone





Bomb Defusal
Hostage Scenario
With all of this said, I however applaud the CS:GO devs for their constant support with the game over the years ever since its original release back in 2012 and can't wait to see what they have in store as we progress further into 2019! Happy Gaming everyone! :D
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2019.02.15 00:50 GrootTheTree Well shit we’ve been arrested for treason...

be me
be noble celestial warlock who has been sent as an ambassador to the king but after his company went missing has been traveling with three bodyguards.
be not me. Half elf(I think) Fighter, Tabaxi monk/bard.
Tabaxi monk and I are the only important ones in this story.
having just arrived in a city after an ambush and some other attacks by goblins, and missing last session, we decided to get to an inn to spend the night.
me and Tabaxi head to the room and bump into a drunk guy.
decide to mess with him.
use prestidigitation to piss his pants .
Tabaxi is suspicious.
I go to eat dinner while the Tabaxi follows him to find it more.
he charms the guy convincing him to take a hairstyle survey after remembering that royal goblins have bright red hair.
he has a bright red Afro.
goblin stumbles off.
I eat as paranoia takes hold of the monk.
monk picks up kobold apprentice waiter(who gave me my lobster). Monk says he’s a goblin.
aim pistol at his face telling him to drop the kobold.
after a bit he finally drops the kobold, as I explain that he’s a bit messed up in the head after some battles with goblins.
waiter brings him some mint tea to calm him.
monk chills the fuck out. Gets a bit tired.
take him to his room as we pass by the drunk guy...who’s walking normally?
metal gear solid follow him into his room. And wait after he knocks on a wall and talks to it, in goblin.
slam him against the wall and aim my gun to his forehead. Intimidation check.
get a shot ton of information about the “slayer races” which widdles down to. “We’re evil blah blah blah king blah blah world domination and more evil and fanatical rhetoric about King Jarin Blackring”
I shoot.
he doesn’t die, it looks like a large bump in his head.
a dagger(poisoned cause shit) appears stabbed into my back as he says “that’s two”
he disappears
I stumble into my room.
monk is passed out and I can’t wake him up.
clean and dress the wound before passing out on the couch.
we wake up me groggy and Monk rejuvenated. We make casual conversation for a bit, formulate a plan before a knock on the door.
open the door.
armed guards say me, the monk and the unimportant members are under arrest for treason.
session ends
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2018.11.22 05:37 yyy2k r/NBA2K 2K19 Feedback Thread 11 - Post v1.06 (will be sent to 2K)

The NBA 2K team wants YOUR feedback on NBA 2K19.




Trail Blazers:
Classic Players:
Current Players:
Body Types
Classic Players:
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2018.10.22 22:24 ItsHipToTipTheScales DR1's Absolute Prick to DR2's Absolute Unit; My Ultimate Imposter Analysis

thumbnails are so epic
This is the first in what i'll call BIG NAVE'S BIG WRITEUPS all for the character I'll be voting for in the upcoming Round 10 poll since that's now done, expect the other two within the hour.
Ultimate Imposter is an odd character. His whole concept is rooted in another character entirely and making you believe that he is Byakuya Togami. Despite why he looks like Byakuya Togami his purpose is to fool the player and he does that well, and even though the big mystery of why Byakuya is in this game questions are never raised about him again. With one chapter of screentime on his side Imposter is still one of the best characters throughout DR2.
If you want to warm up before checking this out read u/OblivionKnight92's analysis here
Normally this design part is padding and an easy warm up for me but Imposter's design is the most important part about him. The Imposter is fat Byakuya, so while "Ultimate Imposter" isn't very telling if he can't even copy the colors of byakuya's jacket he fooled us stupid people so good job him. Getting all into his design right at the start of the writeup wouldn't be the biggest brained decision for me so let's hang on the ledge a bit longer.
at least he got the pose right ignore the chicken leg
Imposter shows up on the island with everyone else, introduces himself as Byakuya and refuses to do a beach party since the majesty of his half naked body would evaporate his classmates. Once Monokuma announces that Killing Time is about to begin, Imposter does a complete 180 from his introduction and becomes the leader of the group and promises to not let anyone get yonked.
Despite having the Ultimate Princess and Team Manager in the room Imposter took up the mantle of leader and proposed to everyone a party the same night. When the party itself starts Imposter is very cautious, giving everyone a body check and putting everything remote dangerous inside a duralumin case. Imposter drags Hajime around collecting anything pointy in the kitchen and tells Hajime about how he has to get something off his chest eventually. Hajime never does get to hear what Imposter has to say since after a blackout Imposter gets skewered and class trial time.
In terms of the class trial itself Imposter got an anonymous letter saying that someone would die at the party, Imposter prepared by putting anything dangerous in the duralumin case and self defense items in a second case including a pair of night-vision goggles. When the blackout happened Imposter put on his handy dandy goggles and saw Nagito moving around under the table and seeing Teruteru pushed Nagito out of the way and took the stabbings instead of Nagito. Hajime never learns what Imposter had to tell him until 2-5 where Hajime and Chiaki learn his real identity.
That's the end of his DR2 lifetime but not his lifetime in DR3.
Imposter plays a larger role in DR3 as he impersonates Ryota so Ryota can make hope hentai. Imposter is one of the only DR2 characters in DR3 to not get absolutely butchered since he gets more time to expand upon his traits.
Imposter is only relevant in episodes 2,5 and 9
Episode 2 Akane and Nekomaru fight while Imposter makes pretty pictures outside and when Chiaki went out of the class to mope he said that he didn't need to socialize as long as he perfected his talent and reached his dreams though Imposter is speaking as Ryota for this which doesn't reflect Imposter but more of his impersonation ability.
Episode 5 after Ryota collapses from exhaustion Imposter tells Mikan of how Ryota and Imposter met. As Twogami Imposter found Ryota collapsed and brought him back to his room, and offered to switch lives with Ryota. Imposter would get to be at Hope's Peak with an established identity and Ryota could spend all day trying to get Most Popular on HentaiHaven. Mikan starts crying because they were nice to her and Imposter tells her to toughen up.
Episode 9 isn't anything major for Imposter besides getting a look at his real face.
In Future Arc he impersonates Munakata so he can play with swords
In terms of the story of DR2 Imposter doesn't do much in the grand scheme of things, since the Ultimate Imposter reveal had no impact in the long run though of course what he does during 2-1 gives him enough to go off of to be a good character. DR3 doesn't ruin him like everyone else which is a nice little plus to add to the "Is Imposter epic" chart.
Now for the part I've started to hate and the part I hope you like, summarizing all his FTEs so you don't have to look at them.
An important note is you can only do two of Imposter's FTEs during the main story, since Chapter 1 only has two events the remaining three have to be done in School Mode.
FTE 1 Imposter starts with the personal questions, what Hajime's body fat percentage is. Hajime doesn't know because he's not an absolute unit and Imposter takes offense at that but analyzes that Hajime's body fat percentage is within a single digit. Imposter questions that Hajime still can't remember his talent and when Hajime answers that he can't and worries Imposter will yell at him Imposter tells Hajime that he has a responsibility to guard over weaklings and that he'll guard over Hajime no matter what.
FTE 2 is far too early to drop philisophy on me Imposter goes on a rant about how a German proverb means that something inferior nearby is better than something good far away, and how that works around with food. With his little rant finished Imposter asks Hajime which meat has the most vitamin B1 in it to which the answer is Pork. Happy enough that Hajime guessed his question correctly Imposter asks Hajime to be his assistant. Imposter elaborates on the why and how he believes in Hajime's potential and that he still has his own life to look after. He reminisces for when he was powerless and how Hajime should throw away who he once was to become a better person. The FTE ends with one final brain breaker.
FTE 3, with a reminder that it's on a killing game free island, Imposter thinks Hajime needs power from him and empathizes with Hajime on the lack of something vital to survival on the island. The answer being good-ol fashioned American attracting McDonalds Imposter goes on a rant about afro clowns, kentucky old men, and pigtail gals before dropping this bombshell on us in a world without Imposter dying Chapter 1 this would be the major hint that something really is up with this Byakuya 2 though now we get an idea on what Imposter's backstory is shaping up to be.
FTE 4 Imposter talks about the various types of affluent progenies in the world, culiminating in the most powerful one Byakuya Togami and summarizes Byakuya's FTEs like a good boy and how the hereditary system works. tl;dr Togami dad fuck big women numbers and kids battle royale, byakuya weak chicken nugger but beated all his brothers and sisters. Imposter talks about Byakuya Togami in the third person for a second which causes Hajime to double check and asks Hajime who he would like to be. Hajime answers that he's happy with who is, ironic considering his transformation into Izuru, and Imposter is content with his answer and watching away looking lonely.
Final FTE time, and the biggest one to unpack. Imposter asks Hajime the simple question of whether he likes him or not, to which the only answer is to say yes. Saving us from having to piece together how he came to be Imposter spits out his whole backstory like the bro he is. Hajime realizes that the Imposter isn't Byakuya and tells Imposter that he's the only Byakuya he'll ever know. Which is what Imposter wanted to hear
ok done the boring part this is so freaking epic
To start off with is the question of what Imposter saw in Byakuya in the first place. What the Imposter saw the most in Byakuya was someone who accomplished what he wished he could. Byakuya started from the bottom and rose to the top, much like Imposter who describes himself as someone with literally nothing. It's not a stretch to say that Byakuya is everything Imposter wished to be, a rich kid who rose to the top on nothing but his own wit. So when Imposter had nothing of his own, not even a birth certificate, choosing to impersonate the person with everything makes the most sense. With Byakuya's identity Imposter could go from someone with nothing to his name to someone with everything to his name. In it's own way being the Ultimate Imposter could be hurting him, the only way for Imposter to gain his own identity is to become someone else entirely. That's why Imposter is so happy at the end of his FTEs with Hajime, he was given the recognition that he's his own person not just Byakuya Togami. Imposter resolves that if he ever gets off this island Hajime's given him the will to live on as his own man, not just Byakuya Togami but whatever the hell he wants to call himself.
As for why Imposter is fat it likely has to do with his situation in the first place. He had nothing, and when taking the identity of the person who had everything he had all the funds to buy all the food he wanted. So with his newfound wealth he gobbled down all the food he wished he could have eaten beforehand.
This works into his disguising itself, and how he tricks you into thinking he's anything but the Imposter he is. Imposter while fat still has the same traits of Byakuya. He keeps his arrogance from Byakuya but also has a kind-hearted nature and leadership talent. The obvious conclusion would be that since Byakuya was in the previous killing game he knows exactly what to do and what to avoid, and the rest of his traits check out enough. Seeing Imposter make all his precautions and talking about his shrouded past is a brilliant red herring to make the player think he really is Byakuya, with the previous killing game being what makes him so cautious as well as the bad thing in the past/ What makes Imposter even greater is that the leadership isn't from any sort of killing game, just from how innately good a person the Imposter is, Imposter wasn't through any killing games to make him a good a leader as he was he's already a good and caring leader from the get-go.
Fooling the player, or at least enough to make them not immediately call him out as an Imposter is an impressive feat. Fooling game characters is easy, they can be written to be as dumb or smart as necessary in any given situation. but fooling the player is different. A player seeks out plot holes, foreshadowing, and forms their own opinions and managing to get one to think for a second that the fattie in front of them is Byakuya is good writing on his part.
Along with Nekomaru, every big person with a heart problem in DR2 has to end up a giant bro one way or another. Imposter is a good leader with a desire to protect everyone. Instead of panicking like everyone else on the island Imposter starts to rally everyone under him and hopes to raise their spirits with the party. When he receives the letter that someone will die at the party Imposter doesn't shrink away, he doubles down on precautions refusing to give in to threats. This leads to his own death when he sees Nagito poking under the table. Despite being almost certain Nagito would have the idea to kill someone he saw that Teruteru had the same killing idea in mind and dived under to save him. In terms of self-sacrifice Imposter tops Nekomaru and Gundham, there wasn't any possible escape motive to ponder over, Imposter saved Nagito's life out of his own selflessness with no trace of an ulterior motive.
This shows itself in his own deal with Ryota. Imposter is willing to trade lives with Ryota so he can get what he wants. Since the Imposter already has being Byakuya Togami as his identity he's downgrading by going from a rich kid to an animator. Imposter shows how dedicated he is to Ryota by kidnapping persuading Mikan to help Ryota out with his health and showing concern for him throughout the whole ordeal. Imposter as Ryota is a far better character than Ryota himself. not like that's hard to do
From what we know from his FTEs and before dying as Byakuya Togami must have stung for the Imposter. Dying as Byakuya Togami, and due to the timeframe there's no way Hajime saw him as someone besides that yet, wouldn't be what Imposter would have wanted. Dying where he did meant that Imposter never got a chance to form his own identity, never a chance to operate as his own person. He died as Byakuya Togami and was remembered as Byakuya Togami. Luckily for him because DR3 revival bullshit is a thing he got to be revived and since everything was fixed with zero consequences whatsoever chances are he got his wish of getting his own identity in front of everyone. even if he ran in disguised as kyosuke
Speaking purely against Sayaka or Rantaro, Imposter is the best chapter 1 victim. Sayaka is an active part of her death while Rantaro is a mystery and Imposter is the best of both worlds.
Sayaka crumbles under the weight of the killing game and plans to kill someone from cracking under pressure. Everything she had worked up to her entire life could be thrown away at any moment and slipping out from under her, she felt she had to take action or else everything she had worked for would break. Despite making a decently thought out plan she ended up getting knived by Leon and having all her worst fears come true. I would say that Sayaka is a case of a tragic degrading character while Imposter is one who was too good for his own good. Imposter starts off as a leader for the group, organizing everything to raise the class' spirits so no one would be driven to kill. Despite everything he's done he got the letter someone would die and took the precautions he could. Nagito and Teruteru got into their little scuffle anyway and Imposter sacrificed his life to save Nagito. Sayaka's story of constantly degrading could be considered stronger as opposed to Imposter who mans up and leads Imposter does have another thing going for him: his mystery aspect.
Both Imposter and Rantaro are mysteries, the latter doesn't have much to him besides that while Imposter has more to him besides that. While mysteries are unraveled about Rantaro after his death and are more shocking than Imposter's reveal Rantaro doesn't match Imposter in terms of the buildup. Uncovering the mysteries of a new character don't compare to the mysteries of a character you think is back from the last game. More cans of worms are opened wondering how Byakuya got fat, held back, and caught on an island than there are about an avocado man with the third ??? talent in the series. Imposter is an enigma, how he got there, why he's there, and what made him change while Rantaro is someone we know nothing about and don't have much to speculate on. More on why Rantaro is poopoo doodoo
Imposter takes what Sayaka had from the past game, importance in their death, and adds in a chunky dose of mystery to the mix. In the next game Kodaka stuck a siphon in Twogami that took away the fat, the mystery, and gave him green hair as a side effect. Imposter might not have the edge over Sayaka in what he went through in 2-1 alone but the amount of mystery he does have is enough to carry him over the finish line.
A minor plus is that Imposter is the only Chapter 1 victim i could see being a survivor. Imposter could have a, say it with me now, d e c o n s t r u c t i o n a r c. Seeing Imposter struggle with the trials of being a leader, especially with Nagito running around, would make a very good arc. Having his identity revealed could be the catalyst for his development and we can get his backstory straight from the horse's mouth and see him get every resolution he hopes for in his final FTE. As for why the others don't work Sayaka functions on having one chapter of her steadily degrading and her getting stronger from that could be interesting but having the love interest thing around could make her grating and Rantaro is more useful dead than alive so no way could he make it to the end.
My personal favorite part about Imposter is how he works on a meta level. Imposter is the smartest video game marketing I can think of besides ROB, seeing Imposter for Danganronpa 2 brings nothing but questions. "Why is Byakuya in this game? How did Byakuya get here? Where's everyone else? And when and why did he get so damn thicc?" If you have any amount of imagination you'd want to pick up DR2 just to check out how Imposter fits in to everything. And while he ultimately ends up not doing anything of value at that point Spike has already won, you bought the game and they got their money and chances are you're already hooked into playing the rest. Imposter is the key hook to the game, the player falls for it hook line and sinker and then the fishing pole of the other game gets them hook line and sinker then and before long the players only real interest for the next few years will be shitposting on danganronpa.
Imposter is many things, he's selfless, the best victim, and an excellent marketing strategy. He's fully deserving of his top 20 slot so far and I'd be comfortable with him hitting Top 15 or even Top 10. So if you want to prove you're half the bro Imposter is vote for him in the Rankdown, he'll appreciate it. Don't cut him before then too rankers >=(
tl;dr imposter big epic vote for him in rankdown oblivion plz dont take my nagito hentai
If you want to see writeups in the same vein of this with me and 5 other stinky losers head over to we're doing our own form of the Rankdown to tie us over in the decades between Pixet cuts.
upvote and comment plz
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2018.09.22 02:33 CanisVult A viewer's guide to the NA Open Division Playoffs

This weekend, the largest seasonal Overwatch tournament in North America will reach its conclusion. More than 500 teams have battled it out over the last month of play, each one seeking to claw their way to the top. Now, only the final chapter, a three day marathon featuring the Top 16 teams in the event, remains. Welcome, one and all, to the Open Division Playoffs.
Okay, so maybe I was a bit too poetic there. Open Division is just the first of several rungs up the Overwatch Path to Pro, and generally sees the least coverage of any of Blizzard’s official tournaments as a result. There’s no better time to tune into the action, though, as this weekend brings more accessible coverage, higher stakes, and a focus on the best teams competing in the Tier 3 scene. With that in mind, I’ve put together a guide to the playoff teams, rules, and storylines going into today’s first tiebreaker games.

How To Watch has been streaming multiple Open Division games every week, and their coverage will expand this weekend as playoffs kick off. You can find their preliminary schedule here, as well as links to their two Twitch channels here and here. Their playoff coverage starts at 2 PM EST on Saturday, so be sure to tune in!

The Rules

The exact ruleset for Open Division Playoffs varies by region; in North America, the 16 qualifying teams play in a double elimination tournament with the Top 4 teams advancing to Contenders Trials. Matches follow a best of 5 format until the grand finals, a best of 7 series where the finalist from the winner’s bracket starts with an automatic map win.
If there are one or more teams among the Top 16 that are within 2% of each other’s OMW% (or the average match win percentage of their opponents) and tied on map wins, they face off in tiebreaker games to determine seeding. These tiebreaker games occur on Friday, September 21st, prior to the start of regular playoff matches on Saturday, with the winners of each tiebreaker receiving a higher seed.
The tournament’s official Battlefy bracket can be found here, and a screenshot taken prior to the start of playoff matches can be found here.


North America's Open Division is a massive tournament, and has brought about plenty of big games, stories, and controversies. Though it would be impossible to go into every team's experience in detail, I've provided a summary of some of the bigger storylines going into the playoffs.
A Clash for the Ages The final weekend of Open Division had plenty of big games, but the Saturday afternoon matchup between Phase 2 and The Dogmen - Akita easily drew more attention than any other bout. Advertised as ‘the highest level Open Division match so far,’ the tournament’s eventual 1st and 2nd seeds battled it out in a 5 map epic that showcased the impressive potential of both teams. Phase 2 dominated the first two maps and made a particularly strong statement by full-holding Akita on Gibraltar. The Dogmen were able to bounce back, though, and forced a final map with close wins on Horizon Lunar Colony and King’s Row. Akita initially appeared to sustain their momentum on Nepal, as they took Sanctum and pushed Phase 2 to a last fight scenario on Village, inching closer and closer to the reverse sweep. Matches can turn on a dime, though, and with their backs against the wall, Phase 2 pulled off a miracle. It’s really something to behold. With the rest of Phase 2 falling around them, Hawk and Duplicate used Sinker’s earlier Grav to pull off a Self Destruct / Earthshatter combo that wiped out the entirety of The Dogmen. That fight win took the teams to a final stage, Shrine, and though the Dogmen kept things close, Phase 2 was able to push through and secure the win. Now, in terms of playoff implications, Phase 2 beating The Dogmen didn’t shake things up too much. Both teams would go on to qualify with high seeds. In fact, the Dogmen may actually have an easier route through the winners bracket, as Phase 2 are likely to run into defending Open Division champions Goats in the second round. However, that really doesn’t diminish the match at all. If you listen to Phase 2’s comms towards the end of Nepal, you’ll understand why. The teams played a fantastic series of Overwatch, one that shined brightly in a T2/T3 scene that doesn’t always draw viewers. Although they’re on opposite sides of the winners bracket, the strong play of both teams may set them up for a rematch in the later rounds of the playoffs. If that were to happen, Insomniaq, the main support of Phase 2, feels prepared. To him, a potential rematch would “be a great match, we've beat them before in a tournament and I think we can pull it off again.” Insomniaq seemed bullish on the chances of both teams, signing off by wishing the best of luck to Akita, and adding that he “hope[s] to see them in Contenders Trials.”
Gearing up for Playoffs Open Division Playoffs depart from the regular season’s conventions in several ways: the higher seed gets the first map pick, the finals are a Best of 7 series, etc. The most significant of these changes, however, is the number of games that a team is expected to play on a given day. For instance, if a team were to stay alive in the tournament all the way through Saturday, they would play between 3 to 4 matches with start times ranging from 2 to 8 PM Eastern (going by the default times on Battlefy). As such, the playoff schedule leaves teams with little time to prepare between matches, and makes it easier for stress or fatigue from previous matches to carry over into upcoming games. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a number of teams made roster changes during the final weeks of the regular season. Notably, Underwater Squad picked up Amadein and Ultimawep from Team Clarity - a preseason favorite for playoffs that stumbled out of the gate in Open Division - bolstering their DPS rotation midway through the season. Project :Smile: went about its lineup changes on a much shorter timetable, acquiring their new tank duo of PrimoDulce (best known for his time on Renegades) and Iron just 10 minutes before rosters locked for the season. Even that, however, pales in comparison to the complete transformation that ArticGG underwent just before Week 5. The team brought in an entirely new roster that draws heavily from the remnants of AYAC and Team Clarity, featuring VitaCoco and SuhPoze amongst others. If the players I interviewed had serious concerns about the challenges posed by playoffs, however, they certainly didn’t let it show. Both Insomniaq and Calyoon, the main support for Underwater Squad, said that they felt ready for the playoffs - and were eager for them to start. Insomniaq did acknowledge that playing multiple matches per day is an “annoyance,” as it turns those matches into a test of how long a team can play at a high level, but seemed confident nonetheless. The same goes for Calyoon, who claimed that the only difference that successive matches made to Underwater Squad’s approach would be “making sure we eat in our breaks.”
Making the Cut With more than 500 teams competing in Open Division, it was more or less inevitable that at least some of the tournament’s preseason favorites wouldn’t make playoffs. Sure enough, talented rosters including Bird GGs, Hate To Tell You, This Is The Run and the aforementioned Team Clarity either underperformed or simply ran into stronger opponents. However, this season’s final set of 16 teams has proven unusually controversial for different reasons. Since the release of the final regular season standings at the end of week 5, a number of allegations have emerged about the way that Battlefy’s tournament administrators implemented the Open Division ruleset. At least two of these allegations make the claim that the inattention or laziness of tournament administrators caused teams just outside the Top 16 to miss playoffs. They can be summarized as follows:
The issues surrounding Illuminate and Alpha Sky’s placement were hardly the only complaints that players had regarding the Battlefy admin team. In fact, the comment sections of the aforementioned posts quickly filled up with other allegations about tournament administrators, with one even alleging that an administrator forced a player’s team to either “accept a 0-3 loss or rematch your opponent beginning one map down” after match times unexpectedly shifted back half an hour. Still, with a common element from many of the aforementioned complaints being that administrators either ignored the official ruleset or suggested actions outside of it, one has to wonder how official the ruleset is. A quick perusal of the ‘official rules’ (linked again for convenience) makes two major points clear. First, tournament administrators wield an enormous amount of power over Open Division play, with section 6.1 of the rulebook even stating that “rules may be changed by the administrators at any time.” Secondly, the official ruleset is riddled with errors. One such instance can be seen with section 1.3.5, which states that “Players from Overwatch Open Division teams who do not make playoffs will be released as “free agents” and permitted to join Overwatch Open Division Playoffs teams.” According to tournament administration, this entire section was an error, and rosters were meant to stay remain completely unchanged until the end of Open Division playoffs. An even more egregious error is present in section 1.3.2, which states that the roster lock was to go into effect on “Friday, September 15th.” There is no Friday, September 15th - at least not until 2023. Given that there are clear errors with the ruleset and tournament administration has no obligation to follow them to the letter, one can see why complaints about individual administrators ignoring the ruleset might have popped up. However, while the problems with the rulebook might absolve Open Division’s administrators from some blame, it is simultaneously a far, far worse situation for the tournament as a whole than individual admins being lazy in their implementation of the rules would be. We can only guess as to what might happen if a previously unnoticed error in the ruleset caused a problem in the playoffs, and that's terrifying. If players can’t trust that the Open Division ruleset is accurate, then the tournament as a whole loses some of its legitimacy. One can only hope that Blizzard will address these shortcomings by the time the next season of Open rolls around.

The Teams

1 - Phase 2 (10-0) OMW - 72.30%, 30 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Duplicate, Far, Hawk, Hypnott, Insomniaq, Mohr, Sinker, SweatySmurf, Wub
2 - The Dogmen - Akita (9-1) OMW - 78.00%, 29 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: ChroNoDotA, Karbon, Iced, Kevin, Majesty, Saucy, Spades, Swimmer
3 - Invisible Threat Gaming (9-1) OMW - 73.30%, 28 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Cal, Cylipho, Jai, Jazzyman, kurjun, QuietJosh, ReOp, Tres, Weasel
4a - Underwater Squad (9-1) OMW - 70.30%, 28 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Amadien, bipbob, Calyoon, hooey, iCy, Lurma (Staff), Peebmitsu, ultimawep
4b - U4 (9-1) OMW - 68.97%, 28 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: curryshot, Hosay, ItsOnyx, Mango, Matman909, Pika, Pugz, Reo, Speedily
6 - Shu's Money Crew (9-1) OMW - 69.30%, 27 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Baboon, Kaboomz, Lewtdawg, ŊǾĦƐǺŖŨ, Octile, otterinwater, Phaz, SUCC, Tehpwnzorr
7 - On The Flank (9-1) OMW - 67.56%, 29 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Caden, farinfir, mycrazycat, Natrix, Neon, Nime, Raben, Tabu, Veg
8 - Goats (9-1) OMW - 65.60%, 28 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Arai, Boostio, byZenith, Ezire, Gator, IcHoR, KSlaya, Reklats (Staff), Tensa
9a - DecepTion (9-1) OMW - 62.19%, 28 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Amna, BAJR, BananaNinja, HighNoot, Maybe, ‘Mm,’ Pbble, VriskaSerket, wutt
9b - D: (9-1) OMW - 61.56%, 28 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: pôllô, Bayc, Crimson, cykosys, dhmo, FishCake, Mantel, Patrick, Syrus
9c - Project :Smile: (9-1) OMW - 60.93%, 28 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Hero, HippieByDay, Infiltration, Iron, PrimoDulce, Shrugger, SLOTH, TikoRandom, Yankywolf
12 - RAM RANCH (9-1) OMW - 62.86%, 27 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Ali, Anne, BattleToast, djincheng, Kairoshi, MrPuremoney, oKa, Rawry
13 - eVo eSports (9-1) OMW - 60.05%, 28 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: B3stB0lbi, BucK, Fearless, Horoscope, Korae (Staff), markkiller57, Owl, Poposs, Ultraviolet
14 - BarahNOW (Infinity) (9-1) OMW - 59.41%, 27 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Aiko, Coco, ChineseFood, ƇHȈPZŶ, Galaxy, Jett, kuhskuni, ShadowStep, Zed
15 - ArticGG (9-1) OMW - 57.63%, 27 Map Wins, Twitter: (Unsure of current affiliation) Eligible Roster: ĐØVĔ, emJuly, Felty, HotDate, Jolfe, k1ng, Odd, SuhPoze, VitaCoco
16 - Facebook MOMs (8-2) OMW - 70.56%, 26 Map Wins, Twitter: Eligible Roster: Afro, Apl, marble, monchi, Nate, SqiD, Tanner, Vulcan, Zholik
If you are aware of a missing Twitter / other social link for one of the above teams and would like it featured, feel free to let me know.
Massive thanks to The_Murr for helping set up the interviews referenced in this post, as well as to Insomniaq and Calyoon for providing their unique insight. I hope you guys found this guide useful, and be sure to check out the Open Division playoffs tomorrow and Sunday!
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2018.09.08 14:16 Zanthosus Interview With a DanganRonpa Fan #18 - raoul_d

How were you introduced to the DanganRonpa franchise?
Let's Play - Danganronpa [VITA]
And so I basked in Monokuma's despairful glory, embraced it myself in Danganronpa 2 and indulged myself in V3.
How do you feel DanganRonpa has changed you as a person, if at all?
What is something that you would like to see from the franchise going forward?
What is your most memorable experience with the franchise?
What is your most memorable experience with the fan community?
What do you feel you’re most well known for in the community and what led to that?
How did you initially get involved in the danganronpa community?
What has been your favorite fad or trend on danganronpa?
S+ Alice_Valentine's powerpoints Interviews
S Kork The Prophet Korekiyo and his mighty seesaw
A Tier lists I agree with This tier list
B Teruteru's picture Angie's curtain reveal
Bin Tier lists I disagree with Interviews rigged by demons
What character are you able to relate to the most and why?
If you were to have an Ultimate/SHSL Talent, what would it be and why?
If you were put into a killing game with 15 other strangers, what would your game plan be?
What is your favorite fan theory (either that you’ve come up with or that you’ve heard/seen elsewhere)?
Is there anything else that you would like to add?
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    2. Restaurant ask customers to stop wasting buffet food (1356 points, 46 comments)
    3. India’s Prime Minister has pledged to eliminate all single-use plastic in the country by 2022 with an immediate ban in urban Delhi. (607 points, 15 comments)
    4. Research Finds Tipping Point for Large-scale Social Change - Roughly 25% of People Need to Take a Stand Before Large-scale Social Change Occurs. (509 points, 7 comments)
    5. Surfrider Foundation Sushi Ad (431 points, 5 comments)
    6. Spent $2 on 4 heads of garlic last fall, now I have over 70 heads of garlic all braided together. (235 points, 10 comments)
    7. Hawaii becomes 1st state to ban sunscreens deemed harmful to coral reefs (219 points, 7 comments)
    8. Went to a show about the art of propaganda and saw this WWII-era poster. How times have changed. (217 points, 4 comments)
    9. San Francisco sends less trash to the landfill than any other major U.S. city - The city diverts about 80 percent of its waste from landfills, or more than 1.5 million tons every year. San Francisco aims to reach zero waste by 2020. (127 points, 8 comments)
    10. The coffee shop I work at was throwing away expired baking supplies, so I took them and made everyone breakfast. (95 points, 10 comments)
  2. 2436 points, 2 submissions: GrinningCatBus
    1. I think I'm going to stop buying (new) clothes. Made this from a $4 shirt (1660 points, 44 comments)
    2. Found a broken umbrella by the side of the road and it's now my rainy day skirt. What are some other ways to divert materials from landfills? (776 points, 24 comments)
  3. 2306 points, 2 submissions: twirlies
    1. At a conference and they are committed to zero waste! Reusable everything! (1283 points, 53 comments)
    2. Convinced my local juice bar to do BYO container discounts! Celebrated with a cold coquito! (1023 points, 30 comments)
  4. 2220 points, 1 submission: OneHundredKilometers
    1. Thought this fit here. (2220 points, 139 comments)
  5. 2041 points, 3 submissions: shasha_neequa
    1. We need more illustrative photos like this! (1317 points, 77 comments)
    2. Reminder as we enter the school year that you don’t have to buy all new supplies! I’ve been reusing these unfinished notebooks for years (723 points, 55 comments)
    3. Chipotle threw out a perfect burrito bowl (1 point, 18 comments)
  6. 1944 points, 2 submissions: metalchopsticks
    1. More sad than funny tbh (983 points, 13 comments)
    2. Getting the hang of bringing my own container for leftovers! (961 points, 41 comments)
  7. 1802 points, 2 submissions: squidinke
    1. Looks like I won’t be buying drinks at Starbucks anymore (953 points, 169 comments)
    2. Some of these conversations make me realize why more people don’t bother with reducing waste and plastic etc. (849 points, 272 comments)
  8. 1771 points, 1 submission: busty-sinclair
    1. Litter picking station at a beach in Cornwall, UK. (1771 points, 47 comments)
  9. 1536 points, 1 submission: Flugeldar
    1. 2kg of rubbish I collect at the beach today. So much of it single use plastic :( (1536 points, 98 comments)
  10. 1526 points, 1 submission: talbota
    1. Wow. This is really eye-opening for me (1526 points, 51 comments)
  11. 1518 points, 1 submission: ZhangBran
    1. One of my blinds broke, so I made them into a scale shirt for a costume (1518 points, 64 comments)
  12. 1445 points, 11 submissions: FillsYourNiche
    1. Adidas will only use recycled plastics by 2024 (1093 points, 18 comments)
    2. Plastic waste tax 'backed' by public - There's high public support for using the tax system to reduce waste from single-use plastics. A consultation on how taxes could tackle the rising problem & promote recycling attracted 162,000 responses. (93 points, 3 comments)
    3. The recycling game is rigged against consumers (66 points, 6 comments)
    4. Flushing disposable contacts down the toilet or washing them down the drain may contribute to the problem of microplastic pollution, researchers said. (63 points, 2 comments)
    5. Ecoalf unveils Shao sneakers made from algae and ocean plastic (40 points, 5 comments)
    6. Sea turtle ingests balloon signaling concern over marine debris (29 points, 2 comments)
    7. U.S. Recycling Companies Face Upheaval from China Scrap Ban (18 points, 4 comments)
    8. Jersey City, Hoboken councils approve plastic bag bans (16 points, 4 comments)
    9. Should I Flush It? Most Often, the Answer Is No (11 points, 5 comments)
    10. City to inspect recycling bins for contamination (10 points, 0 comments)
  13. 1397 points, 4 submissions: waitisntthistwitter
    1. In honor of their 3rd birthday, here’s this week’s Imperfect Produce box ft. surplus + ugly produce, and olive oil not quite up to extra virgin standards🍾 (676 points, 78 comments)
    2. LPT: Use your old seasoning shakers to hold bulk chia seeds, flaxseeds, etc (568 points, 25 comments)
    3. Does race impact one’s ability to be zero waste? (102 points, 45 comments)
    4. What’s more zero waste than thrifted lemons? 🍋 (51 points, 3 comments)
  14. 1334 points, 1 submission: Yikesitsjenn
    1. I told my mom I wanted to buy reusable produce bags and she made me these! (Also posted on vegan) (1334 points, 68 comments)
  15. 1331 points, 8 submissions: Not_so_ghetto
    1. Switching to air drying your cloths on a line is one of the most simple aslnd effective ways to reduce your waste. Even if you do it only during the warm months, it's a huge reduction. (895 points, 235 comments)
    2. Hello zerowaste you all should come join us at detrashed a new sub dedicated to environmental cleaning and general environmentalism. Please join us we pick up the waste of others so we could help you become negative waste. (241 points, 11 comments)
    3. Someone asked for an outline of the letter I sent to my local grocery store telling them I would be shopping somewhere else until enviromental improvement were made. So I figured I'd share it with all everyone here. (96 points, 17 comments)
    4. I found foraging an innovative way to reduce my waste. Don't have to worry about plastic wrap if my food comes fresh off the bush. (26 points, 11 comments)
    5. Article I listened to on my way into work today about how plastic ends up in the ocean, only 6 min long. I highly recommend listening to it, it motivated me to go for another cleanup walk today. (24 points, 1 comment)
    6. I just saved 2481.81 gallons a year and all it took me was about 5 min, math and how i did it in comments. (22 points, 16 comments)
    7. I wrote my local supermarket (shoprite) and told them that although I like their store I would be taking my buisness elsewhere to reduce waste, but that I would happily return if they reduce waste. (22 points, 15 comments)
    8. Putting a brike in the toilets water tank is a super easy way to reduce your water waste, sometimes I'll sneak a small brike into a friend's tank. Reducing their waste and they can never tell. (5 points, 10 comments)
  16. 1303 points, 1 submission: AppropriateExplorer
    1. Starbucks' New Lids Use More Plastic than Straws (1303 points, 155 comments)
  17. 1280 points, 2 submissions: jusFUCmeupFAM
    1. Wow! This makes me so happy. Great work and great to be reminded that there are people who care! (1239 points, 9 comments)
    2. I don’t really have anything useful to contribute to this sub YET. But I thought I could share this funny meme from the fantastic page @zerowastememes on instagram! It’s worth checking out if you like zero waste and memes! (41 points, 0 comments)
  18. 1263 points, 11 submissions: ckeeks
    1. Excited to see reusable produce bags recommended in a completely mainstream magazine (433 points, 40 comments)
    2. Items commonly recommended to reduce waste (and things to think about before deciding to acquire them) (359 points, 118 comments)
    3. 25 sneaky names for palm oil (281 points, 41 comments)
    4. Glossary of Greenwashing (57 points, 3 comments)
    5. I've created a map of zero waste-friendly shops in the UK. Feedback and Additons welcome. (40 points, 11 comments)
    6. How do you feel about buying products past their "best before" date to reduce food waste? (30 points, 18 comments)
    7. Plastic-Free July: A Call for Sanity (29 points, 6 comments)
    8. Can Norway help us solve the plastic crisis, one bottle at a time? Environment (14 points, 3 comments)
    9. Results of in-sub Straw Survey (8 points, 5 comments)
    10. If you want to save the world, veganism isn’t the answer Isabella Tree Opinion (7 points, 54 comments)
  19. 1248 points, 1 submission: asinine_qualities
    1. Forget your bags at the supermarket? Boomerang Bags has gotchu fam. (1248 points, 30 comments)
  20. 1214 points, 1 submission: eccentricgemini
    1. My first attempt at visible mending! (1214 points, 60 comments)

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  3. Litter picking station at a beach in Cornwall, UK. by busty-sinclair (1771 points, 47 comments)
  4. I think I'm going to stop buying (new) clothes. Made this from a $4 shirt by GrinningCatBus (1660 points, 44 comments)
  5. Starbucks have rolled out the disposable cup charge from London! Yay by deleted (1592 points, 85 comments)
  6. 2kg of rubbish I collect at the beach today. So much of it single use plastic :( by Flugeldar (1536 points, 98 comments)
  7. Wow. This is really eye-opening for me by talbota (1526 points, 51 comments)
  8. One of my blinds broke, so I made them into a scale shirt for a costume by ZhangBran (1518 points, 64 comments)
  9. Restaurant ask customers to stop wasting buffet food by ImLivingAmongYou (1356 points, 46 comments)
  10. I told my mom I wanted to buy reusable produce bags and she made me these! (Also posted on vegan) by Yikesitsjenn (1334 points, 68 comments)

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